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  1. bluesy

    Link for McGregor/Khabib conference 5pm ET, today

    How's Noah 2018
  2. bluesy

    Jon Jones free lol

    UFC = Ultimately in Favor of Corruption
  3. It will be a demolition. Cejudo is nowhere near TJ's level, even adjusting for size.
  4. Make the fight @ 125lbs so when TJ wins DJ can't duck him again.
  5. bluesy


    DJ got Cejudo'd.
  6. Cejudo is the MAN! Wants to go up, unlike Mousey Man.
  7. bluesy

    Nate Diaz vs Dustin Poirier - co main of UFC 230

    Nate wanted Conor PPV points. He's gonna threaten to pull-out and then the UFC is gonna hit him with a lawsuit and he's gonna whine all the way to November. Hopefully, Dustbuster puts him out of his misery for good.
  8. I like how conman Ali acts like Canboob holding the belt means anything when he beat the #10 guy to a DECISION for it. The UFC will not hesitate to strip him and do Conor vs. Tony for the vacant title.
  9. bluesy

    Little Heathen finna kill Aldo.

    Jose took his bombs and started walking him down. It was only a matter of time. Lil Heathen is basically Matt Brown lite.
  10. bluesy

    Little Heathen finna kill Aldo.

    For better or worse, Max will at least attempt to defend the title. Edgar will never beat Aldo.
  11. bluesy

    Little Heathen finna kill Aldo.

    Literally bodied. Aldo could be champ again depending on whether post-concussion Max is a shell of his former self.
  12. bluesy

    Nate Diaz assaults yet another person

    He knows he looks like a **** for ducking GSP and having his brother come to his defense about it, so this is him overcompensating again. So weak.