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  1. sobercuban

    Ali Abdelasleeze

    And you've never been accused of being a nonce.
  2. sobercuban

    Adesanya already crashed his McLaren? Lmao

    Nice cars are wasted on rich cucks.
  3. I was totally shocked when I saw the picture of these 3 fine, upstanding citizens that were the perpetrators.
  4. sobercuban

    Ali Abdelasleeze

    “Well, what had happened was” Discuss.
  5. sobercuban

    ESPN+ UFC Fight Night: Jędrzejczyk vs. Waterson

    the Jesus should have swooped in remarkable that his corner let that happen.
  6. sobercuban

    Can of UFC 243

  7. sobercuban

    Can of UFC 243

    Never forget:
  8. sobercuban

    BJ Penn Released From UFC

    He's ducking Lentz before. Nik was prepared to bore BJ to death reading his poems outloud in the ring
  9. sobercuban

    Breaking Bad.

    Ozark is awesome but: these
  10. sobercuban

    This place is pretty ****ing lame now

    don't worry, took me two years to stand out lolol
  11. sobercuban

    This place is pretty ****ing lame now

    5-star thread.
  12. sobercuban

    Cans of UFC 241

    lol damnit, I promise I'll have time for the cans this weekend
  13. sobercuban

    This place is pretty ****ing lame now

    You're a selfish piece of ѕhit. Everyone in here knows you're full of ѕhit 99% of the time so I guess the people that thought they were your friends were moronic enough to believe you killed yourself. Take a look in the mirror and think about how big of a piece of ѕhit move it is to let your friends think you were dead. I doubt you're capable of being honest with yourself anyway so maybe don't bother. Fuсk you.