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  1. just to play a little devils advocate to those criticizing his performance. I don't have a dog any of these fights. But if they are both crying before the fights because it is someone who has and still looks up to Anderson, fast forward to standing in a cage across from him. Isn't it possible to have a little "holy s*** I'm fighting Anderson Silva!" and have it affect your fight a little bit? Maybe Anderson did expose him, but is some of that exposure due to being a little star struck? I will say Anderson at 42 standing and eating shots from him is a little worrisome. But I'd like to see another fight of his and get pressed a little before I say he is overrated.
  2. Bohemoglu13

    Amanda Nunes Wants The 125lbs Title!

    she gets finished faster than TJ at 125
  3. Bohemoglu13

    No longer annoyed by ESPN's handling of UFC already.

    the biggest issue that I have with ESPN and the UFC teaming up is Stephen A Smith
  4. Bohemoglu13

    Politics thread

    JB is the biggest piece of garbage. I live here too, and contemplate leaving every time I see his face on the news. I tried to tell people, this guy is a public fraud that evaded taxes, WELL KNOWN. CANNOT BE ARGUED AGAINST. Which was like 1% of his networth, and directly affected CPS. And now he wants to act like he cares about the CPS?! The people here will vote for anything that hurts them because they're dumb and they're dems. If there is anyone that I cannot wait that kicks the bucket, it is Madigan.
  5. Bohemoglu13

    Was the Stoppage Early?

    As someone mentioned, it was 3-4 seconds early, which by the way Cejudo was throwing was about 10 punches early which, no need to eat those for no reason. The way Cejudo literally shoved him to the ground showed a big power advantaged. Now let's take that into consideration on the punches he was eating. TJ got got and that's what happens in this sport. He got folded by one of the last punches trying to get to his feet. I understand to feel it was early but it was not getting better in the next coming moments.
  6. Bohemoglu13

    Anderson Silva's Opinion on USADA so Far

    Bisping had some thoughts on USADA today or yesterday as well. And I think he has a valid point, mostly just talked about Jones. I don't know the science behind what Novitzky was spewing on Rogan. But if they are trying to paint some narrative about the whole thing, there wasn't a winning outcome. Saying the pico grams could be in his system for years, but then passes every test after the fights. Unless just not reporting that they found it again because it was the same trace amount. But him passing the test makes USADA look bad, but then if he failed, it obviously wouldn't look good that they let him fight. It is all just interesting that's all. As much sh*t as he constantly talks, sometimes I hate to admit when he makes a reasonable point. https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2019/1/14/18182350/ufc-232-michael-bisping-talks-jon-jones-turinabol-drug-testing-jeff-novitzky-clean-usada-news
  7. Bohemoglu13

    Gifts for your groomsmen?

    I have been in 3 weddings. 1) i did not get anything but a thank you. 2) i got a bottle and an engraved beer mug 3) i got a duffel bag with my name sewed into it. weirdly, i think my favorite is the bag. it is an under armour. nice and big as a carry on or small road trips. none of the gifts probably equated to $50, just a small thank you. I think it is courteous but not necessary. all 3 weddings I stood up in the tux rental was $200 and then the gift you give them as a wedding present, plus hotel room if not local. it ends up being expensive to just stand around for your friend and roast in your suit while taking pictures.
  8. Bohemoglu13

    ESPN hinted at a Chuck and Tito 30 For 30..

    as my wife's dad says "you're an A**hole if you beat up an old man. You're an A**hole if an old man beats you up. There is no winning"
  9. Bohemoglu13

    Woodley vs. Usman Signed for UFC 235

    I feel like the fans, the UFC, and Woodley are the biggest losers from this fight (so just about everyone). Fans want to see controversy and Woodley vs Colby is that. Colby is dead on that Usman has fought his 2nd's but getting the shot before him? UFC loses because this fight does not sell and they still need to make up that 4bil. There are some purist fights that make sense that you have to make, this is not one of them. Woodley loses because he doesn't sell and will get told "hey you don't sell PPVs" and he complains. I would like to know the truth behind the scenes but chances are we'll never know. As someone mentioned, Colby at least has a relentless style that would either put himself or Woodley in danger. I feel Usman will be another Wonderboy/Maia fight, very hesitant and lackluster. Hopefully I am wrong, but the rest of this card looks stacked so if this is the worst thing that happens that night, it will all be ok.
  10. Bohemoglu13

    Louis CK is back

    if Louie didn't jerk off in front of anyone, this joke (because let's remember, he is a comedian working out a joke at a comedy club) this doesn't get nearly the traction it is getting. In fact, if he didn't jerk off in front of anyone, this set probably doesn't even make it to the internet because you're not supposed to do that and by July, we'd hear it on Netflix and we would laugh and talk about how funny Louie is because this is a typical Louie joke. Tosh can make this same joke and no one would bat an eye. It is nothing Louie hasn't done before. He is the same person that joked about kids dying from a peanut allergy. Comedy doesn't need anymore restrictions and boundaries as people are trying to give it these days. Burr talks about getting rid of about 85% of the population every special.
  11. Bohemoglu13

    jimmy smith fired

    Seems with BigJohn going to Bellator, they probably didn't match the UFC's offer because they had someone in mind already. I didn't mind him, enjoyed him for the few Bellator fights a year I'd watch. UFC puts out too many fight nights and missed a lot of his announcing with them. Also seems UFC is big on getting their fighters behind the desk to announce fights these days than to bring in outsiders. Which makes sense for the UFC to promote them and get their names out there. But it hurts Smith to get another job because he barely got a chance to show off his ability. I'd take him over some fighters that are a little awkward on the mic talking though.
  12. Bohemoglu13


    Went up to the fights, crowd loved Al. I think he was the only guy majority of the crowd was rooting for that won. Cracked me up when they boo'd Lee multiple times and during his interview. I don't understand how he could be shocked he lost. He got pieced up on the feet and came close to one submission. He had a deep body lock twice and did nothing with it. Got back up to feet and continuously got pieced up. He did not do any damage on the ground. He must have been concussed because he was not in that fight. I don't know if Milwaukee had adopted the new rules but the way the judging was seemed like it did. Al had more consistent impact that a few take downs with no damage by Lee.
  13. Bohemoglu13

    Pick a Lane: 165 Division Yes or Meh ?!

    I feel like it is going to happen, but I think you'd have to then make 175 the WW, not 170. Don't think you can have them so close together. I think the UFC would benefit the most because now people that already sit on top of divisions would drop down or go up that people already know and fight for titles and more marketing. But, while typing that, it also could dilute the division because people that come to mind are guys like Cowboy, maybe Nate, Felder, Jorge, Magny, Chiesa...guys who are killing themselves to make 155, but may be a little small and lose power to the bigger guys at 170. You could end up with a bunch of guys that have a name behind them but aren't the greatest. Guys that can't beat the champions now. Which is probably what people will consider the division.
  14. Bohemoglu13

    January PPV Has Been Cancelled

    PPV every other month will be perfect because as it is right now, about 1 out of every 3 are good. If you can condense them and put out a good fight night or two in between I think viewership and a better overall product will go up. I feel they put a lot of emphasis on making sure there is a title fight on each card but with the right marketing, which hasn't been good, you can put a non-title fight up in a main event. Put out a fight people want to watch and they will watch it. Seems like they slap a gold belt on the flyer and people will automatically watch it. Maybe it gets people to go to BWW or Hooters to watch but it doesn't make people at home buy it.
  15. Bohemoglu13

    Is Joanna The Women's GOAT If She Wins On Saturday?

    Shev ends this fight somewhere in the first 2 rounds. I like JJ, but I don't see her winning anywhere in this fight. Doesn't make it out of the 2nd.