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  1. classicboxer

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Happy Birthday!
  2. classicboxer

    Politics thread

    He said "they", not "she".
  3. I'm not democrat, and I've never supported any democratic candidate. I'm still only a 3 issue person, gun reform, workers rights, and billionaires are greedy scum.
  4. Yes, we did respectfully agree to disagree. My point was that Trump lumped all 4 of the congress women into one stereotype, when 3 of them are actually natural born American citizens. As for the Politics thread, it really is just applauding Trump and bashing the democrats.
  5. The Politics thread is really the " Attack the Democrats" thread. You guys no longer talk politics.
  6. I always wondered what the citizens really think of Pacquiao.
  7. classicboxer

    Politics thread

    Well, if all immigrants and their descendents did that..............................................., but you probably only mean the ones who aren't white.
  8. classicboxer

    Politics thread

    Doesn't matter that he said come back, he told all 4 of them to go back where they came from, and 3 of them were born in America. I'm saying 3 of them are in the same situation as you. It makes as much sense as telling you to go back to Lithuania and fix their problems, and then come back.
  9. classicboxer

    Politics thread

    I don't care what you political beliefs are, but this is like telling Cashflow to go back to Lithuania.
  10. classicboxer

    Politics thread

    Hahahahahaha! Pathetic!
  11. classicboxer

    Politics thread

    Telling 3 people born in the United States to "go back where they came from!" It really is "Make America White Again".
  12. classicboxer

    Politics thread

  13. classicboxer


    **** off!
  14. classicboxer

    Politics thread

    The great depression was a liberal scam!