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  1. Nate was getting KO'd had he not shot for takedowns and pushed Anthony against the fence
  2. carnages

    UFC 241: The Card Of WCC

    this is a lie, Nate Diaz walks fights at about 200, 180.....LMFAO
  3. carnages

    Stipe will win on Saturday.

    Yep. DC has some of the worst distance striking I have EVER seen.
  4. Pettis hit Tony so hard he started seeing chit in walls! Diaz got stopped by a kick from thomson lol
  5. lmao I didnt watch this actually but read the summary from reliable sources above, not surprised I'll only watch if the Lioness is on
  6. lmao and you IDIOTS thought this dummy won a round against the LIONESS!?
  7. carnages

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    @juice64011 did you learn how to kill Pharah yet?
  8. carnages

    Werdum Wants Ngannou in UFC return

    Greg Hardy might sub him with a bulldog choke
  9. carnages

    What if a "unification bout" ends in a draw?

    they both get fookin fired
  10. Robbies been outboxed in over half of his fights. Even his biggest fan 12er says he's a bum
  11. Tell her to sign the contract then DUMMY
  12. carnages

    Champions - most exciting to least exciting

    0 being most exciting: 0.) Amanda Nunes 1.) Holloway 2.) Jones 2.5) Andrade 3.) Usman 4.) Cejudo 5.) Whittaker 6.) DC 7.) Khabib