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  1. Fred_Flink_Stoned

    Is bottled water a scam?

    A very recent report from the European Union states that the Dutch drinking water is now the best in Europe, and among the best in the world. I've not found any indication that the quality of the water in Amsterdam is any better than average. Dutch tap water is cleaner than Spa Blauw (bottled water) ! Tastes better too. Dutch drinking water is NOT fluorised any more. But it's true that the standards for drinking water are more strict than those for bottled mineral water. Tap water in The Netherlands (and especially Amsterdam which has the best water in the country) is the safest en cleanest in Europe and probably in the world.. we have the best tap water machines
  2. Fred_Flink_Stoned

    Is bottled water a scam?

    i googled it for you bishes! Dutch drinking water is of top quality as shown by international research Dutch drinking water and our drinking water system are better than in the United States of America and Great Britain. This is what researchers have written this month in the Science scientific journal. The researchers come from American, British and Swiss universities and research institutions. Moreover, chlorine is not added to our drinking water, which ensures a better taste, less corrosion of pipework and fewer harmful compounds being formed with chlorine. Chlorine is not required because of extensive purification Chlorine is added to water in the United States of America to counteract bacteria and viruses that may cause disease. There is little proof that adding chlorine to water leads to fewer cases of disease. A comparison between the Netherlands, Great Britain and the United States of America has shown that the Netherlands has a very low risk with regard to these diseases that are spread through water. It has also been shown that adding chlorine or other disinfectants to drinking water does not provide a guarantee of low percentages of cases of disease. In some European countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, water is supplied without added chlorine as long as there is protection of the sources, good purification and good maintenance of the distribution system. Multiple steps and treatments are gone through with regard to water purification, such as sand filtration, ozone treatment, carbon treatment, filtration through special membranes and treatment with ultraviolet light. If one of these elements or steps is missing or is not managed correctly, disinfectants are added to the water. Infrastructure and drinking water prices At least half of the pipe network has been replaced in the Netherlands since 1970 and, therefore, pipes are 33 to 37 years old on average. In the United States of America, 22% of the total pipe network is older than 50 years. In Great Britain, the age is unknown of no less than 60% of the network. It is estimated that the average age of the pipes is 75 to 80 years old. Figures related to leaks indicate the vulnerability of the distribution system. The leak percentage is only 6% in the Netherlands compared to 16% in the United States of America and 25% in Great Britain. Safe without chlorine The researchers conclude their article by stating that the European proof shows that it is possible to deliver safe water without chlorine as long as multiple steps are involved during the purification process.
  3. Fred_Flink_Stoned

    Is bottled water a scam?

    the tapwater inthe Netherlands is often better than many bottled water. google that bishes!
  4. Fred_Flink_Stoned

    Is bottled water a scam?

    i do too.. a buddy of mine too ane he had kidney stones last year and had to be hospitalized for it. he went from 2 packs a day to one pack a week. We can't wait for our turn ey Cash?
  5. Fred_Flink_Stoned

    Are top 20 university degrees a scam?

    These Yale SJW students are stupid af. isn't that like top 5 in the US? smh i feel bad for our future
  6. Fred_Flink_Stoned

    Are top 20 university degrees a scam?

    I know many people with a degree who are stupid af, have bad grammar and lack on many levels. I also know people without a degree that may take the lead and i will follow them without any hesitation.
  7. Fred_Flink_Stoned

    Is bottled water a scam?

    it's only a scam if they refill it with tapwater and sell it as bottled water. always check if the lid is still closed up / new you might get very sick by drinking virus infested water like in thailand for instance also take caution with icecream and ice because often they make it from that horrible water too.
  8. Fred_Flink_Stoned

    Christmas Riddle

    78 minus 37 = 41 plus 40 = '81 😎
  9. in the chamber of tutanchamon? aka the dressing room
  10. Fred_Flink_Stoned

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    i went allah ackbar i blackout (battle royale) last week. we landed, started looting.. i got into a chopper and asked if everyone was geared up so we could go to an advantage point on the map. after they entered i dove straight down and before i crashed into a crane on the construction site i yelled allah ackbar and we all died. funny thing is.. everyone was laughing their **** off
  11. Fred_Flink_Stoned

    ⭐⭐UFC CAMP LEAGUE 2019🌟🌟

    you better be holding five aces
  12. Fred_Flink_Stoned

    The Face of Marijuana Addiction

    you should stand up for yourself man.. this is the fight club forum. And don't be ashamed to call in for back up m8 i'm no army vet like you, but i can fight. let's body these fake **** cowards that think they're bad **** by talking about someones family or kids on the interwebs because they can't win an argument.
  13. Fred_Flink_Stoned

    ⭐⭐UFC CAMP LEAGUE 2019🌟🌟

    black please on the rocks.. not fun to drink alone aye?
  14. Fred_Flink_Stoned

    ⭐⭐UFC CAMP LEAGUE 2019🌟🌟

    i'll take #12 FLW Magomed Bibulatov -15K
  15. Fred_Flink_Stoned

    The Face of Marijuana Addiction