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  1. Bohemoglu13

    Max is getting slept next week.

    After seeing highlights of the weigh ins, DP seemed a little overhyped to be talking to Rogan that he is finally getting a title shot. I foresee Max getting in his head with the pace he fights at and an adrenaline dump. By the end of the 2nd, Max will be calling his shots.
  2. Bohemoglu13

    Theory about why UFC 238 is so awful.

    I love a conspiracy and this sounds like something that Baldie would absolutely do. He seems to love to "stick it to the man" that thinks they are worth more than they actually are. Cejudo and Moraes may be a good scrap. It has potential, but for a main event on a PPV in a big city, it is disrespectful. The rest of the card consists of a bunch of fillers that belong on ESPN+ leading up to a PPV no matter how you line them up. And as you mentioned, there were a handful of fights that aren't necessarily PPV savers, but would at least entice people to at least purchase the fight asking to fight in Chicago. We'll never know for certain, but wouldn't be surprised if you are on to something. Also, with July PPV and fight week the following month, they have their alibi.
  3. Bohemoglu13

    Askren vs Masvidal.

    they tried to set this up for the Chicago card. They tried to make it better than a FightPass card at 5am.
  4. Bohemoglu13

    UFC 238 Main Event

    Cejudo vs Moraes Shevchenko vs Eye Suarez vs Ansaroff Tuivasa vs Ivanov Herrig vs Yan Chookagian vs Calderwood announced to this point
  5. Bohemoglu13

    UFC 238 Main Event

    Cejudo vs Moraes
  6. Bohemoglu13

    Politics thread

    but don't you understand? people that come from her background have a hard time and have to do what they have to do to make ends meet. She is a different person now. Now....an ignorant white athlete when he was 15 tweeting rap lyrics with the N word in there....we need to crucify him because he should know better. He, 15 years later, is not any better than he once was. He is still a white privileged racist.
  7. Bohemoglu13

    McGregor retires from "mma"........again

    if Fox reports it, it probably holds some truth. It'd be different if CNN mentioned. 😉
  8. I was going to say his "retirement" sounded a lot like Michael Jordan's first 'retirement' when he went to play baseball. When there are a lot of stories that point to that he was going to be suspended by the league for gambling etc etc. So they played it off as a retirement to not tarnish his name. Seems like Conor did enough tarnishing of his name. Hope he still has that Floyd money and saved his pennies from his whiskey. If anymore truth behind this comes out, ESPN won't be promoting that anymore.
  9. Bohemoglu13

    Queen Felice returns against a random at UFC 238.

    back to the OP, this card sucks so much. I guess it is all money saved at the end of the day from buying these tickets.
  10. Bohemoglu13

    McGregor retires from "mma"........again

    I wouldn't be surprised to see this as a big way to promote the July card without having to promote anything. UFC and ESPN will get all their love that he is retiring and people talking about it. People I didn't even know I was friends with on Facebook are talking about this. Conor hates the touring, marketing monster they expect him to be. Everyone announces his retirement, UFC gets publicity from every outlet. Conor gets to be quiet and train. UFC 238 in Chicago, they announce he is fighting on the July card only 4 weeks out. And the only press he has to do is basically the week of the fight when he'll already be in Vegas. Just his way of crying and getting what he wants and Dana allowing him to do it.
  11. Bohemoglu13

    McGregor retires from "mma"........again

    So anytime he doesn't get his way, he is going to 'retire' until they come back to him with a better offer to make him stay? I hope they don't take the bait and just leave him.
  12. Bohemoglu13

    Queen Felice returns against a random at UFC 238.

    darn we wont be able to see her not fight but just flick her opponent off anymore? sounds like we'll get some more chitty **** pics on IG
  13. Bohemoglu13

    Opinion: McG vs. Diaz 3 in July.

    Conor and Diaz fight is always there regardless of the losing streak Conor goes on or how long Diaz doesn't fight, so I would be surprised if they pull that card this early. However, the longer Conor sits the more people probably won't mind fighting him. And now he says Khabib made him lose dedication to the sport? He already said he isn't here for a long time, I don't care that he just signed on for more fights. The top guys aren't getting any easier to fight, won't be surprised to see him lose 3 in a row. Whether that be a Khabib rematch and Daiz3. Winner of Max/Dustin and Diaz3. He'll be a full time whiskey salesman soon enough.
  14. Bohemoglu13

    ESPN Isn't The Only Deal UFC Extended Yesterday...

    Dan Hardy on MMA XM radio (granted he commentates for the UFC so he isn't going to say it is a bad idea at the risk of getting scolded like fighters did against Reebok) But he said they are doing this to give a better experience for the hardcore fans, grow that audience instead of catering to the casuals. Which is a big risk, but I think we have all discussed that to this point. I don't fully agree with this stance. Hardcore fans probably already have ESPN+ or have a friend that does, so they are not affected. You are going to need some type of way to sign in on a TV so using your name at someone else's house probably isn't a hard idea. But for the people that just like to buy fights instead of going out to a bar, having some people over, much to your point, no one is going to jump through those hoops. All you are going to do is piss off the casual that normally will just go find it on Xfinity and buy it. And then to find out they have to buy ESPN+ to even be able to buy it?
  15. Bohemoglu13


    You are right. But I don't know who else gets it. At least Sterling is coming off 3 in a row since that fight. Marlon just beat Assuncao, Pedro just killed Cody so maybe him. Cruz is out for another year, and Cody as mentioned just got ded.