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    Was the Stoppage Early?

    I thought it was a tiny bit early but it wouldn't have changed the outcome. Dana White's comment that the stoppage was "horrible" is ridiculous, although it does reveal his disappointment in the outcome of the fight. In fairness, I also thought the stoppage between Nunes and Rousey was a tad early. The outcome was going to be the same, but I thought Rousey deserved to face plant to the canvas. It is a championship bout after all. I'll never forget watching that fight in a sports bar, after which some drunk fool - obviously butthurt that Ronda lost - stood up and started screaming "she was still on her feet, she was still on her feet!" over and over. His wife/girlfriend had to calm him down and get him to leave.
  2. ijosef

    TJ Wants Holloway Next!

    This aged strangely. I picked TJ of course but... well, now what does he do?
  3. I think they should've let it go a little bit longer, but whatever. It's not the worst stoppage I've seen.
  4. Crowder sucks for doing that. Take your ten, man up and continue to fight. Of course I'm saying this while in my pajamas in front of a computer.
  5. It's been awhile since I've seen cowboy fight with this much hair.
  6. This guy gets it. I have internet service and a HTPC + paid VPN subscription. That's my streaming service.
  7. Let's see if Lipski actually goes for it or just survives for a decision loss.
  8. Calderwood's corner advice is basically "hold on for dear life and you'll win this." They're not wrong.
  9. How DARE you! Karyn Bryant is the #1 MMA journalist goddess. She makes me stand full mast, which, if I'm being honest, is about three inches.
  10. I'm getting old. I remember Aldo's first fight in the WEC and now he's talking retirement after a lengthy career in the post WEC-UFC merger era. Maybe he just doesn't feel it anymore. He's talked about retirement a couple of times before, but never this definitive. I guess we'll see. Now Tito Ortiz on the other hand... when that guy says he's retiring, you can believe him 100%.
  11. ijosef

    Remember when Juice was sure TJ wouldnt make 125? lol

    He's starring in the sequel to The Machinist </blatant Joe Rogan riff>.
  12. ijosef

    New UFC Championship Belt Unveiled

    They waited until Mighty Mouse lost his belt and left so they didn't have to give him one. Heck, they didn't even want to give him a new belt every time he defended. He practically had to beg. Now, they could have just copied John Cena's (WWE's Vanilla Ice character) old blinged-out spinner belt:
  13. Imagine if this fight plays out exactly like Maia vs Shields did.
  14. ijosef

    Nunes done with 145

    Kayla was always a superior judoka to Ronda. As far as transitioning those skills to MMA, I can't say for sure since we haven't seen quite as much of Kayla. Ronda's judo was stellar (both standing and on the ground), but that was against opponents who hadn't seen or trained for judo at that level. Once opponents trained for it - Holly avoided it and Amanda simply shrugged off Ronda's feeble attempts - it seemed to lose its effectiveness. However, we'll never truly know how effective or ineffective Ronda's skillset would have remained since she left MMA. Kayla is actively training wrestling, which is something Ronda never did. I honestly can't think of a single time in Ronda's fights (pro or amateur) where she tried a double or single leg takedown. Her takedowns and grappling were purely judo based and she didn't branch out from that. Brendan Schaub said as much - he's no expert, but he did stick it to her for awhile. Anyway, Kayla has superior judo, is physically stronger than Rousey, and is also working diligently to learn some MMA wrestling to add to her grappling game. As far as Cyborg goes, she's never been a strong grappler in terms of takedowns. Maybe we just haven't seen it, but Cyborg does get taken down by lesser opponents. She manages to power her way back up to her feet though, so it could be a case of her simply not respecting her past opponents' grappling games and not really worrying about the takedown. I honestly can't say I've ever seen her either constantly defending or constantly attempting takedowns in a fight. Mostly it's just her beating some other broad senseless. Cyborg does have a black belt in BJJ, although one of BJJ's weaknesses is its lack of focus on stand-up grappling and takedowns.
  15. ijosef

    Nunes done with 145

    Come at me bro! Let's fight on the internet! You're right about the fight as it happened, I must admit. It seemed like Cyborg was ready to be the calm, relaxed Jason Parillo-trained version of herself, but after Amanda cracked her with a good leg kick she was like "Screw this, I'm gonna Chute Box my way through this chick". Well, we all saw what happened. I think if they rematched, Amanda would beat her via decision. It wouldn't be a barn burner like the first fight was. Think the first Joanna vs. Rose fighter versus the second.
  16. ijosef

    Nunes done with 145

    Doggone it Bwana, your AV reminds me of that video Brendan and Bryan watched on TFATK... Anyway, she doesn't need to fight Cyborg again. She just proved she's the better fighter and there's no need to run that one back. I'm a shill for WMMA, but the 145lb weightclass just doesn't have enough depth to be a presence in multiple organizations. Maybe have Cyborg fight Megan Anderson next (I think this is the best option) and don't renew her contract. Honestly, I'd rather see Cyborg and Anderson go to Bellator where they have a deeper roster of 145 women. Granted, they're almost all cans, but still... it's by far the biggest B-League promotion and they could at least put on some entertaining WMMA bouts.
  17. ijosef

    TJ Wants Holloway Next!

    We need to bring back open weight matches. TJ Dillashaw vs Derrick Lewis