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  1. Bohemoglu13

    Pick a Lane: 165 Division Yes or Meh ?!

    I feel like it is going to happen, but I think you'd have to then make 175 the WW, not 170. Don't think you can have them so close together. I think the UFC would benefit the most because now people that already sit on top of divisions would drop down or go up that people already know and fight for titles and more marketing. But, while typing that, it also could dilute the division because people that come to mind are guys like Cowboy, maybe Nate, Felder, Jorge, Magny, Chiesa...guys who are killing themselves to make 155, but may be a little small and lose power to the bigger guys at 170. You could end up with a bunch of guys that have a name behind them but aren't the greatest. Guys that can't beat the champions now. Which is probably what people will consider the division.
  2. Bohemoglu13

    January PPV Has Been Cancelled

    PPV every other month will be perfect because as it is right now, about 1 out of every 3 are good. If you can condense them and put out a good fight night or two in between I think viewership and a better overall product will go up. I feel they put a lot of emphasis on making sure there is a title fight on each card but with the right marketing, which hasn't been good, you can put a non-title fight up in a main event. Put out a fight people want to watch and they will watch it. Seems like they slap a gold belt on the flyer and people will automatically watch it. Maybe it gets people to go to BWW or Hooters to watch but it doesn't make people at home buy it.
  3. Bohemoglu13

    Is Joanna The Women's GOAT If She Wins On Saturday?

    Shev ends this fight somewhere in the first 2 rounds. I like JJ, but I don't see her winning anywhere in this fight. Doesn't make it out of the 2nd.
  4. I think the craziest part of them calling this racist is the fact that when this came out. It was progressive and probably one of the first black characters on a childrens show. If you take anything from 50+ years ago and apply it to 2018 it probably appears racist. The LA Dodgers first team pic with Jackie Robinson is racist because they only have one African American on the team! let's get outraged!
  5. Bohemoglu13

    Politics thread

    Trump appears to constantly make time to answer questions from the media. But for 2 years now he gets asked questions and they try to race bait him. And when he doesn't give in to it, they either scold him on not answering and it must be because he is racist, or he calls them out for what they are trying to do and they call him an a**hole. It is unreal. Rarely is he asked about policies, it is "so the caravan invasion, should you call it an invasion?" peppered with these questions and then they spin that "I don't know what this guy has done for 2 years in office now" The media is busy trying to dig up dirt on him rather than anything. I have a hard time believing that anyone else in office, treated like he is, wouldn't crack over the hatred.
  6. Bohemoglu13

    Politics thread

    she's 85, she should feel lucky she's able to move around enough to break a few ribs. retire already. If you were alive during WWII, you should not be working as it is. I don't care what your job is. If you minus your age by 100 and there are not enough years there for someone to be a legal driver, you should not be working. If you are older than 4x the legal drinking age, you should not be working.
  7. Bohemoglu13

    How on earth does Brock even stand a chance against DC?

    Brock re-upped with the WWE with that guy that is sick with Leukemia out for who knows how long. I don't watch WWE but I think the article said that Wrestlemania is in April. I doubt Brock would do a UFC before that. He is ducking. Now the only question is, who does he rematch for his last go round?
  8. Bohemoglu13

    Askren gets Lawler in UFC debut

    I don't have a dog in the fight and feel like playing a little devils advocate. if he does 0 set ups and dives for ankles, wouldn't most of his previous opponents 'know whats coming'?
  9. Bohemoglu13

    Ben Askren calls out .... Everyone?

    he's already done more marketing and sold more fights than MM ever has. well done. good trade.
  10. Bohemoglu13

    Breaking news Demetrius Johnson sent to ONE for ben askren

    DJ lost that fight pretty clearly. but anyways. Dana and Ben have never gotten along. This could be a point Dana is trying to prove that he isn't the greatest, just someone that talks sh!t from a distance about his organization. Him losing in the UFC would be a win for Dana. DJ isn't marketable, so Ben's unmarketable style of fighting ain't no thang.
  11. Bohemoglu13

    Breaking news Demetrius Johnson sent to ONE for ben askren

    Like someone stated, I wonder if this is the end of 125 and DJ was unwilling to go up to 135 so they had no choice other than to hear him continue to whine on the bench.
  12. Bohemoglu13

    Anthony Pettis faking hand injury again?

    my question is how Lewis is fighting on 11/3 but suspended until 11/6
  13. I think we'd all be surprised at how bad the numbers would be at a LW title fight between Tony and Khabib. You'd possibly need another title fight on the card to main event to make it worth it. Tony and Pettis being co-main on a Conor card was the best thing to happen because it at least introduced the general public to Tony, also to Khabib. The casual fan probably heard the name but probably not much more than that. The general fan probably had no idea who at least Khabib was prior to Saturday. Conor has the Mayweather affect. People will tune in even if not a fan and want to see him lose.
  14. Bohemoglu13

    Jones/Gustafsson 2 for LHW Title Headlines UFC 232

    IF...IF IF IF.... the same Jones shows up against Gus that showed up again OSP after the long lay off, I think Gus wins. DC looked like he was on to something until he got kicked in the head.
  15. Bohemoglu13

    Will Canor ever win another fight again?

    I think there are plenty of fights TO many that are interesting to the purists, but the problem is, now Conor is only going to fight for paydays and there are only so many of those out there. Ferg has to beat Khabib IMO to sell the fight with him. Pettis/Conor is a fun match up, but not a money maker. Gatcjhe is a fun match up. There are fights but nothing to make a load of cash for. I think Conor was too defensive in this fight and didn't have the killer instinct that he has had in the past. He was too focused on being defensive in the wrestling department to think offensively to land the shots. And then got sat by the DHendo looking down overhand right. I don't think a rematch ends any differently unfortunately. But I'd like to see him ready to throw that deadly left a little more. They didn't do him any favors throwing him in on a 2 layoff to one of the best in the business, no warm up fight there.