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  1. zaksame

    Attention Roids, and other fans of Khabib

    Wasn't Conor telling someone else they are a quitter,i don't remember who but i am certain he was spewing that nonsense at someone.I know Khabib said it to Conor once or twice. Honestly Conor should have been stopped 3x,no idea why Nate let him off the hook in fight two and Khabib was only using a neck crank ,not even a choke. I should remind people that Conor was a 155 fighter,he lost and moved DOWN to 145 and has not looked good at 155.he needs to beat up smaller guys,that is his gig.
  2. zaksame

    5 lws that could easily defeat Khabib

    I love the term >>>EASY ...lmao. Lee is a little roiding squirrel,McGinger is not a MMA fighter,he is an amateur boxer.Alvarez is a midget with no reach which is why Conor wanted him so bad and easily won that fight.I am sure Poirier cuts a lot of weight to be relevant but in no way is he remotely a match for Khabib. Tony,well here is an actual fighter with great cardio.I don't feel Tony's defense is very good but he makes up for it with raw intensity and cardio.Tony also has a ground game that might put some fear into Khabib.So i wonder about an all standup fight.I feel Khabib has more power but standing toe to toe would favor tony based on Khabib would be the first to get tired.However it is possible Khabib gets a good enough strike in to daze Tony enough to begin some serious ground n pound where Tony cannot defend.We saw how hard Khabib hit Conor,that was close.
  3. zaksame

    Post Mortum of McGregor vs Khabib, From an Irishman

    Conor's striking was also really bad,he was pawing at khabib with very little power.HE guessed a couple times hoping an Aldo repeat,hoping that Khabib's momentum moving in would be enough to land a KO uppercut but he wasn't even close. He held the fence with his toes for about 30 secs,he grabbed the glove several times,he kneed Khabib when down,he really was stretching to be relevant. Ok now the gut feeling part and i base this on a hunch that i was right several times in the past.I said immediately that when the Gracie student was fighting Hendo he looked jacked,got too big too fast and sure enough he was busted.I said the same thing BEFORE the UFC about Reem because he kept losing to Bojarski and he was looking to CHEAT his way past him so he began roiding. Where am i going with this?Conor has absolutely NOTHING to lose now,i bet he turns to roids if not already on them "roid rage"because he wants to beat khabib that badly and will risk it all to do it.This has happened several times over the years,including even Jones.I can predict when Jones began roiding,right around the time he fought that deaf wrestler,he was skinny,weak cardio and figured he didn't feel he could be a champ with that build. My gut yet again says Conor does not fight Khabib clean in their next fight and yes there will be a next.A longshot or maybe not so long,Khabib just wants to have his belt awarded to him then he leaves the UFC for good and fights only in Russia or another org.Mousassi versus Khabib would be MASSIVE,Coker should be on the phone right now.
  4. zaksame

    CONOR started all the nonsense

    None of this happens if the UFC acted professionally after the Conor bus incident.Instead they did nothing to Conor and promoted him like some hero. The whole ordeal has been disrespectful towards Khabib that he finally lost it and got angered out of control.If the police and UFC did a proper job and fined and suspended Conor like a CRIMINAL then none of this happens. Joe Rogan is going off on Khabib talking about suspension and fines yet they treated Conor like a hero after he acted like a criminal.Even at the standoff Conor was the person who initated contact yet Dana did NOTHING..AGAIN. Bottom line,the UFC promoted ALL OF THIS.Blame Dana,he took the side of Conor from day 1 and NEVER once acted professionally.
  5. zaksame

    Conor is shook. Put the house on NuraGOAT

    I recall Dana's words...."nothing like that would ever happen in this house". Fighters touching other fighters outside the ring is a no no,Conor seems to have his own rules,sad to see such a puppet like Dana bending over to Conor because of $$$.
  6. If Khabib keeps his head he shoudl win but of course nothing is 100?%. Conor is using the same tactics he did versus Aldo,trying to get kahbib mad,to get him to fight carelessly. If Kahbib had a smart team and practiced leg kicks ,he could have a field day with Conor because Conor uses a wide stance for defensive reasons.Sweep the lead leg,down goes Conor or stumbles enough to look bad.Khabib will of course keep his hands high,Conor doesn't like that he likes fighters who show no defense. Bottom line,Khabib fights smart he wins,it is not Conor's fight to dictate what happens.
  7. zaksame


    In b4 his supplements were tainted when he got his mixed up while smoking dubes over at Jones place.
  8. Caught twice is pathetic and to think he was obviously using peds for a long time before getting caught.He can't speak out against anyone,Jones should be kicked out of the UFC forever at this point. Jones simply doesn't understand what GSP is talking about it is over his head.GSP struggles with English so he doesn't always pick the best words to use but his thoughts are what matters not his grasp of English.What he is saying is that as a weaker non ped fighter,you WILL fight differently,you will not have the confidence if taken down attempting a kick,you wil not have the confidence the kick will do any good so with a lack of power,attempting a crappy kick would be meaningless. Knowing you have more size and power over your opponent does give you a world of confidence,it is why so many fake athletes cheat.
  9. zaksame

    The Official Conor-Khabib pre-rustle thread

    I don't think much of Conor,his mouth has made him relevant,his fighting if you break it down over all his fights is very average.he is a one dimensional fighter,i could even go so far as to say a one punch fighter,his left hand not his right hand. I believe Khabib might not be a professional boxer but then NOBODY in the UFC is but he can strike,he could KO a guy.Thing is Khabib has several tools,Conor has ONE chance at winning...a lucky punch. Let's not forget they are LUCKY punches,he missed Nate so often he got tired from missing.So he is just swinging on a guess and hoping to get lucky.Does Conor use body shots/jabs,nope,again proving he is not a smart fighter and has VERY few tools. I will say this,i truly believe Conor has been putting on some size during his time off,not a lot,maybe 5-8 lbs in hopes he can better handle Khabib's wrestling,it weill be a mistake if he comes out and looks very tired come round 2.Do we EVER see Conor doing roadwork, i know i see him doing more chit chat than anything meaningful kind of training.
  10. zaksame

    Should There Be A 165 Weight Class?

    It was actually fighting BEFORE the Fertita's and Dana arrived,now it is like 5 minute rounds of point scoring often just holding on the fence or amateur point boxing. Point being wtf does adding another division do?BTW the REAL reason Dana doesn't like the idea and btw his excuse was complete lol BS.Reason is another belt and more money because a champion requires bigger contract pay and then even the opponents want more money. On the topic of Dana's excuse,he said "then guys run down from 170 or up from 155 to try and get a belt...ROFLMFAO,maybe he should listen to what he said again then come up with a new excuse. Guys moving to other weight classes to get a belt ,again LMAO,yeah no kidding this has been going on since the first days the Fertita's took over.His very star money maker Conor McGinger COWARD down to 145 after losing to Duffy a mere average no name to become relevant.Some of the bigger stars like Frankie,like chin boy dropped down to try and win.What the hell does Dana think weight cutting is,it is a form of moving down to be relevant because you are AFRAID to fight at your natural weight. FACT when first talks of Silva-GSP went on,Silva was by his own manager's words TOO BIG for GSP,223 lbs.So he was walking around at 223 and fighting at 185,almsot FORTY pounds dropping down and Dana is talking crap about guys dropping down from 170 to 165? lol. HELLO Mr.White is there anybody home?
  11. zaksame

    Conor Wants To Fight Guess Who In The Future ?

    Conor picks his spots every bit as much as GSP does maybe even more.At least GSP can still offer TD's,wtf is Silva going to do? Thing is that just like the Mayweather fight,Conor likes fights with a win win and no real lose scenario.He fights GSP gets a lucky punch looks like a hero,loses and it's like oh well GSP was too big anyhow. Silva has a name,considered a great striker but in reality ,he is WASHED up and big time and has maybe worse cardio than Conor.If this was 5-7 years ago,then it would be a meaningful fight.
  12. zaksame

    Darren Till announces move to middleweight

    Maybe a more comfortable weight for him but he will get destroyed by some of the roiders here.
  13. zaksame

    Conor McGregor is one smart MotherFuc*er

    Conor is one FAKE Mf'r. Maybe the biggest fake in the sport. He talks to the crowd like they are his friends "never beat the Irish" fist pumps the crowd,they are cheering him yet he shows up LATE. He disrespects the very people he calls his friends,disrespects the sport and the people that make him his money.Is that how friends treat friends in Ireland?They come all the way ,spend loads of money to see this guy and he treats them like he doesn't give a fk about anyone.It is one thing to put on an ACT but when you are just late you disrespect EVERYONE. I say screw him,i will never support him in anyway possible and don't care one bit about him either,i hope he loses and takes a beating. More lol for the reading...I been wrestling guys 200 lbs,no he CANNOT wrestle,he does not wrestle,but he does get large guys in there and just runs around knowing the big thugs can't catch him.He says he is a professional been under the lights,yet he looks tired in EVERY single fight that goes past the first round.So imo he is NOT ready,he is NEVER ready and does not perform inside or outside the ring like a professional,he is an amateur with a heavy punch and that is ALL he is.
  14. zaksame

    Dana White and Brendan Schaub trade insults on Instagram

    LOL so Dana's two statements made himself look like the moron. First of all Dana has NEVER fought,so to say Schaub knows nothing but acts like he does is a joke. Secondly,Dana for all intense purposes LOST the UFC,without the deep pocket's of the Fertita's,the business was going to fold up shop because the team couldn't pull it off. So Dana has been nothing but a fail but luckily he has some deep pockets still behind him and seems nobody in the sport is wiling to stand up for themselves or able to beat the UFC lawyers,otherwise there would be some big changes. Dana went from bashing women's mma to supporting it for ONLY one reason...$$$. Dana does one thing well,he exploits and uses his employees with no respect.
  15. zaksame

    Tyron Woodley Makes Latest Case For A Superfight

    lol So his imo roider at 200 lbs wants to fight McGinger at a "weigh in" of 170 ..lmao. At least GSP recognizes that he SHOULD fight Conor at 155 if it happens or maybe some catch weight.At 170 Tyrone comes in at 195-200 and McGinger at 164 ,not even remotely a fair fight. Since Tyrone is so graciously offering up fights,how about he goes up to 185 and fights a few of the bigger roiders,can call it the roid belt. I am certain Paulo Costa would love to show Tyrone what a real roider can do.