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    Fedor and the UFC?

    I want to see him in the UFC where the competition is better. He's not that old - 33 years of age with 34 career fights in MMA. He's the same age as Lesnar and younger than Shane Carwin. Anderson Silva is 35 years old and has 30 career MMA fights, and people still think he's among the best in the world. I just want it settled. If he fights a few more cans and retires, his fanbase will never shut up about how he's the "greatest MMA fighter ever." I want to see him fight in the UFC, so we will know for sure if he can hang or not. Of course if he does lose to top competition in the UFC, there will probably be people still saying "well, he would've been able to beat them when he was in his prime" or clinging to some other lame excuse. If he rolls through the current UFC heavyweight champ and defends the belt successfully, then his fans will be proven right. I'd like to see him sign a four fight deal in the UFC, one of those being a fight with Anderson Silva. It would be a shame to see a fighter of Fedor's caliber never get onto the biggest MMA stage.
  2. ijosef

    Reminder to Anderson Silva Haters

    I think he's one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, despite his antics as of late. I think he's become a bit arrogant, especially not giving a real sincere apology for his clowning around during the last fight. I don't think Sonnen can beat him unless it's a fluke of some type. Silva is just on another level. I would like to see Silva face Fedor however. Fedor isn't that big for a heavyweight, so if Anderson Silva didn't cut any weight and/or bulked up a bit, he'd be about Fedor's size.
  3. ijosef

    Will Liddell listen to everybody?

    Man, I just wish he would've come in with a better gameplan against Franklin. I believe he could've won that fight if he didn't resort to his old "charge in headfirst looking for the big right KO." He was clearly winning that first round. Maybe he can fight in Japan at some freakshow stuff. I would like to see him KO Shaquille O'Neal in an open weight bout.
  4. ijosef

    Carwin vs Lesner could be a REALLY boring fight

    I don't think anything will surprise me in this fight. It's not like a GSP fight, where you can be pretty sure GSP's opponent is going to be dominated on the ground for the majority of the time. I can see this fight being a lackluster wrestling match, but I can also see it being a first round KO. I can see it being a mix of ground and stand-up that goes into the championship rounds. There are too many variables.
  5. ijosef

    Mazzagatti didnt take will to lesnar talking Sh1t

    Man, that had to be one of the worst UFC Undisputed YouTube captures I've ever seen. Anyway, Mazzagatti is one of the UFC's worst referees. As far as Mirgliotta goes, yes he sucks as well. He let the Mir/Carwin bout go on too long before calling the TKO, and was responsible for a couple really horrible stand-up and breaks during that PPV as well. A referee who's stand-up happy (like Mirgliotta) would be a bad omen for Lesnar, since he likes to work on the ground. During his last fight, a ref like Mirgliotta probably would've stood him up when he was chest-to-chest on Mir and punching him in the face.
  6. ijosef

    remind me... HOW did Bisping get the decision over Hamill???

    I never did see the fight in question, so was it a complete domination by Hammill? I'll have to look it up on the net.
  7. ijosef

    IF JDS KO's Big Country what is next for Him?

    I agree on Nelson vs. Mir. That's a fight I'd like to see, although I wish we could've seen Kongo vs. Nelson go through. You never know about guys who are up-and-coming. Frank Mir was set to be a dominant heavyweight, but he's really slid down into the middle of the pack. Vitor Belfort showed impressive skill early on, but he never lived up to the predictions. JDS could be the next dominant heavyweight, or he could suffer a loss and never be quite the same knockout phenom he was beforehand. I think he's a great fighter, but we have yet to see his entire skill set. Personally, I'd like to see him fight the winner of Lesnar/Carwin vs. Velasquez like most of you guys, but if he fights in the interim I'd throw him Mir or maybe Ben Rothwell.
  8. ijosef

    remind me... HOW did Bisping get the decision over Hamill???

    This is why the UFC hammers it into their fighters over and over and over and over... "Don't Leave It in the Hands of the Judges." The company is well aware of how flawed their judging system is. I just wonder if/when they'll change it. Basically the only way to be sure you win a decision is to totally dominate the guy. If the fight is even remotely close, it's a coin toss.
  9. ijosef

    Frank Mir at Lightheavyweight?

    Cain Velasquez is around 240 and I don't think he'd have trouble with the big guys who have to cut to make 265. Furthermore, he has the added benefit of not having to dehydrate himself before the fight. I guess you just need to learn to work with what you have. I don't think Frank Mir would be anymore successful at 205, although who knows? He did say he was going to watch what he ate and just see where his weight fell. If it was low enough to make a safe cut to 205, he would do it. He was a rather unnatural 265, as he had to purposefully bulk up to make that weight. His body wouldn't naturally carry that mass, by his own admission. However, I wonder why he didn't give himself a chance to stay at that weight longer in order to get used to it.
  10. ijosef

    MMA verbs based on Fighter's names and Reputations

    This one is classic! I loved seeing BJ Penn get totally dominated and having to throw in the towel after round four. It was almost as great hearing the lame excuses and baseless allegations (greased up, steroids, etc) from the Penn camp afterwards. Bonnerfall - To be a promising up-and-comer only to slide into mediocrity. Example: "I hope he lives up to the hype because I'd hate to see him bonnerfall to the undercard."
  11. ijosef

    Can Carwin KO Brock from his guard.

    I doubt it. Carwin is an incredibly strong dude with phenomenal punching power but a KO from the guard is highly unlikely. You don't have much of a power base at all on your back and Lesnar (despite some peoples' claims to the contrary) has a good chin.
  12. ijosef

    MMA verbs based on Fighter's names and Reputations

    "Lesnared" - getting a viscious ground 'n pound beatdown courtesy of a giant shaved ape. (I'm a Lesnar fan, BTW)
  13. With the struggles the UFC encounters today with various athletic commissions, I often think that they hold too much power. This was true when the pre-Zuffa UFC got constantly jerked around, but even now with established rules and regulations they still get snubbed. I guess there could be a national athletic commission granted under the powers of the interstate commerce clause for promotions that travel all over the country, but I doubt that will happen. Besides, what could they do if the national commission got too restrictive? Probably the best example of a commission overstepping its bounds is UFC 7, when the commission tried to pull the plug at the last minute, only allowing the show to go on if there were "no closed-fist strikes." Unbelievable.
  14. ijosef

    Randy Couture isn't on the same level as James Toney

    Bwhahahahahahahahaha!!! I literally laughed out loud when I read this. Man, that guy is a moron. Is he going to be able to make weight?
  15. ijosef

    BROCK LESNAR could be the greatest UFC fighter ever!!!

    I've already said this many times, but Brock has some HUGE holes in his game. He gets by on wrestling and size/power alone. This is coming from a big Lesnar fan who followed him from the WWE to MMA. I like Lesnar and want to see him keep winning, but if you watch his previous matches you can see loads of mistakes. He's still improving, but he did start MMA pretty late in the game. He's what - 33 right now? I don't see him having more than five more years in the game, and that's being optimistic. If he'd started training MMA right after college, he'd probably be a beast of untold proportions. Then again, he wouldn't have all the money he does from wrestling a few years in the WWE.
  16. ijosef

    Martial arts combat

    I guess it all depends on the skillset of the fighter. All else being equal, KettleBell has it right. The first few "no holds barred" UFCs proved the dominance of the grappling arts (ju-jitsu, wrestling, etc). This continued until guys started cross-training in different disciplines. There are some fighting systems, such as Krav Maga, that can be brutally effective, but they aren't martial arts. True martial arts give the learner a wide base of knowledge, often including things like meditation, discipline, philosophy, fitness, respect for tradition, etc. These things are every bit as important as learning moves and techniques. Some martial arts like Tai Chi don't even have much of a self-defense component to them, but are focused more on energy, exercise, and movement. In a true fight, something I never hope to be in, luck is definitely a factor. Even tough guys get beat down from time to time. MMA is a sport, not real life combat. Part of me wonders what would happen if one of the posturing MMA-wannabes watching the PPV at the sports bar thinks he's going to put a beating on someone that hit on his ditzy girlfriend. Let's say he confronts the guy out in the parking lot, starts a fight, and gets the dude into a standing guilliotine. He's proud of how easy it was and how much he's learned since he started training at the local cage fighting academy, not to mention how cool he's going to look to his buddies after choking this punk out. Then the guy in the choke shoots his hand down the front of the MMA-wannabe's jogging pants, grabs hold of his *********, and pulls with all his might. It doesn't take all that much force to rip the ******* from the body. The next thing you know, Mr. MMA is on the ground in agony with blood seeping from his crotch while the guy he though he was choking out is now soccer kicking him in the face. Maybe Mr. MMA gets a double-leg takedown on the guy and thinks he's going to execute a little ground and pound. Unfortunately his plans are stopped short when the guy on the bottom reaches up and gouges one of his eyes out. There are a lot of nasty street fighting techniques that would never belong in MMA. In addition, even though BJJ might be effective, what happens when you've got someone in an armbar and his buddy comes and stomps on your head? Okay, I'm way off topic now. As far as martial arts go, I would say ju-jitsu is arguably more effective than other styles.
  17. Well... Anderson Silva is a HUGE middleweight. He cuts to make LHW and cuts drastically to make MW. If he didn't cut any weight at all he'd probably be around 215, maybe 220 (if I remember correctly that's his walking around weight). He could easily fight Fedor at heavyweight, who has never been all that big for that division. Fedor fights at what - 230~240? Silva would only have to put maybe a little muscle on and he'd almost match Fedor for size. Keep in mind Silva is a few inches taller than Fedor as well. As far as losing the pudge, I don't think Fedor is fat or has a gut. He may look that way compared to some of the musclebound guys in MMA, but if you compared him to most of the slobs in the audience he'd look like his was in top shape. Besides, physical appearances can be deceiving. Peoples bodies are different, and just because someone *looks* out of shape does not mean they are. Look at Roy Nelson. A lot of musclebound, low body fat dudes gas a heck of a lot faster than he does. Fedor has never been chiseled and he had no problem dominating the HW division during his tenure with PRIDE.
  18. ijosef

    If you could change one thing about the UFC...

    If I could have anything I wanted, I'd have a different ruleset. Basically I'd adopt a set of rules similar to those used in the first three UFC events. Soccer kicks, knees to a grounded opponent, elbows to the back of the head, groin strikes, etc. Granted the fighters' careers wouldn't be as long, but it sure would be interesting from a spectator standpoint!
  19. I don't know which camp I'd pick if I was a fighter. It wouldn't matter anyway since I'd be on the receiving end of a viscious beating in every match regardless of who trained me.
  20. ijosef


    Anyone who can fight at that level is a "beast" in my book. Rashad Evans annoys me to no end, but I cannot deny that he's a top LHW in the most competitive MMA organization in the world. Just because I don't like a fighter doesn't mean I don't respect or recognize his skillset. Anyone who is good enough to get into the UFC, even if they lose a lot and get dropped later, is more than likely ten times the fighters any of the MMA-wannabes sitting next to you at the sports bar watching the fight.
  21. ijosef

    Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Jason Brilz

    +1 My thoughts exactly. I thought Brilz was going to get schooled, but he really pulled it out. I had the fight 29-28 for Brilz as well, and most of the audience in attendance felt the same or similar.
  22. ijosef

    Diego Sanchez vs. John Hathaway

    I was very impressed by Hathaway as well. He's just a larger, stronger, more skilled fighter than Sanchez. I think that pretty much sums it up.
  23. ijosef

    Todd Duffee vs. Mike Russow

    It was definitely a storybook fight. The fat, out-of-shape-looking guy gets dominated by a younger, muscular dude for 2.5 rounds, then comes back with a KO that can only give loads of creedence to the "puncher's chance" mantra. I was fully expecting the fight to end in a 30-27 decision for Duffy until that knockout came out of nowhere.
  24. ijosef

    Quinton Jackson vs. Rashad Evans

    Man, I don't know what Rampage was thinking. He could've had the fight in the third round but he inexplicably stood there and let Rashad recover enough to survive the round. Overall I'm disappointed with the fight. I guess I shouldn't have expected fireworks, but I didn't want to see Rashad cruise to another lackluster decision.