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  1. sobercuban

    Askren vs Maia official for UFC on ESPN+ 20, Oct 26th

    I shall add one
  2. I'm sure the UFC would be dying to hire him to come save the forum.
  3. LMFAO, oh okay. We have had ZERO contact with the UFC for over 3 years, you can no longer access the forum from UFC.com, they eliminated the membership package that came with two PPVs and they're not putting in enough effort in promoting it, the Fight Club twitter account only posts once every few weeks. Not to mention, the forum population is aging, people are doing the family thing, people drift away. But yeah, it's the mods. You calling anyone a troll is as laughable. Keep spamming walls of text about your ex-girlfriend and your vagrant lifestyle. If you need a hand off that high horse let me know.
  4. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2019/08/ben-askren-vs-demian-maia-ufc-singapore-fight-booked Who takes it?
  5. sobercuban

    My official car thread

    @Enigma_Machine Have you seen the car Cleetus is building for summernats?
  6. sobercuban

    BET ENFORCED: RIP Wickles - The End of an Error

    Because I only banned him a day. Was the only way I could troll the ENTIRE forum at once.
  7. sobercuban

    Stipe vs Jones

    This. He made some Twitter posts acting like he could move up, but just that he's not interested, oh okay.
  8. sobercuban

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    yeah he got beat around the ring
  9. sobercuban

    Cans of UFC 241

    Lol I hated that monster
  10. sobercuban

    Cans of UFC 241

    lol @VertFTW
  11. sobercuban

    The forums biggest draw

    He's earned his way out of it, I will vouch for his character.
  12. sobercuban

    Moments That Stop You In Your Tracks....

    oh ok
  13. sobercuban

    Moments That Stop You In Your Tracks....

    I was really just putting them up there to prove a point. They were coming down once I figured he had seen them. Dude is a bozo, why would I make any of that up? Either he saw the pics or he didn't. I only used pics where she's got those giant sunglasses on just so she couldn't be easily identified, btw. Her and I aren't friends on Facebook or anything, nobody creeping my **** can put 2 and 2 together.
  14. sobercuban

    Moments That Stop You In Your Tracks....

    haha, that weed sucked too, next time there's a card up there I'll bring some fire.
  15. sobercuban

    The forums biggest draw

    I've let him off the hook for our bet.