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  1. ijosef

    TJ Wants Holloway Next!

    This aged strangely. I picked TJ of course but... well, now what does he do?
  2. Man that new belt looks like a hubcap.
  3. I think they should've let it go a little bit longer, but whatever. It's not the worst stoppage I've seen.
  4. Is it just me or does Cejudo look homeless?
  5. Crowder sucks for doing that. Take your ten, man up and continue to fight. Of course I'm saying this while in my pajamas in front of a computer.
  6. Dang. This was actually a great fight.
  7. Imagine if Ostovich taps Paige in round 1.
  8. It's been awhile since I've seen cowboy fight with this much hair.
  9. This guy gets it. I have internet service and a HTPC + paid VPN subscription. That's my streaming service.
  10. Let's see if Lipski actually goes for it or just survives for a decision loss.
  11. Calderwood's corner advice is basically "hold on for dear life and you'll win this." They're not wrong.