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    Dave Batista MMA

    He might get in a few good fights with smaller promotions, but I doubt Dave Batista could ever be UFC caliber. Starting out at 41 years of age is pretty late, and having a lot of years as a professional wrestler is not a good thing. I say that because pro wrestling, despite it being scripted and not a competitive sport, is by far and away the hardest thing on your body. The shots they take and the tumbling they do is like getting into a minor car wreck every single week, all year long, for years at a time. Brock Lesnar was smart to get out when he did, despite the millions the WWE was willing to pay him. For crying out loud he almost broke his neck with a botched shooting star press, and he speaks of his experiences on the road in later interviews (not knowing what city he was in, taking painkillers and vodka everyday for the pain). There is no off season in professional wrestling, and since it's all exhibition and no competition, wrestlers work injured all the time. Broken bones, contusions, and other nagging injuries are commonplace - in fact it has been said that no active wrestler is without at least a minor injury. Just look at the premature deaths in the pro wrestling industry. A lot of it is from drugs, no doubt fueled by the relentless injuries and the stress of travel. For those that do manage to live longer lives, they usually end up crippled in one fashion or another. Look at Hulk Hogan, a wrestler who never did any of the high impact stuff that's popular today. His walk is permanently bent and he's had multiple knee surgeries as well as a hip replacement. He's not even 60 yet. When they autopsied Chris Benoit they found he had the brain of an 80-year-old alzheimer's patient from the years of head trauma. I don't believe any professional wrestler who has been in the industry for a long time would make a good transition to MMA. They would probably have the physical ability and power, but their bodies would be too destroyed from pro wrestling to make a transition to a true competitive sport. MMA old timers like Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn did stints in the WWE (then the WWF), but didn't stick around for long. There's probably a reason for that.
  2. ijosef

    After Silva Clears Out MW Div....

    I would love to see Anderson Silva lose the middleweight belt as well, but I don't think it's going to happen. That said, I would also like to see him move to the light heavyweight division. I've always thought he was naturally a light heavyweight and way huge for a middleweight. He could probably fight in the heavyweight division without much trouble. Don't cut any weight and put on maybe a little more muscle mass and he'd have no issue weighing in at 240 or so.
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    Best tattoos in MMA

    What, no love for Brock's sword-that-looks-like-a-wang tattoo?
  4. ijosef

    taekwondo or thai

    I took taekwondo a long, long time ago and don't remember it having any real world effectiveness at all. We did, however, learn some aikido, which seemed to be quite useful if mastered. Obviously we've all seen the evolution of mixed martial arts from the early pre-Zuffa UFC (which was really "no holds barred" rather than MMA) to where it is today. Early on you saw how ineffective arts like taekwondo were and how well wrestling and jujitsu worked. Back then most guys were trained only in one discipline. Nowadays, each fighter trains in a grappling art (usually wrestling or jujitsu) and a striking art (muay-thai or western boxing). There are a few exceptions of course, but those four disciplines are widely used in MMA for a reason. Of course MMA is not fighting on the street. Although I've never taken Krav Maga (I know others that have), combat systems like that teach things that would be illegal under the unified MMA rules. Eye gouges, throat crushing, genital strikes, etc. All of those are extremely effective, but not something you'll ever see inside the octagon.
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    Dos Santos vs Nelson UFC 117

    This is a mismatch for sure, if only for the reason that Nelson is just starting to climb in the heavyweight division and Dos Santos is already near the top. I like that the guy with the "worst physique in mixed martial arts" can be successful, but this isn't a good bout. I can understand it however, since they probably scrambled for booking due to Kongo's injury and the fact Dos Santos would've been out of action for too long otherwise. Kongo versus Nelson would've been a great fight and a far more appropriate match-up. I also agree with a Nelson versus Mir pairing. Mir coming off a co-main event loss and Nelson coming off an undercard win seems like a good bout. Speaking of Mir, is he now the gatekeeper for the top end of the UFC's heavyweight division?
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    "Errmmm yeah he kinda kneed me or maybe it was a punch"

    I'm already looking forward to the next season of TUF... especially when the coaches fight. It will be nice to see GSP destroy Koscheck yet again.
  7. ijosef

    Kimbo Slice Vs. Matt Mitrione

    Yep, Kimbo looked great for the first two minutes. After he gassed and got his legs kicked out from under him it was all over. The fight was rather sloppy from that point on and I have no doubt that Mitrione would get destroyed by any of the top heavyweights in the UFC. I used to hate Kimbo, but after the show and his willingness to improve, I do have some respect for the guy. He'll get hired on by another promotion I'm sure. Heck, even Strikeforce might take him on.
  8. ijosef

    Machida who?

    I'm looking forward to Shogun getting beat. I don't think it will happen right away, but someone will topple him. He looked horrible in his victory against Mark Coleman, although that has been explained away on a million internet columns. I was surprised the fight ended so quick to be honest, although it was a great knockout. I was also surprised how easily Shogun got taken down. His next opponent will most definitely take note.
  9. ijosef

    Sam Stout Vs. Jeremy Stephens

    Agreed. I don't have anything to add other than that this fight was extremely entertaining and both fighters did a great job. I'm sure Dana White is very happy with both of those guys.
  10. ijosef

    "the machida era"

    Machida didn't seem himself in the last fight, especially the way he was arguing with someone just before the bout started. What was that about? He was very distracted. Still, I don't want to take anything away from Shogun, who did a great job in that bought. I think Machida will take the rematch if he's 100% though. The great thing is, you never know what can happen. Heck, Kimbo Slice could KO Anderson Silva in a catchweightbout. It's highly unlikely to happen, but if that match took place a thousand times, Kimbo would probably win one or two. Look at Matt Serra versus GSP or any of the other upsets in MMA history. So, despite who wins the rematch, who do you think will get the next shot at the light-heavyweight belt? Maybe the winner of Griffin/Nogeria? Rampage/Jackson?
  11. ijosef

    Maybe im just crazy but why aren't people furious

    I thought it was an extremely close fight and looked to me like BJ got the better of many exchanges. Then again, I'm not a judge and I often miss things that the announcers call then show on replays, so my observations aren't exactly reliable. Anyway, close fight, with Edgar getting two takedowns (well, more like one and a half) to bolster his score. I'm glad Edgar won. I don't know if he could beat BJ Penn in a rematch though.
  12. ijosef

    another failed tuf coach fight

    I don't know, I'd like to see Tito get knocked out again... and again and again and again.
  13. I think he's going to not cut any weight (he supposedly can get up to 225 with no issues, at least from what I've read) and fight Fedor in a superfight. Okay, I'm dreaming here.
  14. ijosef

    Renzo Gracie = dud

    I thought the fight was reasonably entertaining, but yeah Renzo Gracie is long past his prime and didn't seem to be in any condition to fight Matt Hughes, who is also in the twilight of his career. I like Hughes and it was fun to see him beat Gracie, especially after Gracie talked himself up so much. I think Gracie's words helped build hype for the fight, especially how he alluded to getting some vengence for the beating that Royce received. Unfortunately he didn't deliver... at all.
  15. ijosef

    KenFlos staph infected knee!! ewww!!!!

    I must admit that I'm a fan of such things. I really enjoy pus videos, and regularly watch boils being lanced and subaceous cysts being cut open. It's a sickness, I know. I would love to see KenFlo's knee lanced and the pus start to flow. Mmmmm....
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    I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota and I'm a corrections officer... aka prison guard. Basically I'm a babysitter for murders and child molesters and I occasionally spray people with mace.