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  1. What's idiotic about it? I used to be a huge Pettis fan until he turned into a ****. He quit in the Ferguson fight (broken hand that wasn't broken at all), he quit in the Poirier fight(tapped to MOUNT) , and those are only his last 2 losses. I told my girlfriend if this fight gets tough he'll look for a way out and he did. The guy is a world class quitter. Are you going to tell me he doesn't quit when fights get hard?
  2. BarbaricBob

    The biggest loser of tonight is...

    Diaz is also a lightweight. The only fights he's won at Welterweight are against other guys who have fought at lightweight. I thought only Conor fans pretended Diaz hasn't been a 55er his whole career.
  3. BarbaricBob

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    Romero just coasted the whole fight. Dancing around like you're doing Tai Chi is not being offensive. I thought Romero barely won but I also wasn't surprised that Costa got the nod. Romero just looked like he was waiting too often.
  4. BarbaricBob

    Stipe is THE Greatest Heavyweight of all time.

    I'm the biggest Miocic fan around, and I just feel like Francis is gonna catch him pretty bad next time. He was extremely hittable tonight.
  5. BarbaricBob

    Nunes vs. Can at UFC 245

    I don't understand why you would give a title shot to someone you had already had to strip for refusing to fight.
  6. Pettis tried to quit in the third round. He completely turned away and fell to the ground hoping for the stoppage. But the ref refused to let him be a ****.
  7. Lol. Cash gonna take a mini vaca like every other time Pettis loses.
  8. BarbaricBob

    What if a "unification bout" ends in a draw?

    They introduce an Intercontinental Interim champion, and he gets the next shot.
  9. BarbaricBob

    UFC 244 Whole dam event

    Frankie Edgar wants to make his 135 debut on this card. Him vs anyone in the top 5 would be good.
  10. BarbaricBob

    Zabit NOT USADA'd, faces Calvin Kattar at UFC on ESPN 6

    Did anyone ever take a vote on banning this guy? I literally haven't seen one comment from him that actually contributed to the topic of discussion.
  11. BarbaricBob

    Zabit NOT USADA'd, faces Calvin Kattar at UFC on ESPN 6

    There are reports but nothing official. He was being linked to Zabit and Yair before that I believe. He keeps being rumored for fights but everyone else keeps getting matched up.
  12. Slated as the co main. Wtf is going on with Ortega then? Holloway must have retired that stoner.
  13. BarbaricBob

    Dana White said things

    Pretty soon we can add "Conor is not getting the winner of Khabib vs Poirier."
  14. Idgaf either way, but would be hilarious if Gall subbed him or got a fluke KO.
  15. Does this mean Zabit vs Ortega is announced soon?