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    Gilbert Melendez released by the UFC

    holy ****, nor did I
  2. sobercuban

    Celebrity Death Pool Season 10

    Someone pick Jimmy Carter so we can get to season 11
  3. sobercuban

    UFC 242 - Khabib/Poirier Team Forum Bet

    Title says it all. ITR has volunteered to lead Team Khabib, juice64011 will head Team Poirier. Jimmies are on the line. Decide on terms and we can start making teams. Team Khabib: I_Take_Roids - team captain -idyb- PunchBag brunofr418 Decompose Fred_Flink_Stoned pound4poundG Team Poirier: juice64011 - team captain sobercuban the_vagenius Bwana Dark_Horse skillandpower JSW Weidman_The_God MauroPedrosa Stakes: Sig and Avi for 2 months As per the Captain of Team Khabib, the signature and avi are as follows: Signature: @-idyb- tongue punched my fart box AVI:
  4. sobercuban

    UFC 242 - Khabib/Poirier Team Forum Bet

    Two months and 1 day Later Allah
  5. sobercuban

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    LMAO Looks like my brother-in-law.
  6. sobercuban

    Nate Diaz says goodbye to the fight game

    Title should be "Washed-up fighter rage-quits the fight game" Dude knows he's never going to sniff another title shot, BMF belt or otherwise. That means he'll NEVER headline another PPV because all PPV's have to have a title fight for the main event, so he's taking his toys and going home.
  7. sobercuban

    UFC 244 - Diaz/Masvidal Team Forum Bet

    . Title says it all. We need a captain for Team Masvidal. Decide on terms and we can start making teams. For those that are stuck with avi's and sigs like mine until 11/7/2019 whatever punishment the winning team doles out will go into effect on 11/7/2019, rather than 11/2-11/3. Everyone on the losing team will be required to serve the same punishment duration. Jimmies are on the line. Team Diaz: America - Team Captain OzStraya ijosef Fred_Flink_Stoned Team Masvidal: PlatinumClegg - Team Captain I_Take_Roids T.B.E. Taylor_Schonerstedt Bubba_Sparks brunofr418 RadLad pjbear05 omoGOAT Stakes: Sig + Avi for 2 months
  8. sobercuban

    Masvidal couldnt finish Nate

  9. sobercuban

    Masvidal couldnt finish Nate

    Bro I actually got in a fight with my wife during that entire fight, I only saw the doctor stoppage and whatever clips were circulating on Twitter or were shown in replays, did he really dive for ankles?
  10. sobercuban

    UFC 244 - Diaz/Masvidal Team Forum Bet

    okay @PlatinumCleggwhat sentence to you impose on the losers?
  11. sobercuban

    UFC 244 - Diaz/Masvidal Team Forum Bet

    See ya after the fights No I'm not picking a team
  12. sobercuban

    UFC 244 - Diaz/Masvidal Team Forum Bet

    Man I have about 10 minutes a week I can spare lately and I haven't been spending them on the forum edit: lol, last time I visited this thread was over 6 weeks ago
  13. sobercuban

    Ali Abdelasleeze

    “Well, what had happened was” Discuss.
  14. sobercuban

    All Things Bellator Thread

    Rory sucks, I think I'd rather sleep than know who gets the D (like there's any doubt)
  15. sobercuban

    All Things Bellator Thread

    this fight is every bit as garbage as I expected Rory is a neutered fighter, his super-hot Jesus-y girlfriend took that dude's manhood
  16. Fight’s on. Find your own source
  17. I ate quite a bit of acid.
  18. I think that acid warped my brain, I actually believe Nate and for some reason I'm starting to believe Jones.
  19. Here’s some proof: I said the **** was ostarine because Nate was ranting about meat, now it comes out he tests positive for a SARM something produced by Ostarine. The UFC OBVIOUSLY knew about this for and, like you said, were going to sweep it under the rug and then give Nate a 6 month suspension after the fight. Has the UFC even made a statement about the fate of the fight? I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last of picograms. i
  20. Conor tweeted and deleted this:
  21. I’m SPECULATING obviously but: He made a point to say he doesn’t eat meat which makes me think he popped for Ostarine
  22. sobercuban

    Jon Jones did things **Official** :(

    Jon Sonnen grew a TRT to make Rashad Overeem zOMG **Official** ZOMG wwtf? ^this OMG HACKs Since I made this - Jon: Grew a Beard Crashed a Bentley and got DUI Disgusting pedophile, deserved 25 to Life Single handedly canceled UFC 151 Broke his toe off Racist Lips against Gus Orbital fingering Assaulted UFC Staff and Daniel Cormier Leaned on Cormier Sniffin' blow and going to rehab (for one day) Hitting pregnant woman and fleeing the scene Arrested Getting title stripped Drag racin' Arrested again ROIDS HIS WAY OUT OF UFC 200 MAIN EVENT Murdered my boy DC (On steroids) Fails his drug test (shocked not shocked) Snitches his way out of consequences Snorting coke after popping for roids Going to rehab, again Last minute venue/state/commission fuсkery "Pulsing" Illegal knee against Smith Somehow didn't finish Smith Ducks DC at HW Lost to Thiago Choked a ϲocktail waitress at a strip club and lifted her off the ground
  23. sobercuban

    Ali Abdelasleeze

    And you've never been accused of being a nonce.