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  1. King_Can

    Cain still in denial

    This is the exact opposite of denial.
  2. King_Can

    Diaz vs Masvidal Official For MSG November 2nd

    Great fight but this belt is dumb as ****
  3. Gotta he a women’s division since they only have 15-20 fighters ...
  4. King_Can

    Rumble Johnson returning to UFC early 2020

    Francis v rumble pls
  5. King_Can

    Ariel - Conor Interview

    Just saw the interview, the questions were pre set for Conor to answer with no follow up questions, pathetic
  6. King_Can

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    I feel like I’m the only one who had costa winning
  7. King_Can

    UFC 241: Cormier vs. Miocic 2

    The last 3 fights are all bangers ^ TEAM DC
  8. King_Can

    BJ Penn still not done, Returning to face Nik Lentz

    Considering a 28 year old boxer just died to do brain injuries suffered in the ring I have to say Dana is more pathetic
  9. DC is gonna have a hay day with this one ...
  10. The prince of war is the real main event
  11. King_Can

    Masvidal wants title / McGregor next

    Mcgregor would eat a tree piece and a soda, QUICKTIME
  12. King_Can

    Who Do You Think Jones Fight's Next?

    Reyes or DC then Izzy during 2020 international fight week
  13. King_Can

    Who Do You Think Jones Fight's Next?

    I feel like they’re building up an Izzy / Jones superfight
  14. If derandomie is just gonna dodge top competition she might as well just retire now ffs
  15. King_Can

    What's Next For The Winners & Losers Of UFC 239

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Izzy vs bones after seeing how bones never shot for a single takedown against a Muay Thai artist
  16. King_Can

    The CANS of UFC 239

    I actually thought Ben was dead. as for Luke I was extremely satisfied seeing him rocked, he probably couldn’t tell you his own damn name in the moment
  17. King_Can

    RIP Ben Askren's brain, career and bandwagon

    Ben aspirin was served a 3 piece and a coma
  18. King_Can

    Who should Santos defend the title against first?

    That fight was pathetic
  19. King_Can

    Jones just lost to a 1 Legged MW LOL

    Anyone that thinks santos didn’t win 1.2.5 shouldn’t watch this chit
  20. King_Can

    UFC 239: Jones vs. Santos

    That was not Jon Jones, 7 oblique kicks all fight
  21. King_Can

    UFC 239: Jones vs. Santos

    Dan blizarians 4 girls in the front row finally got the **** off there phones for the masvidal knockout lol
  22. King_Can

    Askren is going to make this look easy, folks.

    Jorge ****s
  23. King_Can

    Askren is going to make this look easy, folks.

    Jorge keeps it on the feet and boxes him up TERRIBLE match up for Ben
  24. King_Can

    whose the best fighter ever

  25. King_Can

    UFC 239: Jones vs. Santos

    Pettis ko's everyone 25/8 at all weight classes kiddo