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  1. Pettis KOs him all hands
  2. carnages

    Moose - future Bellator Champ Champ Champ Champ

    Bader kills DC, hence why DC ducked him back in the day
  3. carnages

    Kevin Lee moves to 170, fights Masvidal at UFC 235

    I like Lee but Gamebread beats ALL competitors
  4. Well Cains going to get his belt back, that's a lock
  5. carnages

    Werdum will no longer fight for the UFC

  6. carnages

    Mazvidal vs Diaz no longer happening.

    Add it to the endless list of fighters who have ducked Masvidal
  7. carnages

    Csac weights

    Rampage fights at HEAVYWEIGHT now unlike those cowards Jones and Gus
  8. carnages

    Not sure why he deserves a rematch...but

    oh lmaooo you're one of those conspiracy theorists which think a picogram is the reason Jones landed a PERFECT head kick on DC
  9. carnages

    Posters I vow to destroy in 2019

    BigDaddyDelta posting guidelines 1. Talk chit 2. Gets bodied 3. Quotes and says troll is weak 😭
  10. carnages

    Not sure why he deserves a rematch...but

    lel are you one of those IDIOTS that thinks Jones wins because "his arms too long" 😭
  11. carnages

    Posters I vow to destroy in 2019

    Vert will DESTROY these bums easily, his shots BREAK the guard
  12. carnages

    Not sure why he deserves a rematch...but

    Khabib should fight him while fasting, that way he won't have a 50 pound weight advantage on the featherweight
  13. carnages

    Csac weights

    I'd like to see Khabib on this list, that ****er probably weighs about 2 hundo on fight night and still he just lays on dudes lmaoo
  14. carnages

    What's Next For The Winners And Losers Of UFC 232

    Nunes is fighting Khabib next and is going to SPARK that bum unconscious
  15. carnages

    is Tenshin still getting diggled tomorrow?

    lel at you implying that he would be in trouble if he went full throttle on McGregor He only stretched it out to legitimize the fight