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  1. ijosef

    Nate Diaz says goodbye to the fight game

    https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/11/10/20957716/nate-diaz-questions-jorge-masvidals-desire-to-continue-ufc-244-bout-dismisses-retirement-talk I'll save you all the trouble with TLDR version: Nate Diaz is now claiming that Jorge wanted to quit was done after 3 rounds (aka the doctor stoppage saved Masvidal and gifted him a win). Also, Nate will fight forever and never retire.
  2. I'm guessing another seven or eight before he dies.
  3. ijosef

    Masvidal couldnt finish Nate

  4. ijosef

    UFC 244: Masvidal vs. Diaz

    Remember that Reddit AMA with the woman who had two vaginas? Reminds me of that.
  5. ijosef

    UFC 244: Masvidal vs. Diaz

    Shut up Rogan. You've already said "he's allowing him to recover" like ten times. We get it. Maybe it's because Jorge doesn't want to blow his wad trying to finish in the first, knowing that Diaz may very well not be as hurt as he seemed, or that he could get caught up in a ground battle.
  6. ijosef

    UFC 244: Masvidal vs. Diaz

    Mirgliatta was doing his best not to laugh during that intro.
  7. ijosef

    Cejudo refusing to fight Joe B

    I would pay to see that.
  8. In reality, Weidman has lost 6 in a row via knockout. Kelvin KO'd him at the end of the first round but he was saved by the bell. He was able to buttgrab and win in the second, so his record is technically 5 losses out of 6, as you said. Of course we here at the UFC Fight Club Free Forum know the truth - as always.
  9. ijosef

    Cejudo refusing to fight Joe B

    I actually like Benabeedus, but like a lot of fighters in the lower weightclasses he seems to have lost a step now that he's in his mid 30s. I really liked watching him in the WEC and he was one of the absolute best in that organization. Even having lost a bit of quickness, he's still one of the best fighters at 125 or even 135. If the UFC feels compelled to make another 125 title fight, Benabeedus makes sense. He does have a win over Cejudo (a fight I thought Cejudo won, but whatever) and is on a three fight winning streak. That said, I'm still not particularly excited to see that rematch. As far as heavyweights go, I say just get rid of the maximum. Heavyweight is heavyweight is heavyweight. There should be no such thing as "super heavyweight", which even sounds stupid. We've seen that the best heavyweights (with a few exceptions) tend to hover somewhere around the 240 mark, some a bit higher and some a bit lower. Very, very few have to legitimately cut to meet the 265 limit since the days of Bork and Shane Carwin. Only the fat dudes actually cut weight, and if they leaned up a little they wouldn't have to cut at all. Anyway, if you got rid of the top end and made it a true heavyweight division, I don't think it would look much, if any different. The best guys would still all walk around under 265.
  10. I'm glad you said that, because this Brazilian idiot decided to trot out more BJJ propaganda/lies: Now, as much as I trash BJJ, I do like the martial art. It's fun to train and is demonstrably effective against opponents who don't know anything. Morons like this Cheeto guy repeat this nonsense as if BJJ is some sort of magical art. It isn't. There's nothing about BJJ that makes it inherently better than any other grappling art. In fact, the BJJ practiced by the Gracies wasn't new - they didn't invent/modify/expand upon anything, contrary to the Helio-added-leverage nonsense. They simply took techniques that were already being practiced by grapplers of the day (Kodokan Judo, Catch-as-catch-can, Lutra Livre), rebranded it and marketed it to other rich folks in Brazil. That's it. BJJ is a solid art now because of the number of practitioners - more folks to add and innovate ( particularly those from folkstyle and freestyle wrestling). However, BJJ is also limited (like all arts, to be fair) by its ruleset. It had solid groundwork once you're down there, but getting someone down? Not so great. Josh Barnett's criticism of BJJ is on point. It's too easy to get to the ground - you can back flop all day long without penalty. In his opinion (especially with catch), if you want groundwork, you need to earn it. In modern MMA, BJJ is nigh on useless without wrestling. One of the reasons Demian Maia had a late career resurgence is because he worked really hard on his wrestling. It still isn't great, but it works well enough for his uses. Still, he can be easily shut down by a good wrestler like Woodley (even though we try to forget that snoozefest) and Covington. Look how easily Max Holloway shut down Titty City's vaunted BJJ game. Ortega just didn't have the complete grappling acumen to implement his submission game. You need knowledge of submissions in MMA obviously, but BJJ is only one of many submission systems. That can Fedor was submitting bums in PRIDE and he's never taken a BJJ class in his life. Khabib is a sambist, and he completely dominated Rafael Dos Anjos, who is said to be a completely nightmare in pure BJJ. Of course you can never forget Sakuraba - a guy who learned catch from Billy Robinson and made fools of the Gracie clan. I think Frank Mir said it best when he talked about no longer differentiating between wrestling and BJJ. Both are forms of grappling, as is Judo, Sambo, etc. Grappling is grappling, submissions are submissions, takedowns are takedowns.
  11. ijosef

    The Askren/Johnson Trade A Mistake

    Askren made a Demian Maia fight relatively entertaining. That's no easy feat.
  12. ijosef

    Should Weidman Retire?

    I think he would do alright in another promotion. His move up to LHW was a difficult one in that they gave him a top 5 (and possible title contender) opponent right off the bat. As others have said, he's had one win in the past four years and was KO'd four out of five times. His lone win over Gastelum during that stretch actually saw him get dropped at the end of the first. He likely would've been finished but he was saved by the bell. Were it not for those circumstances, he could be suffering five consecutive knockouts.
  13. ijosef

    ESPN2 UFC Fight Night: Reyes vs. Weidman

    Still coming for that title, Chris?