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  1. Dark_Horse

    TJ Wants Holloway Next!

    Dildoshaw lol
  2. Dark_Horse

    Question on Khabib

    Hopefully Trump will use a drone strike to destroy the terrorists, so we can move on with all this.
  3. Dark_Horse

    ESPN hinted at a Chuck and Tito 30 For 30..

    Shouldn't it be 50 for 50?
  4. Dark_Horse

    Chad Mendes Retires?

    He should sell his massive roid head to Ripleys. The cnt.
  5. Dark_Horse

    Werdum will no longer fight for the UFC

    Filthy animal. Good riddance.
  6. Dark_Horse

    RIP Condit

    Carlos Candit
  7. Dark_Horse

    Congratulations, you are the new owner of the UFC!!!

    Trudeau would be pretty good as the fking spastic cnt would make men fight wimmin and we'd finally see Brock vs Guyborg
  8. Dark_Horse

    Herb Dean hurt lol

    Injured eating fried chicken, the fat cnt
  9. Dark_Horse

    Cowboy injured by hand grenade.

    More proof that they are all filthy animals
  10. Dark_Horse

    Chiesa is suing for 100% of money Conor got for UFC 229

    Chiesa is a cnt.
  11. Dark_Horse

    Dominick Cruz vs John Lineker targeted for UFC 233

    No way is a commentator going to fight. No way.
  12. Dark_Horse

    London fight night 16th march

    Till's smacktalk is weapons grade cringe.
  13. Dark_Horse

    Borg vs. Benavidez Scratched from Saturday's Card

    What a peenarse
  14. Dark_Horse

    The Black Beast Fans Only thread

    I still like tbb. F dc.
  15. Dark_Horse

    Chris Weidman's Protection Against Losses

    He's a fkn can