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  1. Banham

    UFC 238: Cejudo vs. Moraes

    Like it or not Henry just had the best year and 3 fight stretch in MMA history.
  2. Banham

    UFC 237: Namajunas vs. Andrade

    That was a sick KO and everything but lets not get it twisted, Mandrade is the most beatable champion in the UFC right now. She has a ton of holes in her game. Joanna bodies her again or Suarez rides her down old town road.
  3. Banham

    UFC 237: Namajunas vs. Andrade

    When Mike gets the slam KO and head kick KO he will have the greatest HL reel of ALL TIMEZ
  4. Banham

    UFC 237: Namajunas vs. Andrade

    Ask your brother if he still thinks slams are beta
  5. Al should have tried some CHAOTIC ENTRIES
  6. Tony Ferguson vs Cerrone next 5 rounds. Plank will get his wooden angus pounded. There will be splinters everywhere!
  7. Banham

    Cormier vs Stipe 2 official for UFC 241

    Or Susovan ghosh
  8. Banham

    Ponzinibbio trying to catch a 3 piece from Showtime

    Showtime has even said he doesnt give a damn abt the title he wants superfights in Cash's backyard with MrLach front row. Pettis vs nate diaz make it happen @DanaWhite
  9. Robbie isnt better at anything than Masvidal besides giving birth to JV Beta gingers who are gonna get stuffed in lockers. Look at Masvidals kids they are ready to run the streets of Miami with Baby Slice and Jmac
  10. The science teacher lookin virgin got cooked in ONEFC by an absolute random. Robbery Luller hit him with an angle slam and knocked him out only to wake him right back up and last time i checked Rubby has lost his last 10 and possibly even 11 fights!
  11. The 2 most boring fighters in MMA history? Sign me up! Reminds me of the time Maia got matched up against Gunnar Nelson and the MMA fanbois were calling it a potential ground war (lol) and it turned to be two dudes making sweet love to each other for 15.
  12. Banham

    Johnny Walker on Jon Jones: ‘I would beat him’

    Lol bro a Middleweight jobber whos got 30 fights and HAS lost bout half of em in KO fashion by the way was able to keep Jones off him almost the whole fight.
  13. Banham

    Attn CC209 and all the PLATINUM SQUAD.

    Mike is gonna headline a UFC show in Nigeria next year if Kamaru is still champ. First African vs African born title fight in combat sports history! THREEF
  14. Banham

    Attn CC209 and all the PLATINUM SQUAD.

    This was actually pretty spot on. Somebody has to post a gif of Mike trying to slam KO Brownboy and taunting him i need to see a good angle of that ish
  15. Banham

    Attn CC209 and all the PLATINUM SQUAD.

    Taco Bell is definitely healthy for you.. we might have to ask @carnages for the confirmation after he confirmed to us that KFC is in fact healthy and strengthens black mens ligaments and even adds an extra ones to pasty whitebois such as yourself.