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  1. Bohemoglu13

    2019 NFL season 🏈🏈🏈

    Teddy went into Seattle and won on the road.
  2. Bohemoglu13

    Breaking Bad.

    It did a good enough job for me to want some more because I forgot how good BB and BCS are. But at the same time it answer questions in a way I wasn't asking the question. For me it was such an easy way out to give Jesse's character closure, in a very non-Jesse way. However, the BB "flashbacks" were cool. It didn't have a movie vibe to it, more like 2 episodes put together.
  3. Bohemoglu13

    2019 NFL season 🏈🏈🏈

    The one hand to the face, from all the Twitter posting, looked to be 'technically' a penalty, but a super light one at that. the other one, it was a lot of acting from the Packer lineman tilting back it seemed. I guess good for him on the acting job? The biggest problem I had with the game was Booger. He sounded like he had bet the house on the Lions and was awful to listen to. If I recall correctly, the PI non-call was a wheel route and DB timed it not so good and hit the Lion WR in the chest before the got there and then hit the ball out of his hands on the recoil. I'd say he hindered his chance to catch it to be honest. But the more you put replays in slow motion, everything looks like a penalty. However, I am totally with you, these refs are atrocious this year. Across the board. I don't understand the point in allowing reviews when coaches are something like 1-33 on PI reviews. It is like they are refusing to admit they made a bad call and it's a big waste of time. And to the Lions, at the end of the day, you can't kick 5 FGs and keep the other team lurking around. That is what separates Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Russel Wilson, few others...they march their teams down for TDs, not FGs. The refs contributed sure...but they have themselves to look in the mirror on why they lost that game.
  4. Bohemoglu13

    2019 NFL season 🏈🏈🏈

    Bears may be better with someone who can manage and at least throw a decent ball. Still think there is a big trust issue with Nagy/Mitch, evidence by last week against Washington with 1:50 left, no Washington time outs and Nagy electing to kick a FG with a guy that has nerve damage and can barely walk. Bridgewater doesn't have to be anything spectacular, that defense last night was great. Though I thought that sack at the end of the game was going to possibly cost them. He keeps finding Kamara, Thomas and Cook to extend drives....Saints very well could be 5-1 with Brees on the sidelines set up for success. Which could be scary because Brees looked old last year at the end. Taking a nice 7 weeks off in the middle of season could make them the team to beat in the NFC.
  5. Bohemoglu13

    Breaking Bad.

  6. Bohemoglu13

    2019 NFL season 🏈🏈🏈

    this is when you start wondering if CTE is a real thing with him.
  7. I think it is the right move if DC isn't retiring but he wanted to retire at 40...now he's going to push it almost a whole extra year? Eeeeek.
  8. Bohemoglu13

    Robbie Lawler vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio added to UFC 245

    gotta respect Robbie for not wanting some low ranked, easy fight. but I have a bad feeling about this one.
  9. Bohemoglu13

    2019 NFL season 🏈🏈🏈

    and she's only asking for 75k in a civil court case? how do you surprise jackoff on someone's back too? and if you felt that uncomfortable around him the first 2 times he did something 'rapey' why did you go into his house to use the washroom? I don't want to victim blame but the story is strange at best.
  10. Bohemoglu13

    Marty - Colby UFC 244

  11. Bohemoglu13

    Marty - Colby UFC 244

    he mentioned on Rogan that he really can't run, he has to do low impact cardio due to his knees if I recall correctly. Not sure if that is what Vert is referring to, but he did mention to Rogan he has said issues.
  12. Bohemoglu13

    Cat Zingano released

    Forgot about Caitlyn Jenner.
  13. Bohemoglu13

    Conor catches another L.

    dude is the white jon jones with his out of the ring chit. cocaine is a hell of a drug i hear.
  14. Bohemoglu13

    UFC 241: Cormier vs. Miocic 2

    I don't remember how the first 4 minutes went in the first fight. But hard to see Stipe handling DC when DC is up close. And Stipe is no defensive wizard when it comes to striking. Stipe will have to make it a boring fight to win. My gut says DC wins via another KO.
  15. Bohemoglu13

    Politics thread