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  1. Dark_Horse

    Dominick Cruz vs John Lineker targeted for UFC 233

    No way is a commentator going to fight. No way.
  2. Dark_Horse

    London fight night 16th march

    Till's smacktalk is weapons grade cringe.
  3. Dark_Horse

    Borg vs. Benavidez Scratched from Saturday's Card

    What a peenarse
  4. Dark_Horse

    The Black Beast Fans Only thread

    I still like tbb. F dc.
  5. Dark_Horse

    Chris Weidman's Protection Against Losses

    He's a fkn can
  6. Dark_Horse

    Fighters You No Longer Support

    Jonny hendricks innit
  7. Dark_Horse

    Can the black beast KO DC?

    Who would win out of MarkyLaird, Scotland's no.1 MMA fan, and the black beast Derrick Lewis tho? Why come?
  8. Dark_Horse

    UFC CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE !! Imagine this .......

    Hey, we don't dlck shame here, brah.
  9. Dark_Horse

    Shaq vs Forrest Griffin

    This thread is nuclear levels of ghey
  10. Dark_Horse

    That entitled brat sriracha eubanks misses weight

    Yeah I hate that cnt too.
  11. Dark_Horse

    The Black Beast Fans Only thread

  12. Dark_Horse

    Kabobs purse still partially withheld lol

    No money for terrorist scum. Ship them back to dogchitland and let them fk goats.
  13. Dark_Horse

    Derrick Lewis has been given free pop eyes chicken for life

    Derrick must be one dumb cnt. If he gets free chicken for life, why doesn't he just stand in the place and undercut the chain itself to anyone that enters?
  14. Dark_Horse

    UFC Why do you watch it?

    I watch UFC because I am a thug who likes violence for no reason other than liking violence.