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  1. King_Can

    BJ Penn out here being BJ Penn

    Fish swim, birds fly, and I fight bouncers - bj penn
  2. King_Can

    UFC dead in Ireland/UK now

    The ufc is dead everywhere, the fertittas forsawe this and sold
  3. King_Can

    TJ Dillashaw opens up on decision to cheat

    Cutting more calories and water = less motivation and energy tj overestimated the cut no doubt
  4. King_Can

    TJ Dillashaw opens up on decision to cheat

    Admits to only cheating for the cejudo fight ? Meanwhile his whole camp has said he’s cheated for years lol
  5. King_Can

    Put the house on Dustin

    Sept 6 in abudhabi, khabib vs Dustin official nightmare matchup for khabib, Dustin will walk forward all 5 rounds and win at least 4
  6. Lmao watch him test positive now after his next fight
  7. King_Can


    Wish it was hockey not basketball but I’m pretty pumped. Might go to Jurassic park myself, although basketball should be won by an American team never the less where the players come from
  8. King_Can


    I’ve actually enjoyed the lack of attention Conor threads have been getting with that said he’s been making excuses all week and is still demanding a rematch, shame
  9. King_Can

    Greg Hardy vs. Juan Adams in San Antonio.

  10. King_Can

    NHL 2018/2019 OFFICAL THREAD

    Let’s go blues ! 19 Canadians + bozak about to win the cup ! Truly Canada’s game
  11. Conor’s gonna somehow ruin this
  12. The amount of butt hurt the goat generates is insanity, dana will probably try to snub him from the hall of fame
  13. King_Can

    Celebrity Death Pool Season 9

    Bob barker