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  1. Popped in Attack of the Clones last week. Thought to myself, this can't be so bad. That movie is downright awful. Anyone who says prequels are better than the sequels are idiots. I'll take TLJ over any of the prequels, including ROTS. ROTS is boring for the most part too.
  2. Nyte

    UFC 244: Masvidal vs. Diaz

    We know he likes in raw in that **** Lmfao. Post fight interview did not disappoint
  3. Nyte

    UFC 244: Masvidal vs. Diaz

    Never had this issue before
  4. Nyte

    UFC 244: Masvidal vs. Diaz

    You guys having issues with ESPN+? Mine is not streaming, now its saying Blackout
  5. Nyte

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Holy balls, I haven't been in this thread since April 30th. I'll give a like to the good samaratin that summarizes this thread from then-now.
  6. Nyte

    Killa Gorilla will SMASH those bums from New Zealand

    I'm finna bounce from my building if I can't get days after peak (which probably won't happen). Bunch of morons in my building anyways. My homie just got his 6 and was moved to a building that's ruffley 30-min from me (on BHD) along with my former boss (now Senior Ops) who's probably the dopest Ops AM eva. And yeah, most Tier 3s end up training AMs - I'm not surprised that's you've trained a bunch of people. Same way how Ops will get trained by the L5s who know how to run. Chit, I ran with a dipchit Ops from March-August and during that whole time, he basically had our 5 run every god damn day - then took credit for the performance and never credited our 5 (Mike) for helping him. We were the top OB shift in the building (by far) during that time. The guy literally just came in wanting to check boxes, didn't give a fook about learning anything, just ran from his excel sheet. We ****ed his connections - funny part is - he was only going to OB (he had been IB/ICQA for 5 years) just to get his 7 - and there was am L7 pod in September and they refused him cause his connections were chit lmfao. They told him he needs to learn how to lead a team before becoming a 7 lol. He didn't even get to interview from the get-go lol. dirtbag
  7. Threef. That vid is from a few years back, but clearly still relevant. HelloGreedo is GOAT. He's been my favorite Star Wars channel on Youtube for years now. I used to like Thor Skywalker - but him and his whole channel - have became a platform of condemning TLJ and constantly complaining about everything Star Wars, so he can promptly fook off. What, if any, Star Wars channels do you guys follow? For me (besides HG), I enjoy Star Wars Explained, [some] of Star Wars Theory, Stupendous Wave, The Lore Master, etc.
  8. lol I don't know why you goofs bother with supposed "leaks". It's funny that "leaked" pic TUF posted came AFTER the trailer dropped lol. Almost as if peoples on the interwebs just take images and then proceed to photoshop chit... After the D23 trailer hit, there was more crap like that and more leaked storylines. I'll never buy into the leaks. I don't think you guys should either. You guys should watch HelloGreedo's (my favorite Star Wars channel) videos about leaks and rumors. Pretty much sums it up.
  9. Tickets just went on sale you cans! I just secured Thursday, December 19th and Friday, December 20th. I don't know what my peak schedule is, I am either going to have one or both of these days off. (I worked Saturday-Wednesday peak 2018) So I said **** it and bought tickets for both days. Seeing it in a Regal theater, not that trash AMC. Regal>AMC, fight me.
  10. Nyte

    Killa Gorilla will SMASH those bums from New Zealand

    Ha. I actually just got my L5 promo. About God damn time. And I'm still Front Half Nights Outbound. I've made massive gains this year. I've ran the best Mezz in the building since April. On top of that, with all the damn people that leave, I have now trained the Front half days, back half days, and back half night Mezz AMs. I've essentially created an empire of girthy Mezz leaders. And all 4 shifts have made gains. This will be my 3rd peak and all on nights. I wanna go to days after peak. I'm tired of nights.
  11. The diamond!!! Been a long time coming, aaaaand new!!
  12. Nyte

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    I liked Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Not my favorite by any means, it was different to say the least. I'd probably take Hateful 8 over it. I thought Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) was interesting and my favorite character in the movie
  13. Nyte

    UFC 241: Cormier vs. Miocic 2

    Legendary interview by Nate. Dude is a gangsta. Congrats to him on the win