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  1. ijosef

    Masvidal and Edwards were just fighting backstage.

    https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/3/22/18272420/fabian-edwards-on-jorge-masvidal-if-i-see-that-man-again-hes-f-cked Leon Edwards' brother is now trying to talk trash: “Like you seen in the video, my brother was walking by and he said to him, ‘July the 7th,’ Masvidal said, ‘maybe,’ and that was it, there was nothing really and truly; there was no sh*t talking. There was no instigating, [Leon] was trying to make a fight happen.” “The thing that pissed me off about it was the way he walked over. He walked over calm; hands behind his back…and then he starts throwing punches knowing well that security was going to jump on it. I tried to smash his head in myself, but we had about 100 security guards between us, so I couldn’t get my hands on him." “If I see that man again he’s f*cked. I probably won’t see him in the cage because he’s a different weight class to me, but if I see him outside I’m smashing him. It’s personal now.”
  2. ijosef


    The only real way to solve this "who was a better champ" debate is to have an openweight bout between Woodley and Mighty Mouse.
  3. ijosef


    I wonder substance they found. I hope it's not something lame like an estrogen blocker and something cool like winstrol or nandrolone.
  4. I support the UFC doing whatever it needs to do to combat illegal streaming of its events. I don't know if this will help, but I hope it does. The only thing I hate more than people who watch illegal strams of events are those who who watch illegal strams then lie about it and act like they don't. The absolute worst people are those who claim to hate illegal streaming, yet watch strams themselves, and worst of all, send links of said illegal strams to others.
  5. I hope Maycee Barber loses to JJ Aldrich. The UFC's hype machine is behind Barber and it's annoying - she's not that hot, and her acting is worse than Brett Favre. Aldrich has an amazing story, making Barber seem like she had a golden spoon in comparison. If Barber does win, I hope they push her quickly to a title shot so she can get wrecked by Valentina.
  6. Africa. It's an untapped market, provided you go to the right countries. Obviously there isn't going to be a "UFC Fight Night Mogadishu" anytime soon. Top would be Nairobi, Kenya, Johannesburg, South Africa, Accra, Ghana, and maybe Gaborone, Botswana.
  7. Whoa dude, that's almost as bad as when I went full retard talking about Cormier. Ali is a POS, but... ...anyway, they want a striker who won't be able to stop Usman's humping offense. Colby doesn't fit the bill
  8. ijosef

    Masvidal and Edwards were just fighting backstage.

    Sorry man, I'm ride or die Karyn Bryant. I'd let blondie get run over by a truck before I'd disrespect the greatest mma journalist of all time.
  9. ijosef

    Masvidal and Edwards were just fighting backstage.

    Was that Karyn or that blonde broad they have... Laura Skanko or something?
  10. ijosef

    Masvidal and Edwards were just fighting backstage.

    Askren just twitted that Masvidal picked a fight with Edwards so he wouldn't have to fight him. Don't care. I think they should still make Askren fight Till.
  12. My thought as well. Till has got to be the biggest weight cutting can in the welterweight division. I thought it was Woodley, but I gotta say this dude has to be at the top.
  13. I think this is my first time rooting for Masvidal. Till just rustles me and I can't explain why.
  14. C'mon George, melt this cracker.