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  1. I think we'd all be surprised at how bad the numbers would be at a LW title fight between Tony and Khabib. You'd possibly need another title fight on the card to main event to make it worth it. Tony and Pettis being co-main on a Conor card was the best thing to happen because it at least introduced the general public to Tony, also to Khabib. The casual fan probably heard the name but probably not much more than that. The general fan probably had no idea who at least Khabib was prior to Saturday. Conor has the Mayweather affect. People will tune in even if not a fan and want to see him lose.
  2. Bohemoglu13

    Jones/Gustafsson 2 for LHW Title Headlines UFC 232

    IF...IF IF IF.... the same Jones shows up against Gus that showed up again OSP after the long lay off, I think Gus wins. DC looked like he was on to something until he got kicked in the head.
  3. Bohemoglu13

    Will Canor ever win another fight again?

    I think there are plenty of fights TO many that are interesting to the purists, but the problem is, now Conor is only going to fight for paydays and there are only so many of those out there. Ferg has to beat Khabib IMO to sell the fight with him. Pettis/Conor is a fun match up, but not a money maker. Gatcjhe is a fun match up. There are fights but nothing to make a load of cash for. I think Conor was too defensive in this fight and didn't have the killer instinct that he has had in the past. He was too focused on being defensive in the wrestling department to think offensively to land the shots. And then got sat by the DHendo looking down overhand right. I don't think a rematch ends any differently unfortunately. But I'd like to see him ready to throw that deadly left a little more. They didn't do him any favors throwing him in on a 2 layoff to one of the best in the business, no warm up fight there.
  4. Bohemoglu13

    UFC considering booking Cormier/Lewis for UFC 230 Main Event

    DC obviously wins this fight 999,999 out of 1,000,000. BUT... if this is that 1 time, it will be the greatest speech in history. so I am sold. He will never get another title shot so go for broke.
  5. doesnt that historically mean it is happening?
  6. Bohemoglu13

    Here's The DJ BS That's About To Happen

    bad judging won the fight???????? did you lose a bet so you have blinders on? Henry owned that fight from the beginning. He came in with a game plan to shut DJ down, and that is exactly what he did. bad judging was the judge that scored the fight for DJ.
  7. I do not have the answer to weight cutting issue, never done it. never plan to do it. not going to act like I know anything about it. it looks grueling if done incorrectly. I think fighters wanting to be done with the morning cuts are silly because you have more time to hydrate BEFORE the fight, but I imagine going to bed on the verge of death and waking up dehydrated is not fun either. so that cannot be pleasing. anywhos...do you think they are against adding more weight classes because it will be difficult for the casual fan they are trying to attract to keep up? I'd imagine there would be a decent amount of fighters trying to go and win 2 belts at a time. Which, as we saw with Conor and now DC, divisions have a good possibility of getting held up, which could result in a lot of interim belts. With fighters only defending twice a year as it is, now they have 2 belts, you defend each division once a year? I don't know if that translates to more money which unfortunately is all the UFC wants to do these days. If you have multiple title fights a month, does that lose the affect after a while? or will having a PPV card with all title fights be exciting, even if 2+ of them are interim fights?
  8. Yoel's response back to DC was pretty awesome, and spot on. Props to Yoel for doing what he can to get traction on a fight that maybe doesnt have any business happening, but never know these days. It would throw a yet another wrench in the weight class.
  9. Bohemoglu13

    All Thing Bellator Thread

    200 events is a pretty big milestone to not have really a big name headline with not much marketing behind it that I have seen. UFC attempted to load up their card, some whiffs and they were in the process of selling so they were doing everything they could. But still a little shocking to not have a little more of a push.
  10. Bohemoglu13

    GSP on JRE

    is there a translator like the Yoel one?
  11. Bohemoglu13

    who's left at 135 for nunes?

    I did not say anywhere in my post I believe that is what is going to happen. I said that is the result that the UFC probably wants. It is no secret Dana and Cyborg have an iffy past of her feeling disrespected. If they make the Cyborg vs Nunes fight. I am sure Dana prefers if Nunes wins. If he can go to the media and say Nunes is the best ever and just beat Cyborg, I can only imagine the joy he would exude of someone knocking her off.
  12. Bohemoglu13

    who's left at 135 for nunes?

    I could be wrong, and if you ask the wife, I normally am. But for the UFC to make new match-ups and get everything they want. Nunes vs Cyborg = Nunes Wins Holly vs Anderson = Holly wins Then they get Nunes vs Holly. They get to ride the Nunes could be the greatest, but (insert Rogan or Smith voice here) "if anyone is going to beat Amanda, it is going to be Holly!" and then they also get the matchup that they've seem to have wanted to put together for a while, Cyborg vs Anderson for the winner of Nunes vs Holly. those are the only match-ups that haven't happened yet. and in the meantime, let 135 sort itself out with a new contender and Nunes drops down to defend that.
  13. Bohemoglu13

    UFC signs with ESPN for tv deal starting in 2019, 1.5 billion

    is TUF or any other series added in to the 30 events a year? I enjoy watching as much as the next guy but 42 UFC events a year is basically 1 weekend a month off. That is a whole lot going on.
  14. Bohemoglu13

    Mackenzie Dern misses weight by 7 pounds

    do you agree with Cooper still accepting? is her pride going to get in the way of a possibly costly victory? she is in need of some W's and could be costly taking an L. I wouldn't think she would get the same treatment as Smith did.
  15. Bohemoglu13

    Yair Rodriguez CUT from the UFC

    Brendan Schaub‏Verified account @BrendanSchaubFollowFollow @BrendanSchaub More Brendan Schaub Retweeted Sports Illustrated MMA SMART MOVE!! Let’s cut a kid whose 25yrs old, not even close in his prime, Bilingual, exciting style, with superstar potential cause he refused to fight ZABIT (ranking does not reflect skill level) after a year layoff. Geez can’t figure out why the UFC is having issues #ego I know it is his "job" but how does he have so much room to d***ride so many people. while being so critical of every move the UFC does. He is like a salty ex that never stops posting facebook statuses.