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  1. BarbaricBob

    Can velasquez is overrated

    After watching multiple replays from different angles, I have to agree it looks like a short uppercut dropped Cain, then his knee buckled. The first few replays they showed made it look like nothing landed clean.
  2. BarbaricBob

    Can velasquez is overrated

    Why do these threads always turn into two guys arguing about something totally unrelated to the original topic?
  3. BarbaricBob

    Can velasquez is overrated

  4. BarbaricBob

    Can velasquez is overrated

    He was only in there for 26 seconds and still found a way to get injured. Jesus Christ, retire already. Your body clearly isn't up to it.
  5. BarbaricBob

    *RUMOR* Holloway vs Ferguson for LW interim title

    This. Holloway tweeted a screenshot of a Wiki page. That's all this "rumor" is. That same page had the UFC 236 main event listed as Tony Ferguson vs Eddie Bravo like an hour later. Lol. There's no truth to this whatsoever, imo.
  6. BarbaricBob

    We might be seeing more of Johnny Walker sooner than we think

    Its official. He got it.
  7. BarbaricBob

    How do you guys feel Ben Askren will do in the UFC?

    I think he gets past Lawler and fights Usman, Colby, or Till next. I think he embarrasses Till but I'm curious to see the other two fights.
  8. BarbaricBob

    Most overrated hyped up fighter in the ufc

    Lol. "I think we should be allowed to take steroids. Not that I ever would or anything."
  9. BarbaricBob

    Holly Holm vs Aspen Ladd added to UFC 235

    Doesn't mean she's not boring as **** to watch. Several people already mentioned Nunes vs Holm. I didn't claim to break the news. Lol. Nobody is trying to take credit for your great accomplishment.
  10. BarbaricBob

    Holly Holm vs Aspen Ladd added to UFC 235

    Reading reports all over that Nunes will headline against Holm at UFC 237 in Brazil. Rose vs Andrade co main, plus Nina Ansaroff and Tatianua Suarez on the card. Aldo asking to fight Pettis at 155 on the card as well. I think two female title fights is plenty. Put Saurez on another card and just cut Ansaroff altogether.
  11. BarbaricBob

    Holly Holm vs Aspen Ladd added to UFC 235

    This fight got scratched. Dana just said so. It sounds like they're going in another direction with each fighter and didn't give any reason as to why the fight isn't happening.
  12. BarbaricBob

    Khabib and McG

    I said Khabib was at fault too. I thought he jumped onto Danis, but they immediately separated them before punches could be thrown. In videos I've seen they're lunging at one another but nowhere near each other. I could be wrong. Only point I'm making is they all acted like morons.
  13. BarbaricBob

    The Prelims Will Never Be The Same...

    I hope he boxes Khan just because he called him out for the Mayweather McGregor undercard. Lol.
  14. BarbaricBob

    Khabib and McG

    I'm not trying to fault anyone more or less than anyone else. I'm just saying Conor threw the first punch. Everybody that threw punches were wrong. Khabib was wrong for jumping on Conor's team. Khabib's buddy was wrong for jumping on the cage. Nobody is innocent. Also, nobody got hurt and everybody involved made a pocket full of cash. They should have just given everyone community service and a fine. It's just hype for the rematch.
  15. BarbaricBob

    Khabib and McG

    We dont know his intentions when he jumped on the cage. Stand by your opinion if you want. The fact is Conor assaulted someone before he got assaulted. There is no dispute there.