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  1. King_Can

    BJ Penn KO'd again.

    What’s his record against field sobriety tests these days ?
  2. Don’t worry his rap career is going to save him
  3. Gsp is prolly still p4p #1 we just aren’t aware of it
  4. King_Can

    The WORST title era

    GDR at the what the **** weight
  5. King_Can

    McGregor/Cerrone Supposedly Signed for January 18 PPV

    Cowboy is gonna rag doll this man in honour of all old men that like to drink at bars
  6. King_Can

    McGregor/Cerrone Supposedly Signed for January 18 PPV

    Making this fight at welterweight is a HUGE mistake for Conor cowboy finna toss that Irish Manlet all 50 FT this will be the last fight of his career
  7. King_Can

    UFC targeting Khabib vs Ferg on April 18th in Brooklyn

    Khabib and Ferguson continuing to fight less than once a year
  8. King_Can

    Volk is gonna beat the chit out of Max

    Volk too short, Max decision.
  9. King_Can

    Yoel doesn't move the needle

    If you’re a fan of fighting you toon it to watch Yoel Romero. Who gives two ducks about fight promotion, it’s a great fight
  10. King_Can

    Serious Question...

    lol buying a belt and having it in your house to show your guests is the definition of CRINGE
  11. Not undefeated, Volkan was robbed
  12. King_Can

    Just how bad is Ben Askren?

    It’s an opinion that asked made more cash than mm? We’re talking numerical numbers wtf LOL
  13. King_Can

    The BMF Belt

    This belt is just an excuse to hype an event because Colby wouldn’t headline... just kinda like how they were slapping interms on every ppv main event in 2016-2018
  14. King_Can

    The real undisputed BMF

    Wonderboy is clearly the BMF... handled masvidal like it was CAKE
  15. King_Can

    How to be the BMF in the UFC

    Step 7: be the HW champ of the world.
  16. King_Can

    OSP vs Ya Boi

    The prince of war smokes all your favourite fighters
  17. King_Can

    BJ Penn Released From UFC

    Nick lives rent free in your head max
  18. The first two comments in the thread actually, genius
  19. Y’all hate on jeremey way too much. He has some of the best knockouts in ufc history
  20. King_Can

    Cain still in denial

    This is the exact opposite of denial.
  21. King_Can

    Diaz vs Masvidal Official For MSG November 2nd

    Great fight but this belt is dumb as ****
  22. Gotta he a women’s division since they only have 15-20 fighters ...
  23. King_Can

    Rumble Johnson returning to UFC early 2020

    Francis v rumble pls