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  1. King_Can

    NHL 2018/2019 OFFICAL THREAD

    The only team I really wanted to lose swept the pens sadly but I’m enjoying these upsets. It’ll be interesting to see which 2 teams make it to the finals
  2. King_Can

    Amanda Nunes updates on plans for UFC featherweight title

    Lmao trans beauty contest this post is a gem
  3. King_Can

    NHL 2018/2019 OFFICAL THREAD

    This did not age well
  4. King_Can

    Do You Think We See TJ Return To The UFC?

    TJ with the surprise guest appearance on JRE discussing his positive test
  5. King_Can

    It's all about the fighters , lmao yeah right

    As much as the hardcore fans hate them, they benefit the company and bring in more audience, so essentially the ufc is choosing profit over integrity
  6. King_Can

    Amanda Nunes updates on plans for UFC featherweight title

    I completely forgot she was a dual division champ lmao the right thing to do would be to close the 145 division, and you cannot defend two titles never mind 1 by fighting once a year
  7. Lol, it’s not you can’t judge him just on his superior physique
  8. King_Can

    NHL 2018/2019 OFFICAL THREAD

    Drake caught in a leaf jersey, we’re ****ed
  9. Joe kinda ruined this whole podcast, wouldn’t stop talking about mma and trash talking, Jorge had to tell him to change the subject
  10. Ben attempted to be friendly with Jorge in person but was fake on social media 'Im gonna break his face, im gonna break his rib cage and I'm gonna torture him for 14 minutes" I've said this before, and I'm saying it now, Masvidal is a NIGHTMARE matchup for Ben Askren, he's not getting him down, he gave Maia are very hard time and deserved to win that fight Quick work for JORGE
  11. King_Can

    NHL 2018/2019 OFFICAL THREAD

    Tampa is getting ROASTED right now Biggest upset in nhl history ?
  12. King_Can

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on fire

    The Rogers Center m8
  13. King_Can

    NHL 2018/2019 OFFICAL THREAD

    Leafs in 6
  14. King_Can

    Jon Jones v Adesanya

    Seeing as how jones has made a career from fighting middleweights this fight makes sense