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  1. Precisely. MMA seems to be in a bit of a lull overall, or at least a plateau. It's not going gangbusters like it was ten years ago. It wasn't long ago that we'd have 30+ page PPV threads. I still read the PPV threads, but there's so little going on that I usually don't bother commenting more than once or twice, if at all. On the Diego situation, I can't blame the guy for taking the easy W. Someone pointed out that his last contract was 103k to show, 103k to win. If taking that route was my only shot at getting an extra hundred grand, you'd better believe I'd take it - regardless of whether or not that made me look like a fool. I get tired of the schlock on MMA sites like this headline: Diego Sanchez might have played the system in DQ, but his win is earned in blood. Pure nonsense. Again, I'm not going to fault Diego for making that choice, but let's be real. He did not "earn" that win in any way, shape or form. He clearly saw a way out of a fight he was losing badly, and made a shrewd financial/career calculation. It's not his fault he got blasted with an illegal shot, but he did take advantage of the rules by lying to the ref that he couldn't see and couldn't continue - of course once he realized (he actually asked the ref for pete's sake) he'd get the win. One could even argue Diego cheated by lying about being able to continue, but that's impossible to prove, even if it seems obvious. Of course the barrier to entry for being an MMA journalist is so low as to be almost non-existent, so you have to expect that kind of writing on MMA sites.
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  3. ijosef

    Valiant attempt by Reyes but...

    Reyes should have won the fight according to a fair application of the scoring system currently in place. In a sport constantly under siege by incompetent judging and inconsistent officiating, it's hardly the worst decision we've seen. However, it doesn't change the fact that the decision rendered last night was the wrong one. The idea "in order to beat the champ, you need to BEAT the champ" may sound intriguing, it has never been more than a myth. Nothing in the rule book or the scoring metrics imply that a current champion is due a certain amount of deference due to his or her status as a title holder. A title fight is supposed to be scored the same as any other, and Reyes should have won accordingly. It is what it is. Jones will never concede the fact that he truly lost his belt last night and the sport will move on to the next big story.
  4. ijosef

    UFC 247: Jones vs. Reyes

    It's an interesting night when Valentina goes out and puts on a good performance (that Chookagian girl can really take a pounding) and gets a finish while the LHW champ runs and gets a gift decision.
  5. ijosef

    UFC 247: Jones vs. Reyes

    You were exactly right. Reyes won the fight (clearly took the the first three rounds in my opinion) but Jones got a gift decision. The 49-47 is inexcusable.
  6. ijosef

    The Fight Guy: UFC 247 Breakdown

    Jones v. Reyes: After being poked in the eyes numerous times and threatened with permanent visual impairment (yet not a single point docked by the referee), Reyes decides to kick Jones in the balls as hard as he can. The ref lets Jon recover and takes 2 points from Reyes. As soon as the fight begins again, Reyes lands the hardest nut shot ever delivered in any sporting event in history. Jones wins via DQ, but suffers permanent damage and later undergoes a complete orchidectomy. Since he must now depend on exogenous testosterone use to maintain his health, he never fights again. Reyes returns and eventually captures the LHW title for a brief period. Shevchenko vs. Chookagian: Shevchenko outstrikes and outgrapples Chookagian to a boring and predictable UD victory. However, due to a new rule change, both fighters wear the same fight gear as the men and are therefore topless in the cage. Adams v. Tafa In the clash between two giant heavyweights, the the decision is ultimately a draw after neither competitor is able to get up off the stool after the 1st round. Official result - Draw (double retirement). Bektic v. Ige In a fight for the ages, Ige becomes the first fighter in the UFC to land a triple-spinning-backfist. Lewis v. Latifi After being outpointed with pitter patter strikes for two-and-a-half rounds, Lewis lands a game changer overhand that literally flattens Latifi's skull, rendering him an invalid.
  7. ijosef

    Build The Best & Worst Fighter Possible

    Best Chin: young Mark Hunt (the one that took roided Cro Cop headkicks straight to the dome) IQ: Hate to say it, but flighty mouse Striking: hard to beat Isreal or a prime Anderson Grappling: Difficult... wrestling pedigree would be Mark Schulz, timing and MMA wrestling would be GSP, clinch would be prime Randy Couture, top control would be Khabib, and subs would be Maia or even Shields Gas tank: anyone of those guys in the midget divisions would do Tattoos: none Ability to sell: like it or not, it has to be Conor Walk Out music: BB King - The Thrill is Gone Worst Chin: post 2009 Chuck Liddell IQ: Overeem Striking: Cindy Dandois Grappling: Megan Anderson Gas tank: Kimbo Slice Tattoos: Jon Jones Ability to sell: Leon Edwards Walk Out music: any rap newer than 1994
  8. Agreed, and I think that's the general consensus. While there are some exceptions (Lewis, Ngannou, etc), the majority of heavyweights walk around south of the 265 upper limit. Stipe, Cain (well, when he actually fought many years ago), JDS, Arlovski, Werdrum, Olenik, etc all come in under the limit without cutting weight. While you might have someone who is considerably larger find his way into the division, it seems unlikely. We're not going to get guys like Teila Tuli or Emmanuel Yaraborough (may he rest in peace), although that would be awesome in its own way. Besides, heavyweight is heavyweight is heavyweight. The idea of a "superheavyweight" division is just ridiculous.
  9. We'd see some elite boxing skills then...
  10. ijosef

    OSP gets USADA'd

    Those ostarine-tainted supplement suspensions barely qualify as getting USADA'd, especially since the tainted supplements were found on USADA's very own approved list.
  11. ijosef

    Felice Herrig got scraped by a random person in public.

    Standards. You have them. Drop them immediately. There isn't a single woman on the UFC roster that I wouldn't. I'd munch Sara McMann in a heartbeat. Tonya Evinger decides to go back to men? I'm in. That giant Gabby Garcia over in RIZIN? 100% I'm all over that.
  12. ijosef

    Female GOAT

    It's impossible to say without seeing Nunes v. Cyborg II. Unfortunately that will probably never happen, so the idea that it was a fluke will always be speculation. One could go down the equally-dubious road of MMA math, pointing out that the Julia Budd that fell to Cyborg in the 4th round is the Julia Budd that got KTFO by Nunes in 14 seconds. The Holly Holm that took Cyborg to a 5 round decision is the Holly Holm that got KTFO by Nunes in the first. Of course the counter to that would be when Zingano eventually meets Cyborg in Bellator - the Cat that TKO'd Nunes.
  13. I'd laugh if he went to Tristar and transformed into a takedown-spamming, lay-n-pray fighter.
  14. ijosef

    UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cerrone

    Yeah, split decision. Some here are thinking Aldrich should've gotten the nod but whatever. She sure didn't look disappointed or surprised by the decision.
  15. ijosef

    UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cerrone

    Bummer for JJ Aldrich. She's actually got a really cool (aka 'come up from nothing') story.
  16. Dana has porked at least one of them - I'm guessing Pena. Dude loves sticking it to fighters, even that autist Ronda Rousey.
  17. ijosef

    Conor McGregor playing a game, a good game....

    I can't disagree with OP's take. Despite all the rhetoric, these folks are in it for the money (and good for them). Most fighters don't have a great deal of marketable skills outside of the octagon so they know they need to make as much money as possible in their relatively short fighting careers in order to set themselves up financially later in life. You have to be almost Diaz-level braindead in order not to realize this as a fighter, and even they seem to get it (at least Nate does, sort of). Obviously this isn't exactly a hot take, but it's the unspoken truth behind all the usual fighter bluster and trash talk. Conor makes piles of money - much more than anyone else in the game - but he also spends it. In that way he reminds me of Floyd Mayweather, who keeps returning to boxing for a paycheck. Conor does make money off his Canadian Mist-caliber whiskey, so there is that.
  18. ijosef

    Tyron vs Leon @ London

    I see your point now. Yes, The Rock is a must. Maybe even one of them can come down to the ring with The Godfather and his ho train. As long as we're in full WWE mode, Tyron should come down to the cage with a wireless mic, rapping his own entrance music.
  19. ijosef

    Tyron vs Leon @ London

    I think Wesley Snipes would be a better fit than The Rock.
  20. Cejudo made $440,000 in his last fight, and that's just the disclosed payroll info. Where else is he going to make half a million dollars every four to six months? I don't think they pay assistant managers that much at Footlocker.
  21. ijosef

    Ngannou vs. Rozenstruik headlines March 28 Fight Night

    They have to keep Francis active until they can give him another title shot. I actually thought they were going to make Francis v. Volkov, but whatever.
  22. I'm one of the <100 people who like WMMA, so here's my hot take... 1. GDR could definitely beat Amanda. I still think Nunes is rightly the favorite, but De Random is a killer striker. She's even beat up dudes in kickboxing, and we have clearly established that men are superior to women in every aspect except for the sex stuff, and that's only because we don't have the right parts. 2. GDR's only losses (well, she should've lost to Holm but that's a different story...) were largely because of her lack of grappling experience. She got subbed right away in her MMA debut. She won a handful of fights then dropped a UD to current Bellator FW champ Julia Budd. Her only other loss was her first match with Amanda. It was a weird TKO - Amanda took her down, got on top and started blasting her with elbows. Almost all of the strikes landed on GDR's arms, but the ref eventually called it because GDR couldn't get out of that position. Other than that she really wasn't in a TKO state - she was just stuck on bottom covering up (albeit not really hurt). 3. I'm still picking Amanda to win the fight, but it isn't a gimmie. You're right about putting the cart before the horse here - they'd be incensed if GDR won. Not only would it kill Amanda's momentum (I'm sure they'd do an immediate rematch), it would cool the Claressa Shields talk and they'd have to put up with the worst champion ever somehow getting another belt and being a two division champion.
  23. Agreed, at least not roided Jones. Since Jon pretty much has carte blanche to microdose at this point, Cormier will never get the opportunity to fight he Jon Jones that beat OSP in a lackluster decision. He could probably beat that version of Jones, but we'll never see it again. As far as the Stipe fight goes, I guess I'm not in one camp or the other. I think it's a reasonably compelling fight worthy of headlining a PPV (although not the marquee midsummer event). Old men need time to heal from their injuries, so it's best that they put this one in the books this coming spring/summer.