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  1. Cerrone finna smack that wigger.
  2. GN_FDU

    Is Till One of The Most Overrated Challengers Ever ?

    It's too bad he didn't cut weight from the legs. I hope he smacks the beard off that phony knee grow. "I'm the greatest ever. I'm the best there is. My legacy is better than GSP. I'ma be a three division weight champion. What? Fight Usman you say? Nah, I can't do that yet."
  3. GN_FDU

    Yolo receives facial, injury - out of Costa fight

    Yolo was finna creampie dat **** till he was forced to pull out. Costa dodged a bullet.
  4. GN_FDU

    Marlon is knocking TJ out cold

    One Punch Man will maul TJ Dillasnake.
  5. GN_FDU

    Tyron sjw Woodley still ducking?

    Of course he is.
  6. Strip them both and give the belt to its true owner... GOAT St. Pierre.
  7. GN_FDU

    Dana White and Brendan Schaub trade insults on Instagram

    Who gives a fook about Brandon "Concussion" Schaub?
  8. GN_FDU

    Brian Ortega not paid anything for UFC 226

    Ortega fulfilled his end of the contract. Pay the man, Dana!
  9. Whittaker is still in pain from the a** kicking Yoel gave him.
  10. GN_FDU

    IDYB's Official Certified GSP Spam That Nobody Wants To Read 1.0 Thread

    GOATSP would merk that fool.
  11. GN_FDU

    The GOAT- Daniel Cormier

    Demetrious is the true GOAT, but gotta give it to Daniel GOATmier. What a beast!