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  1. https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/9/8/20855492/edson-barboza-appeal-ufc-242-loss-paul-felder-mma <snippet> “We think that the fight was judged inaccurately,” Barboza’s manager Alex Davis told MMA Fighting. “The fact that one judge gave it 30-27 Junior and one have it 30-27 Felder is a big indicator of their confusion. Our perception—and to everyone we spoke with, everyone in the arena, every journalist and media—the fight was 29-28 for Junior, who won the first two rounds.” Davis doesn’t even agree with the judge that gave his fighter a win in all rounds. It’s highly unlikely that the result will in fact get overturned, but the manager says that “mistakes” like this should be reviewed. “We can’t let this happen,” Davis said. “These fighters put a lot of effort and invest their time to get up there to do what they do so we have judges making these type of mistakes and not being reviewed. Well, if a fight being "judged inaccurately" is the standard, we're going to have a lot more appeals. To be honest I wasn't watch the fight that closely, but I had it razor thin for Felder, but it could have easily gone to Barboza. Most others seem to think it was a close decision win for Barboza. Either way, it wasn't highway robbery. Even Barboza's own team isn't saying that Edson won all three rounds. The judging was terrible (30-27 x2 in both directions) but that's never been overturned. Even things that SHOULD be overturned or addressed by commissions are not, so these folks don't have a prayer.
  2. I'm always stunned when a commission actually overturns something based on referee error or poor judging. They only do things when it's related to banned substances - other than that they rarely disturb the results of a fight. For example, Holly Holm vs De Random was a poor decision (Holly won) on its own. However, the not one but TWO times De Random landed a flagrant cheap shot after the end of the round should've resulted in a point deduction at the very least. The fact that she was able to do that twice and not suffer any consequences merited action by a commission. Of course they did nothing. The only time I can think of a commission taking action to correct referee error is when Tonya Evinger had a submission loss to Yana Kunitskaya overturned, and that was in 2016. I don't remember that happening before or after.
  3. ijosef

    UFC 244 - Diaz/Masvidal Team Forum Bet

    Man, this is a really hard fight for me to pick. I'll take team Diaz simply because team Masvidal is already filling up quickly. I don't welch on bets. The last time I lost one, I left my loser AV up for six months, even though it was only a month long bet. I simply forgot about it. The only other bet I made I won, but I released the other side since it was a complete robbery of a decision or something like that (can't remember exactly).
  4. ijosef

    Cain still in denial

    I'm actually glad Cain has come out and said that he just got KTFO. Nothing wrong with saying he was rocked before the final shot put him to sleep - it's probably true, if he can even remember what happened. It was his trainer, Javier Mendez, who was making excuses about Ngannou hitting him with illegal shots and all that nonsense.
  5. ijosef

    UFC 242: Nurmagomedov vs. Poirier

    Will Blaydes win the battle of the beards?
  6. ijosef

    Andrade = worst champ in UFC history

    I'm compelled to agree with this. De Random was gifted a belt in a division that only existed on paper. This is after she lost a fight to Holly Holm - a fight that somehow saw her get more points on the judges scorecard, despite the fact that 1. She should've had at least two points taken away, and 2. She still got beat regardless. After that she refused to fight the only legitimate 145lb fighter the UFC had at the moment and relinquished the belt like a true coward. I actually don't have anything against GDR, but there's no doubt that she's the worst champ in UFC history.
  7. I'm glad that this entire even barely made it to two pages. However, I didn't think Andrade was going to walk over Zhang. Obviously I didn't expect that kind of finish either, but Zhang isn't a bum. She beat Jessica Aguilar and Tecia Torres, neither of whom are complete cans (Jessica isn't nearly as good as she used to be, but still). She was also the Kunlun champion, the home of the immortal iron fist.
  8. ijosef

    UFC 241: Cormier vs. Miocic 2

    Yoel does the pretend-to-be-tired as well as anyone. He's not done 'til he's done.
  9. ijosef

    UFC 241: Cormier vs. Miocic 2

    Play it up! Win that Oscar!
  10. ijosef

    Cat Zingano released

    I forgot that Cat is also 37 years old, so who knows how much longer she'll want to compete.
  11. ijosef

    Cat Zingano released

    So, I'm guessing we'll see Cyborg vs Zingano later this year or early next year in some second tier promotion. Cat has expressed interest in fighting Cyborg on numerous occasions, and she's a bigger name than most of the cans Cyborg usually crushes.
  12. Jorge need not waste his time with a can like Edwards. Edwards needs to fight another top guy or two and prove than he can finish. Don't talk about how great your standup is then dive for ankles in the first 30 seconds. Besides, you've already lost to the current champ. Back of the line. I used to not care for Masvidal but he's really grown on me in recent years. He took his loss to Maia without complaint and kept soldiering on. He's dropped some fights, but many of them were razor thin split decisions that could've gone either way (Bendo, Larkin, Iaquinta). He just melted a former (and recent) title challenger and knocked the face off a guy who probably would've been given a title shot with another win. Jorge needs to fight for the belt.
  13. I know everyone's perception is colored by the recency effect, but I didn't think the fight was that bad all things considered. It wasn't a barn burner by any stretch of the imagination, but we've seen worse in the recent past. Did we forget the awful fight that was Woodley vs Maia? That was worse than this one. Holly Holm vs Bethe Correria was a horrendous fight where even the ref started admonishing both girls for not fighting. It's remembered primarily for the highlight reel headkick KO at the end, but before that it was simply atrocious. Black Beast vs Ngannou? It's amazing how quickly we've forgotten that one and how bad it was. Perhaps its because they're two likeable fighters that just had a really off night and put on a terrible show.
  14. Wow, you weren't kidding about those elbows to the back of the head. Those were blatant and not a word from the ref.
  15. ijosef

    Welterweight Matchmaker

    Colvington gets the shot against Usman. Jorge Masvidal gets a marquee fight w/PPV shares against the returning McGoober. Whether you like Conor or not, the money his fights bring is undeniable. Jorge deserves a slice of that pie so he can secure his family's financial future. Don't care about the rest. I'd watch any of the matchups between Chunderboy/TWood/RDA/Askren/Till/Pennis/Leroy Edwards.
  16. I agree with your point about Michelle Waterson. We also have to remember that this is WMEIMASDFGHJKL era UFC, so Waterson's looks and marketability play a huge role in it too. That said, she easily has a case for a title shot with wins over Courtney Casey, Felice Herrig, and Karolina Kowalpolishname. Add in a victory over Joanna Not-Champion and she's in. Dana has a bone for her, so I think he'll give her plenty of time to heal that neck injury she sustained. It wouldn't surprise me if she gets the winner of the strawweight title fight that will follow whatever happens between Andrade and Wangdangchang.
  17. Huh. Tapped from a triangle in the first few minutes of the fight. Huh.
  18. At the same time, I'm actually glad for her and the other opportunities she'll have elsewhere. It's a bummer about the Nunes rematch not happening, but I think there are interesting fights for her at Bellator and PFL. It would be awesome if she actually did a deal with both of those companies that allowed her to take fights in either one.
  19. 100% This scenario is perfect for testing the true mettle of an MMA fan. If you believe Dana's blatant lies on this one, your ability to think rationally should be called into question.
  20. The rumor is that he's trouble if he's not in camp preparing for a fight. When he stops fighting for good, expect to hear another news story about BJ Penn getting himself into an unfortunate legal situation. Honestly I hope that's all BS, but right now it doesn't appear to be. Of course they could sign him in Bellator or ONEFC (as Bezerker101 said) and just feed him cans. I almost (almost) wish Chuck Liddell would come back for one more fight, only to be given a complete CM Punk - level can, just so he can get a win.
  21. Spot on. I really don't know why so many people believe Dana White. He's a promoter, doing what promoters do. He has a proven track record of lying to fighters and to the public, then never being called out on it since news in the MMA world develops and subsequently fades so quickly. When he does get confronted with his BS, he either doubles down, lashes out, or uses the old "you don't have the whole story" excuse. You'd think that a man who routinely denies things that are proven true soon after would no longer be viewed as a reliable source for much of anything... but I guess that's not how it works. Honestly, DW is just doing what he does. It's less of a knock on him and more of a desire for others to see him simply as a known quantity. Cyborg isn't the type who is afraid to fight anyone, and she just wants a fair deal. She's in her mid 30s and likely won't be fighting for that much longer, so she needs to set herself up for the future. Also, they could easily close up shop on 145, since Bellator would most likely sign the few they have. If not, there's the option of PFL (as others have mentioned), Rizin, or the promotion of last resort, Invicta.