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  1. BarbaricBob

    BJ Penn out here being Matt Hughes

    Now reports are saying he threatened a man with a machete. Investigation ongoing. He's lost it. https://mmajunkie.com/2019/04/ufc-bj-penn-police-investigation-threatening-man-with-machete
  2. I love JRE but this episode was hard to watch. The guy basically says you should assault anyone who says words you don't like. Then proceeds to tell Joe what's wrong with the world. Lol. You can tell the guy was raised in the ghetto.
  3. BarbaricBob

    Do You Think We See TJ Return To The UFC?

    He'll be back. I just don't see him ever being champion again.
  4. BarbaricBob

    BJ Penn out here being Matt Hughes

    Guess he's been looking for a fight he can win. His wife filed a restraining order on the ground of alleged abuse. Plus he's a cokehead and wanted his wife to be smashe by other dudes... 6 losses in a row will do that to a guy.
  5. Dude couldn't even handle walking.
  6. BarbaricBob

    Is Kelvin Vs. Izzy Closer Than People Think?

    Adesanya literally ran from a senior citizen in his last fight. Why that would impress anyone is beyond me.
  7. BarbaricBob

    Max is getting slept next week.

    I'm thinking this one looks like Holloway v Pettis. The volume will be too much. Dustin already starts to slow down as the fight goes on. Max will continue to pick up the pace until he gets the stoppage.
  8. BarbaricBob

    Report: Yoel Romero Out of UFC Fort Lauderdale Main Event

    You mean the guy who just had neck surgery?
  9. Abdelaziz sure has a lot of balls for someone who went 1-3 as a pro fighter.
  10. BarbaricBob

    Report: Yoel Romero Out of UFC Fort Lauderdale Main Event

    If it happens, this has got to be the clearest case of ducking ever.
  11. BarbaricBob

    UFC 239 - Who you got?

    Those posters look ****ing terrible. I hope Jones gets knocked stiff, realistically though, Santos got finished by David Branch. I can absolutely see Jones stopping him. Holm will use a wrestling/clinch heavy game plan to shut Nunes down.
  12. BarbaricBob

    Report: Yoel Romero Out of UFC Fort Lauderdale Main Event

    Costa was supposed to fight Yoel on this card originally.
  13. BarbaricBob

    Surprise, surprise, check out Conors tweets.

    That's what I got out of it.
  14. BarbaricBob

    Justin Gaethje would beat Khabib via first round TKO

    You say this about any lightweight that wins a fight... before too long you'll be telling us Desmond Green is the guy to beat Khabib. Get a new act. This one is boring.
  15. BarbaricBob


    The real question.... who cares?