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  1. JBJF

    Why was Mikmania banned?

    Let's eat some D together
  2. JBJF

    UFC Fight Club Forum CEMETERY

    My ****
  3. JBJF

    Rousey vs CARANO???

    omfg this.
  4. JBJF

    mcdonalds monopoly

    1 in 12 billion chance someone out there has boardwalk right?
  5. JBJF

    mcdonalds monopoly

    I got park place.
  6. JBJF

    Paige VanZant Dancing With the Stars (Paso Doble)

    no one watches Dancing with the Stars except for 40+ year old women.
  7. JBJF

    Paige VanZant Dancing With the Stars (Paso Doble)

    I would love to introduce her to my wife and develop a healthy relationship and friendship.
  8. JBJF

    Frankie takes it up a notch

    The fact Edgar held up LW with the crap with Maynard is the only reason he shouldn't get a shot. Other than that he deserves it.
  9. JBJF

    I think I might be a little bit bisexual

    put a penis in your mouth... if it feels right then you're bi...
  10. JBJF

    MMA fighters in their youth

    how just a normal pic of sage northcut taken yesterday
  11. JBJF

    the dog thread

    **** everyone in this thread. You are all ****tards. Dogs suck. I hate them. You every notice how ****ed society is when people care more that you forced your dog to sleep outside then the millions of abortions going on... GTFO.
  12. JBJF

    Wow, corrupt mods?

    OMG eat a huge piece of **** you dumb ****. Who gives a ****...
  13. JBJF

    I think ufc 196 ppv buys will be surprisingly high

    also, props to Fedor v. Lindland for their draw.
  14. JBJF

    I think ufc 196 ppv buys will be surprisingly high

    males might have penises too. you should make a thread.
  15. JBJF

    Dos Anjos out of Fight with McGregor Thread

    Better fight than rda. Now stay at FW after the fight and slap at Edgar