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  1. My thought as well. Till has got to be the biggest weight cutting can in the welterweight division. I thought it was Woodley, but I gotta say this dude has to be at the top.
  2. I think this is my first time rooting for Masvidal. Till just rustles me and I can't explain why.
  3. C'mon George, melt this cracker.
  4. I thought all Irishmen were invincible. I've believed that since I saw Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in Far & Away: My heart is broken.
  5. I thought Duffy was going to be the next Conor McGregor. I suppose he is, in the sense that he was hyped up, had a few impressive wins but ultimately turned out to be a bum.
  6. It's called the "single mother on public assistance spinning kick", folks.
  7. His gas tank is near empty I assume, or in the immortal words of Brock Lesnar, "he just blew his wad." Joe Duffy needs a finish in the third round or he's going to get blacked via decision (notice the word "blacked" is in lower case. You can only get BLACKED via finish).
  8. "Very dangerous off his back." When was the last time that was true? Sure, we still see triangle chokes, armbars, and guillotines finished on non-rocked opponents every once in a blue moon, but when was the last time you could expect to see it happen regularly?
  9. I almost thought they were going to give it to the other one...
  10. Priscilla Coachela said that she could beat Schevchenko in a rematch, so...
  11. ijosef

    The art of MMA - When fans only want to see one style?

    Close. The first UFC was an infomercial for Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. They stopped the show to give some made-up BS award to Helio, for pete's sake. Don't get me wrong - without Rorion Gracie and Art Davies, modern MMA would probably be nothing like it is today. At the same time, we need to be realistic about BJJ (remember, it's GRACIE jiu-jitsu to the Gracies) and its inherent weaknesses. They were extremely careful not to allow any other knowledgeable submission grapplers in the first UFC event. They made a mistake with Shamrock, thinking he was a muscled up brawler and not realizing he'd picked up some footlocks and such from his shootfighting. From Shamrock: “I figured everything was even until I got in there and I fought and I found out I’d been screwed,” Shamrock said. “The day before the fight, they said that it was no rules, no time limit and anything goes. The day before the fight, they take my wrestling shoes away. If you look at that fight, my feet are slipping all over the place trying to get a grip to finish the submission hold I had on him. What happened to the no rules and anything goes?” Shamrock also said that, more than 20 years after the first meeting, he can’t wrap his head around how his wrestling shoes were considered a “weapon” yet no consideration was given to Gracie’s choice of attire. “For that split second, I’m going, ‘He just choked me – with a gi. How is that not a weapon?’” he said. We'll never know how that fight would've gone had he been able to wear his shoes - any wrestler will tell you that grappling w/o shoes for the first time feels like you're on ice skates. We all know how the rematch went, when Royce was completely helpless on his back for half an hour. But forget Shamrock. Look at what happened when Royce fought a Billy Robinson-trained catch wrestler (Sakuraba), or a skilled judoka (Yoshida). Maybe BJJ did win the martial arts war, but not because it was the best art. It won because of marketing.
  12. ijosef

    The art of MMA - When fans only want to see one style?

    To the OP, any fight that isn't wild with a devastating KO or sub finish gets derided. Grappling-heavy fights are "lay and pray" and boring. Striking-heavy fights where the fighters aren't throwing with reckless abandon are "running", "dancing", "point-fighting" and also boring. You can't win. I'm guilty of the same thing myself, especially when such a strategy is being employed against a fighter I like.
  13. It doesn't, but District/County attorneys are notorious for charge stacking. You do one minor offense and they hit you with three felonies that could potentially (if convicted and sentenced consecutively) add up to a long time in prison. It's all leverage to get you to take a plea deal (likely a misdemeanor) so they don't have to prove their case at trial. Charge stacking is one of the many problems with the American justice system.
  14. ijosef

    Who do you HONESTLY feel could defeat Jones?

    A lot of people forget that one. Vitor caught him in an armbar from the bottom and popped the elbow, causing Jon to verbally submit. Vitor let up on the hold believing it was going to be stopped, but Jon took advantage of that and fought through it, realizing that the ref didn't hear the verbal tap. The funny thing is, he would've lost to Chael Sonnen had Chael been able to survive the GnP until the end of that round. The doctor's would've been forced to call off the fight with that compound fracture (you could see the bone sticking out of his toe), giving Chael the victory via TKO (injury).
  15. ijosef

    Who do you HONESTLY feel could defeat Jones?

    Here's the thing - some fighters seem invincible, until they don't. People were saying the same thing about Fedor Emelianenko for the longest time. Even that fool Ariel Helwani was calling him "The Michael Jordan of MMA". He seemed unbeatable. Then, seemingly overnight, he wasn't. He got subbed by Werdum, TKO'd by Bigfoot Silva, and KTFO by the old middleweight Dan Henderson. There was a time when Anderson Silva seemed unstoppable. No one could touch him. Then, he got KTFO by Weidman and has never been the same. So, I guess we'll just have to wait and see with Jon. Everyone is beatable. If Jon sticks around long enough, he'll get beat. The only way he can maintain his current streak is if he gets out of the game at a reasonable age (say, no later than 37-38) and during that time doesn't get upset by anyone.
  16. I would like to see someone regularly come out to Rick Derringer's "Real American", not just as a one-off.
  17. Of course it happens the one moment I look away... Great KO though - the follow up shot on the ground was vicious.
  18. Agreed. One of the worst I've seen in awhile.
  19. "Trevor Whitman, can you please repeat everything we've already said?"
  20. Is Boetsch's nose broken? The announcers don't seem to want to tell us about his nose.
  21. Felder sounds like he drank a bottle of Nyquil before the card started.