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  1. GN_FDU

    Official Anthony Pettis faking injuries thread

    Bruh, do you live in TN?
  2. GN_FDU

    Cut MTP

    Some of you bros need to get his wang out yo moufs. Stop slurping on this fool so much.
  3. GN_FDU

    All Things Bellator Thread

    Who was the noob always claiming MVP was the next best thing? LOLLOLOLOLROFLCOPTER
  4. GN_FDU

    Ponzinibbio trying to catch a 3 piece from Showtime

    Ponzinibbio vs Showtime? That's a fight I want to see!
  5. I'm still not sold on Asskren. Let's see if Masvidal's wrestling can stop the Funk machine's takedowns.
  6. GN_FDU

    Question about Israel Adasanya

    Such a gay thread.
  7. GN_FDU

    Blessed didn't want that fake Power Ranger belt

    I can't say how I scored that fight, but it definitely was not a 49-46. Those judges were too busy hitting the crack pipe during the fight.
  8. GN_FDU

    BJ Penn out here being Matt Hughes

    I'm no fan of BJ Penn, but there are always two sides to every story. She should have reported this a long time ago regardless of BJ's social status. I think women do this ish just to get money out of the divorce.
  9. GN_FDU

    Surprise, surprise, check out Conors tweets.

    McTrasher trying to stay relevant.
  10. GN_FDU

    Justin Gaethje would beat Khabib via first round TKO

    Cashflow trolling like always.
  11. Cerrone finna smack that wigger.
  12. GN_FDU

    Is Till One of The Most Overrated Challengers Ever ?

    It's too bad he didn't cut weight from the legs. I hope he smacks the beard off that phony knee grow. "I'm the greatest ever. I'm the best there is. My legacy is better than GSP. I'ma be a three division weight champion. What? Fight Usman you say? Nah, I can't do that yet."
  13. GN_FDU

    Yolo receives facial, injury - out of Costa fight

    Yolo was finna creampie dat **** till he was forced to pull out. Costa dodged a bullet.