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  1. amunera

    Wrong thread go away

    was watching Dortmund game, glad they could turn it around, will watch the other games' highlights tomorrow
  2. amunera

    Wrong thread go away

    In the right order for you m8. Although f00k Chelski anyways
  3. amunera

    Wrong thread go away

    Terrible game, can't wait until Valverde gets sacked...
  4. amunera

    Stop with this round 4 and 5 chit regarding Nate Diaz

    Diaz 1,2,5 oh sorry I thought we were back in 2013
  5. amunera

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    ahhhh gotcha, meh at least he was socially aware enough to not make a big deal of it in front of everyone, you never know who is going to be annoyed by it, like yourself, or who simply will not give a chit
  6. amunera

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    what happened? I just watched the episode and didn't see anything out of the ordinary...
  7. 5-5 what kind of tennis match was that...
  8. amunera

    ClassicBoxer's 2019 fitness thread

    @Jolldan, what you up to? in a not tl:dr version please
  9. amunera

    ClassicBoxer's 2019 fitness thread

    @cashfl0w dealing with retards on the fora does not count as fitness for me, although with some of the new specimens I am starting to consider it , you don't have it easy Glad you're doing fine
  10. amunera

    ClassicBoxer's 2019 fitness thread

    i could not @ people yesterday so I could not tag you @Bubba_Sparks what's up with you, any ultras planned? @Nyte still working out? @StompGrind still mixing it up with your crazy stretching and so on? @NoCakeForYaya you running? what? cool stuff
  11. amunera

    ClassicBoxer's 2019 fitness thread

    Nothing new from my part, weight has been the same for the past 2 years already, was training for a fast 10k (sub 40) early this year but got sick mid-training (ear infection and tonsillitis), so I had to stop training exactly at the peak, got a bit discouraged once I restarted training since I lost a lot of fitness and knew I would not manage my goal by race day. Shifted focus then to a triathlon, and shaved 9 mins from my time last year even though I ran slightly slower (it was really hot on the day), basically went from back of the pack swimmer to middle of the pack, and improved my bike split quite a bit. After that did 2 attempts at a sub 20, 5k. On the first one, the race was after work, and an appointment took way longer than anticipated so I missed my train connections and had to ride 20km to the event, so it was basically a biathlon, ran 21:50 in the 5.3 km. On the second one ran 20:50 (PB), I just did not have the muscular power to hold the speed for the sub 4min/km pace, noticed that from the first km, basically I was expecting too much without training from it, I was still probably using the last remaining fitness from last year hahahaha Right now building fitness again, will run a 10k in December but no specific goal, other than improving my PB (44:19) which I'm sure I will manage, will probably go our at 4 min 20 sec / km pace, and see if I can speed up in the end, so I will go for 42 or so. Plan is to build fitness for next year. I applied for the Berlin Marathon, if I get the spot that will be my A-goal, if I do not get in I will probably go for maybe a half-ironman by the end of 2020 with an Olympic distance in the middle.
  12. thanks fellas had the pleasure to be in France for the penultimate stage, and got to run 100 meters next to Bernal on the final climb (decided to stop lurking and re-start being an sporadic can again )
  13. amunera

    Do people still post here?

  14. amunera

    Podcast thread

    Just Sam Harris' one