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  1. I'm a schmuck who loves WMMA, so I'm totally into this fight.

    I still can't deny the lack of depth in the women's flyweight division, but it's still better than men's flyweight (not like that means anything).

    Carmouche is a fairly credible challenger. She has a win over Valentina in the past (a doctor stoppage for a cut in a fight Val was winning, but still), and has a ton of fights on her record with credible opponents. She even has a legit TKO win over the current strawweight champ Jessica Andrade.

  2. 1 hour ago, OzStraya said:

    Bad enough. Could have been worse.  He walk straight into two flying dragon knees

    I honestly thought it would be a lot worse. Chael is a guy that just doesn't pull out of fights, and he was extremely sick at the beginning of the week. Everyone in his family got the flu, and he was in I-can't-even-get-out-of-bed mode on Monday I believe. I haven't had a flu in several years, but I remember being absolutely wrecked for a few days and then not even close to 100% until a few weeks later. I thought Chael was going to get wrecked in the first minute or two, so I was surprised he lasted as long as he did. I don't know if a healthy Sonnen could've beaten Machida, but he would've given a stronger showing than he did. To be fair, Machida looked gassed after the first round, so maybe he wasn't 100% either. Or, maybe they're just both ancient in MMA years.

  3. True. We barely have enough fighters to make a marketable heavyweight division, so super heavyweight is out of the question.

    Now, I'm of the belief that we need more weight classes. If we could somehow rid the sport of extreme weightcutting (unlikely), most fighters would be forced to move up. This is fine, since they'd be fighting essentially the same group of guys as before, just one division up. Flyweight would likely go away, and then you could go 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 225 and heavyweight. Personally, I don't believe there should be such a thing as "super heavyweight". Heavyweight is heavyweight, and like boxing, there should be no cap. We've already seen the point of diminishing returns on size (as StompGrind pointed out), and the tendency of the best heavyweights to be around 235-250. There was a short time when everyone thought you needed to cut down to 265 (era of Bork and Shane Carwin), but that has passed.

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  4. MMAFighting has a decent write-up on it:


    Let’s be clear about what happened here. Romero won a default judgment. That means he filed suit, and because Gold Star Performance products never responded, he won. He didn’t go through a trial or extended litigation or anything like that. They just never responded to the suit. There are only two real reasons this would happen.

    1. They are horribly mismanaged to the point that didn’t know what was going on. Good luck collecting $27 million from a company that doesn’t have a legal team.
    2. They never intended to pay in the first place so they didn’t bother responding. They’ll file bankruptcy and again, good luck collecting that $27 million.

    If Gold Star had any intentions of paying any sum of money, they would have at least responded to the claim and either fought the suit or negotiated a settlement. Their use contract is vague enough to at least give them some grounds to contest. At the end of the day, Yoel has a $27 mil IOU that’s really only going to be worth a fraction of that.

  5. On 5/28/2019 at 5:53 PM, juice64011 said:

    Winning a lawsuit and actually being paid are two different things. 

    This can't be repeated enough. I don't know the veracity of this statement, but it will be rough for Yoel if true:

    Chances are, he won't collect anything. "Gold Star Performance Products" registered its domain name less than 2 years ago. It operates out of a tiny little Suite in NJ and is a throwaway company. They didn't even respond to the lawsuit. The company will fold and or claim bankruptcy and Romero might even be stuck paying his own attorney fees. He could still end up with a loss in the end.

    EDIT: If this company is just a small fly-by-night operation that has their supplements manufactured overseas and then slaps on their own label, they may not have the assets to cover that judgment and would likely go bankrupt. The meager assets of the business would be divided up among creditors (Yoel is an unsecured creditor, so he wouldn't be first in line) and when that was gone, everyone else would be left holding the bag. Provided the company was set up properly and owners/corporate officers didn't comingle funds, they would have no personal liability.

    Most civil judgments are never satisfied in full - many are never satisfied at all. There seems to be a perception among some that when the moving party wins a lawsuit, the judge writes them a check from the bench. In reality, a judgment is a just a piece of paper that declares that the loser (debtor) owes the winner (creditor) a certain sum of money. The judgment also makes a variety of legal tools available to the creditor, such as bank levies, wage garnishments, property seizure, etc. However, these tools are not unlimited and a lot property (especially if the debtor is an individual) is protected from creditors by law.

    The word is that this company didn't even answer the lawsuit. So, Yoel only "won" his case because the other side didn't show up and he was awarded a judgment by default. He didn't win because of any evidence or arguments presented.

  6. On 5/24/2019 at 11:04 PM, Greasyrasta said:

    When getting to 265lbs in 2 months becomes a problem, you’re gonna live a short life.  Dude is a walking poster boy for diabetes.

    Definitely. Don't get me wrong - here in the US, guys who weigh north of 265lbs are everywhere you look. We're the fattest country in the world by a wide margin. However, given these facts, it's absolutely inexcusable...

    1. He's 6'1"... taller than average but not a skyscraper

    2. He's not a bodybuilder or otherwise musclebound

    3. He's a professional athlete (in the broadest sense)... it's his actual job to eat right and work out

    He should be walking around under 265lb, not needing months to cut down to that weight. I wouldn't be surprised if his actual weight was somewhere north of 300lbs.

    On the bright side, some state legislatures are beginning to cap prices on insulin.

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  7. No, it was a very close attempt but never at the edge of a tap.

    Honestly, I find more people repeating the narrative that Andrade "smashed" Rose (in fighting, not the tribbing way). They ignore the fact that Andrade was clearly getting outclassed and was losing  badly up until that point. The first round, with the new criteria, could've been scored a 10-8 by some judges.

    That said, it was one of the best slam KOs I've ever seen, right there with Rampage over Arona. It's also one of the best come-from-behind victories, especially in a title fight.

    On a side topic, I wonder how Andrade would do in a rematch with Joanna. It doesn't seem like Andrade's striking defense has improved much at all, and Rose was able to punch her in the face at will. I could see a Joanna rematch going much the same way as their first fight. As much as I'd like to see another slam KO, let's not pretend that Andrade has magical muff slamming powers all of a sudden.

  8. On 5/17/2019 at 1:20 PM, Dark_Horse said:

    He'll probably get a shock k.o. now.


    On 5/18/2019 at 1:19 PM, brunofr418 said:

    life tends to repeat itself in strange ways. wouldn’t be surprised if we see a repeat of what happened with rose. jones will be dominating easily before santos hits him with a fluke KO 

    I would laugh so hard if that happened. Anything is possible I suppose, even if highly improbable. Jon will frequently start a little slow, feeling his opponent out and taking a bit of time to gauge distance and whatnot (unless his opponent rushes in like Chael did). Anyway, it's within the realm of possibility for Santos to just wade right in and connect with an overhand to the chin.

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