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  1. WarWest®

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Cool I’ll see if I can add you 👍🏻 I feel you on the AC, heatwave makes it sweat a bit lol. I am in basically the same area, about 20 minutes from DC. I wish I would have brought weed for that trip I was just nervous. Cabbie came through for a little fun though haha I’ll never forget that ****. Prices on weed is insane sometimes
  2. WarWest®

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Lol man this heatwave has been nasty. He’s still around, there are a handful of us that group text on whatsapp if you want to join sometime. I’m hitting Hot Rod Drag Week at VMP this year and Imports vs Domestics in Maryland in the Fall. You should come up for one sometime! I would love to come down there for a Southeast Gassers race sometime. You still smoking? I’ve been getting some wild **** from DC lately.
  3. WarWest®

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Damn it’s hot, that dew point is serious...
  4. Pettis is getting clowned hard already Pretty sad
  5. What flavor? Spicy garlic is the bomb
  6. I honestly doubt his body allows him to squeak out the win this time
  7. Pettis retires after this fight in my opinion
  8. WarWest®

    FOX UFC Fight Night: Iaquinta vs. Lee

    I wonder if he will get cut after this loss...
  9. WarWest®

    FOX UFC Fight Night: Iaquinta vs. Lee

    Never mind, I can see that Sergio likes to putt from the rough
  10. WarWest®

    FOX UFC Fight Night: Iaquinta vs. Lee

    Do you guys know if Sergio has a girlfriend or a wife? I always thought he seemed gay in his interviews
  11. WarWest®

    FOX UFC Fight Night: Iaquinta vs. Lee

    Neither Pettis brother has hands lol Thats why Anthony has ducked Nate all of this time
  12. WarWest®

    Speak Your Mind Thread

  13. WarWest®

    Official TITO VS CHUCK mega thread!!

    Have you ever watched Liddell v Ortiz on weed?
  14. WarWest®

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    Oh and if you have Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 then add me on there: WAR_WEST