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    Can velasquez is overrated

    So true. Right now, Cain doesn't deserve Brock. That's the type of fight you need to earn.
  2. She'd get wrecked. Besides, Suarez is likely going to fight Ansaroff in a SW title eliminator. To be honest, I didn't think Calvillo looked that great against Courtney Casey last night. I say give her the winner of the upcoming Tecia Torres vs Random Asian Person bout.
  3. Somebody needs to punch Ariel Helwani in the face. He actually said "Kron Gracie's grandfather, Helio Gracie, invented Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu". Why are we still peddling those myths?
  4. Stop putting the Mexican flag next to Cain Velasquez. He's an American of Mexican heritage/descent. Whatever. I guess if it sells, it sells.
  5. DC said we were going to see a "vintage Cain Velasquez" tonight. In a way, he was right.
  6. Okay, so when the deal with ESPN is over, the UFC can get a new multi-million dollar TV contract with NBC. The very first NBC card needs to have Cain Velasquez in the main even so we can see him get KTFO in the first round for the 3rd time.
  8. I hope so too. I'm thinking Cain will do his usual shtick but there's always that chance.
  9. That's even better than "Fedor was rolling for an arm bar".
  10. He needs to put him in the Bermudez Triangle® choke.
  11. Probably, which is why they gave him Caceres. Alex has six submission losses on his middling record and is susceptible to the Gracie parlor tricks.
  12. STFU about those Gracie charlatans.
  13. Is the Nazi in her corner? I don't see him.
  14. Evans-Smith needs a finish here... but who knows with judges.
  15. Unfortunately his propensity for humping against the fence is still there. That's probably one of the best arguments for MMA in a ring - fighters aren't able to wall 'n stall like that.
  16. He walked in to Poison's Nothin' But A Good Time. It's a cheeseball hair metal tune, but it's better than all lame hip-hop that everyone else uses. If you're going to walk out to rap, make it something cool like Kurtis Blow.
  17. I'm picking Kan Gracie to beat Alex Caceres. Gracies are, by definition, complete cans, but this is Rickson's son and the MMA world still knobs anything Gracie for some reason.
  18. So... is no one else happy that Emily Whitmire picked up a win?
  19. I'm probably one of the only people butthurt about that, but I like Jessica Penne. She does it for me, in the same way that Sarah Jessica Parker somehow did it for people in the 90s.
  20. ijosef

    Can velasquez is overrated

    He beat a Lesnar that was still ravaged by illness and operating at about 10%. He still couldn't stop Lesnar's takedowns. Fortunately for Cain, Bork tried that absolute worst guard pass of all time, allowing Cain to get back up and start punching him in the face. Just like the Overeem fight, Brock was basically done before he even walked in the octagon that night. 100% Brock crushes Clown Pride, but we'll never see it.
  21. ijosef

    All Things Bellator Thread

    I totally forgot about that. He's the type to cry about it when he gets laid on by Fitch or Koscheck ("c'mon mate, let's stand and bang like real men!"), but when someone outclasses him in the standup he tries to lay and pray. I'm guessing he doesn't see the hypocrisy in any of it.
  22. ijosef

    All Things Bellator Thread

    3-2 MVP