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  1. goldfngz

    Jon Jones Underestimates Thiago Santos (Parody)

    Yes, it's funny though
  2. goldfngz

    whose the best fighter ever

    Spider Silva
  3. goldfngz

    Jones is absolutely F*cked.

    If you have a problem with roids, PED's, or whatever, you should STOP watching the UFC and go find something else to do. Nate was right: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Doping_cases_in_mixed_martial_arts
  4. goldfngz

    Curses in the UFC

    Yeah I suppose, but I still wouldn't push it.
  5. 1st, since when did you care what I think? 2nd, I'm indifferent to this trade. I could really care less.
  6. goldfngz

    Curses in the UFC

    The new Herb Dean championship fight curse. If you have the belt, don't let Herb ref your fight. (c)Silva vs Weidman (c)Rousey vs Holm (c)Lesnar vs Velasquez (c)Weidman vs Rockhold (c)Shogun vs Jones
  7. Thank God this is over with. What the hell is wrong with them anyway? Maybe Eubanks can fight, but she's a no name, and to headline your end of the year fight in New York?
  8. goldfngz

    Did i make a mistake buying tickets for ufc 230?

    Ok, I guess they saw my post and changed the card. You're good now.
  9. goldfngz

    Did i make a mistake buying tickets for ufc 230?

    Uh, unequivocally yes.
  10. You don't make a "4th fight", I don't know what Bellator was thinking. They are the toilet bowl/ashtray for the UFC.
  11. goldfngz

    So what date does Khabib pull out?

    I have to say, Khabib looked pretty healthy at the presser. He might actually make it this time,
  12. He's in total desperation to make Woodley/Covington the biggest grudge fight in UFC history, the only problem I see is that his biggest moments were 5 rd leg humping with Maia & RDA. He's promoting like he's really done something. Right now, he's all mouth, nothing else.
  13. goldfngz

    How long before Woodley is considered the GOAT?

    Who is our, and last hope for what, nausea?