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  1. King_!

    UFC should cut down the amount of events

    casual confirmed
  2. A chenchanyan giving a dagastani rat a mercadi's for winning is like a Canadian giving an American an audi
  3. King_!

    Jolldan vs. King Can XXV RD2

    is it too early to pick Michael Johnson? Pretty sure that's official I just need someone to confirm that
  4. King_!

    Fedor vs. Bader > DC vs. Black Beast

    Did Kongo win last night?
  5. King_!

    Khabib is Dana’s best chance of making it in Russia

    I do not understand this thread what's going on
  6. King_!

    Khabib is Dana’s best chance of making it in Russia

    I would trade all these random new joiners after 229 for vert #freevert #hediditbetter
  7. King_!

    NHL 2018/2019 OFFICAL THREAD

    Leafs looking DOMINANT Austin Mathews is killing it right now undeniably so still desperately need ****ing defence, Andy is a brick wall but he can only do so much
  8. King_!

    The Weekend of Bellator

    I will laugh my **** off if Chael wins
  9. King_!

    The Weekend of Bellator

    Mitrione is winning this Damn Tournament
  10. Ariel said everyone is too blame (UFC, Conor, Conors team, Khabib, Khabib's team) and he's right
  11. Poor Artem lost ANOTHER fight due to Conor / Khabib Bull**** (I.E the bus incident, he was pulled from the card)
  12. King_!

    Emotional Support animals

    how soft is society honestly Conor fans seem to need an emotional support chicken themselves anyways
  13. King_!

    Conor will have a belt by the end of 19’

    these Conor threads are getting old as **** we get it, conor has 2 million casual fans that only watch Conor, doesn't change the fact that he got MAULED
  14. King_!

    McGregor Had Staph during the Khabib fight?

    He was breathing heavily out of Fear of the Grizzly Bear he had to face later that week
  15. King_!

    UFC 229 estimated at 2.4 million buys

    only goats like Conor can bang rita ora Leave the drawing power to Conor, leave the fighting to Khabib tho, ofc.