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  1. We're down to the last few fights on the main card and this discussion thread is only two pages. 😆 To be fair, I just tuned in.
  2. ijosef

    Chad Mendes retiring

    He did, but he said he wanted to take some time to think about it and make sure he was making the right decision. ...which makes sense, but then why retire on the spot in the octagon if you're not 100% sure? I suppose it doesn't really mean anything, as it seems like half of the guys who retire eventually come back and fight again.
  3. ijosef

    Askren is going to make this look easy, folks.

    I admit I do respect Askren for facing media (he did a 20+ minute interview for Ariel already) after a loss like that rather than burying his head in the sand.
  4. ijosef

    Jones just lost to a 1 Legged MW LOL

    When Santos' camp came out and said he had torn every ligament in his knee, I was thinking "okay, that's just his camp talking." However... https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mma/2019/07/08/thiago-santos-knee-injury-jon-jones-ufc-239/39665863/ Monday, an MRI revealed a torn ACL, MCL and PCL on Santos' left knee as well as a meniscus tear. Doctors suspect he may also have reinjured his right knee, which was surgically operated on prior... Anyone with even a modicum of knowledge about knee injuries knows how serious that is. Your average Joe is in rough shape with just a partially torn ACL. I'm surprised that he could even stand with a complex multiligament knee injury like that. He deserves respect for just being able to tolerate that kind of injury and still compete, regardless of how well he actually performed. I'm beyond 100% convinced he would've won without the injury. How he could even put weight on that leg is beyond me.
  5. I'm not a huge Usman fan, but I have a hard time seeing him slowly plodding towards someone, arms stretched out as if for an embrace. His entrances are at least a little cleaner than that, so it will be much more difficult for Masvidal to feed him the MGM Grand Buffet.
  6. ijosef

    Askren is going to make this look easy, folks.

    Jorge's comments at the post-fight presser are hilarious. "There is no beef. He's just some idiot I don't like." "His head is a magnet for crotches." 🤣
  7. ijosef

    Jones just lost to a 1 Legged MW LOL

    I would call Dana a moron but I always have to remind myself that he's a promoter. A pompous knob for sure, but a successful promoter who is always going to guide the narrative in a way most beneficial ($$$$$) to himself.
  8. ijosef

    Stick to modeling

    I agree. Like, actually agree 100% in all honestly. Luke is a beast of a grappler (two IBJJF gold medals) and had an incredible run in both Strikeforce and the UFC. After getting melted by TRT-fueled Belfort, he had a great winning streak that saw him take the title off of Weidman. But, all fighters have an expiration date and I think he's met his. Time to hang it up. EDIT: Or go to Bellator and become champion there
  9. ijosef

    Jones just lost to a 1 Legged MW LOL

    I actually had Santos winning the fight, albeit it wasn't much of one. Jones looked terrible - I don't believe I'd ever seen him perform worse. It really does make you wonder what Santos would have done tonight had that injury not occurred.
  10. ijosef

    Askren is going to make this look easy, folks.

    Just got back from the sports bar and had to come check out the forum... this thread in particular. I'm happy with the result, particularly in the manner that it happened, but would not have been surprised at all had Ben humped Jorge to a decision. Watching the replay, it looks like Ben was shooting for the absolute laziest takedown ever right before he got blasted with a perfectly aimed knee.
  11. Do sideburns increase striking accuracy?
  12. ijosef

    whose the best fighter ever

  13. Clearly disparate treatment, but that's always been the UFC's motus operandi. I don't know the laws in Florida, but up here he'd be looking at serious prison time if convicted. You're driving drunk without a valid license and you've also got weed and cocaine in your vehicle. You killed two innocent people. EDIT: Okay, I searched the googles. According to the all-knowing googler, the minimum sentence for DUI manslaughter is 4 years with a maximum of 15. He's facing two counts, although who knows if they'll run consecutively or concurrently. He'll either take a plea to a lesser charge (although I can't imagine having zero jail time) or risk it at trial. If convicted of everything by a jury, he's effed.
  14. I like Amanda, but I actually hope Holly wins this. I have a strange attraction to Holly. Maybe it's the clitoromegaly or the wonky eye, but something about her just does it for me. Of course they only way I can see Holly winning is via run-and-outpoint decision. Amanda gets tired after the first two rounds, allowing Holly to win the last three and therefore the fight. However, Amanda's cardio has seemed to improved quite a bit, as evidenced in her performances against Valentina (2nd fight) and Pennington. At least she didn't completely blow her wad after the first round like she did against Cat.
  15. Brazilian BJJ cans routinely give out black belts to other Brazilians, so it’s entirely plausible that Junior has a fake one. However, given that BJJ is mostly fake anyway, it ultimately doesn’t matter. Even a submission-prone wrestler like Chael Sonnen has dominated and even tapped BJJ black belts.
  16. Dang, he beat Leben. It looks like he's found his calling.
  17. Irony... the stream I'm watching is on a site called "homosports" (no lie). However, Dakota Cochrane said he was only gay for pay.
  18. These two need to start making out in honor of the upcoming Dakota Cochrane.
  19. When the announcers say "The BKFC ring", it seriously sounds like "The KFC Ring". Maybe they could get KFC as a sponsor and have a red & white KFC colored ring with a big picture of the Colonel in the middle of the mat.
  20. I'd love it if Bedford got slept after showboating so much in the first.
  21. I chose to watch BKFC over the UFC event. Am I losing it?
  22. I'm a schmuck who loves WMMA, so I'm totally into this fight. I still can't deny the lack of depth in the women's flyweight division, but it's still better than men's flyweight (not like that means anything). Carmouche is a fairly credible challenger. She has a win over Valentina in the past (a doctor stoppage for a cut in a fight Val was winning, but still), and has a ton of fights on her record with credible opponents. She even has a legit TKO win over the current strawweight champ Jessica Andrade.
  23. ijosef

    What Former Champs You Think Will Be a Champ Again Someday ?

    Chael Sonnen