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  1. amunera

    Luke Rockhold Injured, out of 230

    Nowadays I only look who is fighting the day of the fights (or when I have to submit my predictions, so basically the day of the fights hahahaha). Too much bait and switch and shady stuff going on, or fighters don't really know how to train...
  2. amunera

    Change my mind Kebob/Canor

    he wasn't mauled, he was haped. There you go, thank me later.
  3. amunera

    UFC Predictions League 2018

    Jones vs Gus is when I am planning on making my move
  4. amunera

    Classicboxer's 2018 Fitness and Training Goals

    I understand more or less what it does, but I think the body does it naturally if you have your hormones in check, and usually sport will do that for you (at least it did it for me). I lost 25 kg without changing much from my diet, (only no more sugar in liquid form) and restarted sport (in form of running). No need for low-fat, low-carbs, keto, atkins, low-sodium or whatever bs
  5. amunera

    Classicboxer's 2018 Fitness and Training Goals

    Unless you are diabetic I see no point in getting on a keto diet...If you do not suffer from any kind of disorder, just eat a bit of everything, do some sports and you'll be more than fine.
  6. amunera

    The Weekend of Bellator

    man Whitepage just won that fight by controlling meathead's wrist, that was kind of sad to see...
  7. amunera

    I am wanting an executive order to unban Vert.

    Imo you should then switch the bet to an av/username bet for a negotiable period of time
  8. He's acting as though his teammate would not be cut in the next 3 fights, guy sucks.
  9. amunera

    Why Mcgregor knockout?

    does anyone in here have a better reputation/post ratio?
  10. amunera

    Speak Your Mind Thread

  11. amunera

    Better Call Saul

    was that the last episode of the season? fml
  12. amunera

    5 lws that could easily defeat Khabib

    will join the myths of sea level Cain, motivated BJ and so on...rich Conor