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  1. King_Can

    We might be seeing more of Johnny Walker sooner than we think

    normally I'd agree but the LHW is so ****in trash I think he should get the opportunity
  2. King_Can

    10 minutes + of Marty from Nebraska taking shots

    this was extremely CRINGE, Kamaru must have the same trash talking coach that Luke uses poor guy probably has PTSD
  3. Canadians are cringey AF, GSP is huge here tho, arguably bigger than Sydney Crosby
  4. King_Can

    McGregor vs Holloway is next **** suckas!

    Makes 0 sense so the ufc will prob be down
  5. King_Can

    No longer annoyed by ESPN's handling of UFC already.

    seeing as how MMA is undoubtingly not even close as popular as people predicted it would be, this crappy air time and spotlight is expected
  6. King_Can

    Strip Khabib?

    Just let me start off by saying Khabib is the LW champ, well deserved, and is probably one of the, if not the best fighters on the roster but I'm not willing to wait till November to see him defend his title because he wants to serve a full year sentence with his team mates and is refusing to fight in Nevada ever again. so we thinking Conor vs Tony for an interm or for the real belt? Tony vs Poirier? Diaz vs Conor? Conor vs GSP? plenty of options force Khabib to fight or be stripped? hmmm What does Vert think of this don't merge pls
  7. King_Can

    Jon Jones is on fire!

    dude has done so much roids that is now physically part of his genetic DNA
  8. King_Can

    The greatest HW of all time......

    Greg Hardy vs Bork Lesnar no piss quiz included for the rightful title of greatest of all times
  9. King_Can

    NHL 2018/2019 OFFICAL THREAD

    the leafs have officially collapsed 4-11 in the last 15
  10. this fight is legit mini shamrock vs mini Ortiz and we all know how that went
  11. Henry being a foglet by saying that he wont fight TJ if he cant make weight even tho he's missed weight for half of his career plus his coach is cringe
  12. King_Can

    Jon Jones vs Lionheart official 235

    Jones said he wants to fight 3 times this year Curious to see what people think of this fight is anyone dumb enough to take lionheart?? Jon made a career out of beating washed up middleweights and LHW is an absolute trash can besides DC and Jones Would be much more of a contest if they'd just convince rumble to take another title shot lol
  13. considering this is a Mayweather fight there's been a lack of media coverage, apparently its on at like 10 am tomorrow and it won't be aired in north America so I suppose we have to stram?
  14. King_Can

    Daniel Cormier Has Relinquished the Light Heavyweight Title

    DC has my respect. I’m rooting for Jon tmo so it can set up the trilogy but if it doesn’t happen, so be it He has accomplished so much for the sport