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  1. King_Can

    JDS V Da Reem

    Overeem rekt him
  2. King_Can

    Greg Hardy vs. Allen Crowder at UFC on ESPN 1

    anyone find it ironic they put Greg Hardy on the same card as Rachel Ostovich….. and I'm cheering for both of them to win
  3. King_Can

    Ryan Jimmo....and so it ends....

    manslaughter, 5-10 years the 8 year sentence makes sense if the murder iss not planned but you acted out in emotions (at least this is how the Canadian criminal justice system views it)
  4. Both Shogun and JDS are getting slept and I'm not even joking this is going to be worse than chuck liddell vs Tito Ortiz 3
  5. How many loses can one man take consecutively? He was also fined 1000 dollars but I didn't feel the need to include that in the title. He's the next Jon Jones in the making Discuszz
  6. I will not be including or participating in the discussion until the main event because I won't be stramming until then BUT Tito looked cut as **** and he's right about chucks boxing during the preworkout Chuck went on record for saying he didn't want to showcase his true arsenal during the open workout with Tito there Chuck is so confident he wants to fight Rampage after beating Tito my mind will explode when they fight discuzz
  7. King_Can

    DC is officially a GOAT

    ps Tui is going to flatline Junior, the Arvolvski fight was a fluke
  8. King_Can

    DC is officially a GOAT

    DC enjoying the HW life stoyl I see, probably his best chance to beat Jones is at HW anyways by HW I mean being a bad **** mother ****er because real men don't cut weight
  9. King_Can

    Conor Mcgregor suspended from Driving for 6 months

    When 16 year olds can drive and Conor cant
  10. King_Can

    Conor Mcgregor suspended from Driving for 6 months

    side note: favorite Conor loss? Floyd, khabib or Nate?
  11. King_Can


    3 fight winning streak the ufc just lost there golden ticket to the big show idiots
  12. King_Can

    The "nice guy" reward

    Dana presents Bobby Knuckles with the sportsman of the year award invests millions of dollars promoting fighters that talk chit, gives plastic painted gold trophy to the gentlemen HMMMM discuss
  13. back yerself up dillafeg
  14. King_Can

    Official TITO VS CHUCK mega thread!!

    this might rustle a few feathers for Chuck fans but the dude has brain damage. There is no easy way to put it or talk about it
  15. King_Can

    Official TITO VS CHUCK mega thread!!

    gonna watch chuck vs babalu to make myself feel better tonight was TITOS night props to Sobercuban, I am rejuvenated and awaiting tito vs cormier
  16. King_Can

    Official TITO VS CHUCK mega thread!!

    Sobercuban after tito wins: TiTo orTIz iS bACkKkKkK SiGn hIM DANa!.!.!
  17. LMAO I thought this was going to be a fury vs Wilder thread this is chit, but Chuck will rekt him
  18. King_Can

    The "nice guy" reward

    with that said I give props to Bobby Knucks for being the only champion over 6 feet tall currently, which is sad
  19. King_Can

    Something You Respect About Fighters You Dislike

    Brock Jardine?
  20. King_Can

    First major snowfall of the season here in good ole PA.

    the Greater Toronto Area got mauled by snow, kinda like how khabib mauled conor driving home was whet
  21. King_Can

    Diaz vs Masvidal at UFC 235

    With that said ^^ Nick Diaz doesn't deserve JORGE
  22. King_Can

    Diaz vs Masvidal at UFC 235

    Rumor has it that Nick is signing a 3 - 5 fight deal lets see if he can finish that contract out in the next 20 years plus wtf, he's saying he wants to fight the best in world, then decides to fight a lightweight? I love Jorge and he's a great but CMOn
  23. King_Can

    Something You Respect About Fighters You Dislike

    I respect that Rick Story retired finally
  24. King_Can

    Luis Pena taking being a WCC to a new level

    calls out a guy with under .500 record sounds like a real contender
  25. Magny is the king derailer Ponz almost got knocked out by Perry like 4 times before Perry gassed anyways