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  1. GSP has lost a LOT of his cardio,he better start running miles right now if he fights Khabib because he would tire out for certain. I have also NEVER seen GSP show me he is good at defending another wrestler.He spent the last 5+ years trying to hone his game but abandoned wrestling.Yes he became a mildly better striker but he never learned how to FINISH on the ground which tells me,Firas and Jackson were crappy coaches.I still remember that fight with the announcer guy,Hardy i think his name is,he looked awful trying for submissions.I have seen the arm in choke staring GSP right in the face a hundred times but he never once knew to grab it. Point being,Khabib likely wins this right now.
  2. zaksame

    Chris Weidman's Protection Against Losses

    Souza and Yomero are roiders,that is why he struggles with them. Mousassi is an absolute great fighter,no shame in losing to another clean fighter that is simply really good. As to Luke,well i feel Luke just had too many positives over Chris,you know the old saying,matchups make fights. Luke is faster,better reach,has better kicks,better ground game and better cardio.That is a LOT for Chris to overcome.Even if Chris has a VERY slight strength advantage,that is nullified by leverage which Luke has on him. Could Chris beat luke,well again styles sometimes don't allow it but yes would take a LOT of work.At this point in Chris's career,i do not feel he is going to train hard anymore to win a title. What Chris needs is a full year of extreme cardio,that would allow him to wrestle more and do whatever he wants w/o fear of tiring.FIGHT IQ,he needs to learn that once you are tired and or hurt,you need a gameplan,his team needs to prepare him for that.IMO his striking is NOT good enough nor is his kicks so his focus needs to be grappling. So 3 things 1 Cardio 2 work on wrestling/grappling,make sure he knows how to finish on the ground instead of trying for tons of arm punches or simply holding the guy down. 3 Better defense training
  3. zaksame

    Max Holloway is a mix of Penn, Pettis, Diaz, and Aldo.

    People try to sometimes look too deep when the obvious is there. Max fight IQ is solid,his striking is good but he is there because he cheats two weight divisions.This has been the formula in this sport since forever,well since divisions became a thing. Also there appears to be a terrible lack of quality coaching/cornermen,most of these fighters are on their own in the ring. Ortega is solid,his IQ is ok just not as good as Max's but imo he did not adjust and figured he could simply use strength to secure a TD when needed. So Holloway is there because he is over sized for the division,so is Ortega but Holloway has the reach.IMO Ortega started on peds about 2 years ago and why he became relevant.IMO Holloway is clean and why his cardio is so good and why he is so fast but he is able to cut enough weight he can cheat 2 divisions. BTW,he would get eaten if in the proper division,Khabib would laugh at him.
  4. http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Kyle-Nelson-95383 So he is supposedly our next upcoming fighter,interested in people's opinions.He does have a loss to another Canadian so kind of puts a black mark on his resume. I have not seen enough of him yet,he seems ok,has good power but imo not ready for some time and he is 27. So if he gets 3-4 fights and goes back to the gym and learns some more,he might be 30-32 by then,still doable. He is a little sloppy and commits to the power shot,any one of the many counter strikers will love that and makes it easier to take him down,so yeah he needs work.
  5. zaksame

    Askren vs Robbie

    Dana knows this is an easy win for Ben,a good way to build him up beating a notable name.Seriously,if GSP remained in the division,Lawler would have NEVER been champion.If the refs never gave Lawler a free pass to stand up,Rory would have kept him on the ground and beat him as well.He lost to DosAnjos,that is a defining exclamation mark,he is not that good. It also tells you where Khabib is,as Khabib made DosAnjos look easy.
  6. zaksame

    Will Junior literally kill this fat idiot?

    I never liked either of these cans and for awhile ,it was looking bad for both.I considered turning it off because the Hunt fight already had me bored stiff.I went to the fridge to grab a Monster and was hovering over the screen then it ended,thank god didn't like the fight anyhow. First i was like WTF is that walk in,what am i watching lmao.Then seeing Tuivasa stumble al over the ring,he was either drunk or as i mentioned before,never done anything athletic his entire life' The ONLY time the HW division gets mildly interesting is when they are popping massive amounts of roids.Otherwise,these cans if they had to rely on natural power would just gas out and see who falls first.
  7. zaksame

    Heart and toughness good job Rua

    I think everyone at the start was writing him off and as the fight was unfolding looked to be the case. But he proved everyone wrong and just kept plugging away until he got the stoppage. After watching the Atrocity of the Hunt fight,a snooze fest,this was more entertaining.
  8. zaksame

    The Nigerian Nightmare will retire Roidless Dos Nachos.

    You think Dos is clean lol,i been suspecting the Brasil fighters for a long long time.His demeanor always look liek a lazy guy,,a slowish lumbering type guy,people liek that are never in good shape unless using peds.Slowish lumbering guys tend to look more like Hunt or Frank Mir or DC,still most of these guys are cheating. Anjos doesn't win this because of many factors,the other guy is that slow lumbring fat body,this is in essence the HW division,unless of course pumping horse like steroid amounts aka Reem and Ngannou etc etc.
  9. If JDS loses to that can he should retire right on the spot. I watched that guy walk out and i thought wtf is this,walks pigeon toed like he has never played an athletic sport in his entire life,looks like he should be hanging out with the Diaz bros. Only chance he has is because JDS was always over rated,never that good,a counterstriker afraid to engage half the time,stands around waiting for his opponent to lunge at him so he can catch him.IMO a really boring fight and as a main card fight,it is lol,very sub par,i wouldn't even put this in the top 5 of a card,maybe on the under card.
  10. zaksame

    Askren vs Robbie

    I guess you have to get Askren to fight someone notable but not at the very top.However Robbie was taken down easily by a smallish Rory,he is very susceptible to TD's.This is going to be a sad fight. Reality is,i cannot think of a decent wrestler to match him up with.Perhaps Damian Mai who at least WANTS to grapple and usually struggles to grapple but in this case would get his wish.
  11. zaksame

    Conor Mcgregor suspended from Driving for 6 months

    Remember we used to talk about how much people change when they win the lottery and people say ..oh i won't change. Conor went right out of control once he got the money,started thinking he is bigger than the world,LOOK AT ME,i have money.
  12. zaksame

    Mythical MMA deities

    Dewey TWINKLE Toes Trigg has never lost in Canada. Then again he never fought in Canada either
  13. zaksame

    Reem will finish DC

    Reem has shown a problem when pushed to the fence,something DC would be able to do with him. He likes to distance fight and is uncomfortable with anyone moving at him,he has definitely become JUST a counter puncher. So how could Reem win,well obviously catching him with a solid counter strike but i say it would go differently.DC would push him to the fence and then tire him out and maybe even take him down.
  14. https://www.mmanytt.com/latest-news/cm-punk-still-part-of-the-ufc-roster-and-in-the-usada-testing-pool/ First of all i find it funny this article says he is still on the roster and still in the USADA testing pool but based on what,oh they asked him haha good one.This website should have done their homework and asked USADA not the fighter. CMPunk has been nothing short of AWFUL and anyone with common sense knows he never deserved to be in the UFC in the first place.This really defines the UFC management as having zero integrity and are running a VERY shotty operation based more on money making GIMMICKS than a legit sport.
  15. Well before i read this i KNEW it was about getting him to fight Jones. I don't give two craps about Jones anymore,he had his chance,he is a cheat and should not be in the UFC ever again. Dana doesn't give a crap about DC,he cares about himself and money.He can hype up a grudge match and make it look like a legit title fight but if he just tosses Jones right into a title fight versus someone else,it doesn't look good and sells less. DC is the champ,Jones is the cheat,that is the end of it as far as i am concerned.