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  1. King_Can

    First major snowfall of the season here in good ole PA.

    the Greater Toronto Area got mauled by snow, kinda like how khabib mauled conor driving home was whet
  2. King_Can

    Diaz vs Masvidal at UFC 235

    With that said ^^ Nick Diaz doesn't deserve JORGE
  3. King_Can

    Diaz vs Masvidal at UFC 235

    Rumor has it that Nick is signing a 3 - 5 fight deal lets see if he can finish that contract out in the next 20 years plus wtf, he's saying he wants to fight the best in world, then decides to fight a lightweight? I love Jorge and he's a great but CMOn
  4. King_Can

    Something You Respect About Fighters You Dislike

    I respect that Rick Story retired finally
  5. King_Can

    Luis Pena taking being a WCC to a new level

    calls out a guy with under .500 record sounds like a real contender
  6. Magny is the king derailer Ponz almost got knocked out by Perry like 4 times before Perry gassed anyways
  7. King_Can

    Looks like Cerrone v Mcgregor talks brewing up.

    Giving Conor anyone with a decent ground game is a terrible idea for business seeing as how he hasn't won a fight since 2016 should have make Conor vs Gaethje and Cerrone vs Pettis 2
  8. King_Can

    Dana White crushes POS Aussie 'reporter'

    Baldie LOVES this chit that bus incident sold 2.4 million PPV buys and took Ray Borg off of a card it was a WIN-WIN
  9. King_Can

    Yair will be wearing the belt in '19

    Max would literally kill Yair within a round
  10. King_Can

    Yair still sucks

    referring to Yair as SHOWTIME is a ****ing disgrace and you should feel bad
  11. King_Can

    UFC Fight Night: Jung vs. Rodriguez

    a submission is not a valid ending to a perry fight, cowboy broke the rules of engagement and should be disqualified for rapping his legs around another man
  12. King_Can

    Mike Perry dove for ankles

    Michael perry attacked the lower body
  13. King_Can

    Yair still sucks

    Lord Donaleth Trump should jump in and end this kids visa immediately
  14. King_Can

    Yair still sucks

    incase y'all forgot Frankie took his soul and he'll run from Zabit till the end of time
  15. Askren already rekt conor for tweeting this