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  1. R17YN_K

    Pettis would beat Khabib

    Khabib would beat both the Pettis brothers, together, 2 on 1.
  2. R17YN_K

    Mooslim ban

    Do you just use them kind of words(paki) over the internet or have you managed to ever say it to a pakistanis face?.
  3. R17YN_K

    How Does Jones Do At Heavyweight?

    Jones stands a chance against all of them. He's just an awsome fighter and athlete. The list of fighters he beat is just incredible. His lack of punching power may be his biggest problem. If he was to go Heavyweight.
  4. R17YN_K

    Now thats how you say Good Bye

    All good things must come to an end.....would be fitting if Rogan left. But for Goldy errr hmmm...he was ok, well he had to be ok to last aslong as he did.
  5. R17YN_K

    wish israel would stfu

    http://itisapartheid.org/Documents_pdf_etc/IsraelViolationsInternationalLaw.pdf F your abundance of common sense and have a little read of that. Israels violation of international law. Opinion dosen't count for nothing infront of facts.
  6. R17YN_K

    wish israel would stfu

    Long live Palestine!!
  7. R17YN_K

    Describe dissimilarity ufc 207 & ufc 208?

    Great to see MMA/UFC getting popular in Pakistan. Pakistan and the general south asia has a rich history of pehlwani and Malla-yuddha (wrestling). Its lack of funding and investment has really restricted its growth. In history, the greatest wrestler ever, the Great Gama was from india/Pakistan.
  8. R17YN_K

    Jose Aldo says he's booked for interim title fight at 155

    Khabib smahes anyone who can make 155
  9. R17YN_K

    who's next for weedman?

    Move up and have a few fights. With a couple of wins at lhw, he can warrant a title shot at 205. If the right scenario appears at 185, drop down and take a shot there.
  10. R17YN_K

    Rumor: Mike Goldberg is gone starting in 2017

    The company has grown past Goldie and his knowledge of MMA, It needs for someone who has a bit more understanding of the sport
  11. R17YN_K

    Just watched kickboxer: vengeance in netflix

    Its funny how acting works. Real life world class fighters. Are so sh*t at acting to fight.
  12. Good luck to her. Ive personaly never thougt highly of taekwondo. Its great to watch, when there kicking pads and doing shows/demos. Thats about it really.
  13. R17YN_K

    The Dangers Of Stopping Drinking

    Bro you might have lost the friend you once knew. But you havent lost your friend. Im sure he will be there for you when you actually need him etc.
  14. Nobodys telling these vegi's to eat the note!. Accept it and put it in the bank.
  15. I think the longer it is for this fight to happen, the more advantage to Canelo. GGG is in his prime and theres only one way after that. Canelo is yet to hit his prime. I dont think for a second Canelo is scared, ducking, etc. Its Goldenboy, picking the perfect time for this to happen. I still got GGG winning, late stoppage, corner throw in towel. (well thats if this fight happens within the next 3 years)