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  1. BarbaricBob

    BJ Penn out here being BJ Penn

    He finished on top. But another guy gives him the hands. BJ can be heard at the end saying, "Let me kill him, let me kill him!" I used to be the biggest fan of that guy but he belongs in a nuthouse with Tony and Mayhem.
  2. BarbaricBob

    BJ Penn out here being BJ Penn

    Attacked a bouncer. https://mmajunkie.com/2019/06/video-allegedly-shows-b-j-penn-in-altercation-with-strip-club-bouncer
  3. Can't stand Colby but the dude deserves his shot.
  4. BarbaricBob

    ESPN+ UFC Fight Night: Jung vs. Moicano

    Lmao @ Paulie saying he got hit once in the clinch. Dude has a hatchet wound above his eye and other cuts and bruises. Boxing world champ losing to an MMA fighter with a .500 record.
  5. BarbaricBob

    OMalley pulled from UFC 239 due to failed drug test

    This was my first thought. He's still one of the UFC's pet projects and he will get a pass for the most part.
  6. He still battered both those guys on the feet. Not sure what your point is.
  7. BarbaricBob

    Valentina Shevchenko wants title fight with Liz Carmouche

    The UFC used the same formula for Silva vs Okami. So it actually makes perfect sense.
  8. https://mmajunkie.com/2019/06/valentina-shevchenko-vs-liz-carmouche-headlines-ufc-on-espn-14
  9. BarbaricBob

    Valentina Shevchenko wants title fight with Liz Carmouche

    Right now, I don't see anybody at 125 that can actually challenge Valentina. If she wants to avenge a loss from early in her career, I say let her. In the meantime, maybe a new contender emerges.
  10. BarbaricBob

    Tyron Woodley: Henry Cejudo is ‘annoying everybody’

    As cringey as Cejudo is, he's still more likable than Woodley. I think that's his real issue.
  11. BarbaricBob

    Early Stoppage

    It's a title fight. You have to give these fighters a chance. They should have let her walk it off and start round 3. The fans got robbed.
  12. BarbaricBob

    Dad Cowboy finna teach Brown Mayhem Miller some respect

    This turned out well...
  13. BarbaricBob

    Manuwa retired

    Lol @ Dan Hardy's reaction
  14. BarbaricBob

    Manuwa retired

    His last loss and the Volkan loss were especially devastating. The strikes were bad enough but the way that the back of his head bounced off the canvas was awful. That kind of **** killed Tim Hague.