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  1. zaksame

    IDYB's Official Certified GSP Spam That Nobody Wants To Read 1.0 Thread

    Must be the Jenny Craig diet. Pool....I think he means Snooker/Billiards. NEW STYLE of training...roflmao...sigh,poor George.What is this Pilate's,instead of eating shark pills he is wrestling with sharks? Man i feel sorry for him in a way,at least he made a lot of money over his career,too bad he was never smart enough to be really good because he could have been scary good,in a way nobody would want to fight him.
  2. zaksame

    The Great Khabib fined 500K and suspended 9 months

    What Conor did prior was gangland assault and should have landed in prison.The fact this only became a bigger topic because khabib went after a Conor sidekick does not warrant the fine or suspension.There was no injuries but there were in the Conor incident.This was ONE guy not a gang of thugs like Conor had.Khabib's actions were a result of emotion no different than why they allow fighting in hockey however Conor's actions were premeditated. What Khabib did was no more than a typical assault case,NO where near a 500k fine that is just laughable. This is just a corrupt commission looking to cash in but should have went after Conor with far more severity.The result of this case should be reversed only Conor getting jail time as well.
  3. zaksame

    The Prelims Will Never Be The Same...

    Is Conor still going to hold his hand where ever he goes?He should have never been in the UFC,he has ZERO skills just a **** punching bag. Maybe if he fought Fedor or BjPenn he could have had a long career with a perfect 20-0 record but times are tuff,you can't hide under Conor's fur coat all the time.
  4. zaksame

    IDYB's Official Certified GSP Spam That Nobody Wants To Read 1.0 Thread

    Khabib has better cardio than Conor so that alone says he likely does a better job with Mayweather and would really piss Conor off if he does a better job.GSP ahh not really interested in that GSP has been too inactive and not improved enough for my liking.Tony is a dangerous fight,he seems to have also got a bit stronger,weather legit or not idk yet,undecided. Kahbib like many at the top has a really good confidence level but imo he is a little careless in his stand up which leaves him open.He could never move up to 170,guys like Woodley are just too big.So like all those at the top he has to remain a big 155 and exploit that to attain his greatness.
  5. zaksame

    Paulo Costa vs Yoel Romero targeted for UFC on ESPN 3

    Headlines should read....ROIDS matter,after the fight sales appear in isle 23.
  6. zaksame

    Jon Jones is on fire!

    What i love is how he and his team played up the EXCUSE of these metabolites staying in the system for maybe 7 years,then all of a sudden the next test there is nothing,lmao.That must have been one hella good cleansing. Then we recently saw a fighter get caught by the commission after passing USADA,so how effective is USADA's testing,,pffft obviously garbage.Then i never knew until the other day,USADA is an employee of the UFC,well Noviski is..lmao,so a huge conflict of interest. Me,i go with what i can see and if i can't see anything i am still not entirely convinced that maybe EPO or derivatives of is being used and likely not tested for.I just love how wrestling programs found a loophole using doctors to announce roids used for healing purposes and now i hear the USA government entities are considering some to be legal use over the counter perhaps.Then we should realize that pharmaceuticals make multiple millions if not billions,they will lobby/payoff whomever they need to get their drugs passed. Bottom line is that the UFC houses a lot of poor people desperate to make a buck,thy will do anything to win and the penalty if caught seems to be a mere slap on the wrist,hardly a worry after attaining large contracts by cheating.Jones attained a 10 mil contract by cheating,you think he cares at this point?
  7. I cannot see any way Petis has even a remote chance,WB should be a huge betting favorite.
  8. zaksame

    Remember when Juice was sure TJ wouldnt make 125? lol

    He had good reason to believe it,at 5'6 that is not a height one should be fighting at 125.Sure a person that size with almost no muscle mass could pull it off but he would be so weak a girl scout would knock him out.So i cannot imagine how he got there and imo was using some form of pills or medication to help him like maybe even illegal diuretic pills.
  9. zaksame

    Penn should not retire.

    Well this thread is good for a laugh if anything.Penn not only SHOULD retire,he already did and that came too late.He has been washed up a for a long time. He does ONE thing in his fights,a VERY weak left jab,even an amateur boxer could defeat him at this point.
  10. zaksame

    Where is Greg Jackson

    He decided to become the new boy scouts of America breathing instructor.
  11. zaksame

    IDYB's Official Certified GSP Spam That Nobody Wants To Read 1.0 Thread

    I think Firas has caught wind of GSP's intentions lol,not like anyone else doesn't know. GSP wants only win win,doesn't want to lose at 170 and doesn't want to be a heavy favorite if going down to 155. GSP is not smart enough to fight backing up hardly any Karate type fighter is and imo Khabib would pressure him. I feel GSP should beat up Artem to piss Conor off lmao,then maul Conor for 5 rounds of ground interrogation.GSP would likely lose that as well because he is not a good talker and would get owned pre fight by Conor.
  12. zaksame

    Keep doubting Cowboy bi*ches!

    Cowboy is a gamer no question but imo he is not that good.He is like so many fighters usually a weight higher just beating the smaller guys. I still look back at that nate fight and from the moment on i said Cowboy is not smart enough to be a real champ.He might get lucky,find the right opponent but he couldn't hold a belt more than 1-2 fights.He showed that when he lost to DosAnjos ,he cannot put together a long streak of consistency,he simply comes out and bangs and hopes that gets it done.Like i said if he gets lucky gets a few average opponents he might string a few fights together but not as a champion facing the best he would be one in and done. The guy he beat is still a greenhorn,Cerrone at 6'1 is a 170 fighter not a 155,so coming down to 155 as a vet against a greenhorn,the result can be expected.The two guys hernandez beat msot certainly does not make him any special contender nor even a favorite versus Cowboy,imo Cowboy was expected to win that fight.
  13. zaksame

    Was the Stoppage Early?

    Most definitely not a good stoppage.The ref was falling all over the place prior to the stoppage,like he was getting in the way too early.Before the fight started my very first thought was who the hell is this ref,never noticed him before. I also share TJ's thoughts entirely as i have been in a similar situation and it really a tough pill to swallow. The only thing i disagree on is TJ thinking he is better by a mile and that he didn't notice anything except early pressure.I felt right away Cejudo looked faster,quite a bit faster and these midgets are usually fast as it is so to notice one being faster really says something.Cejudo being shorter is also way more solid on his feet as TJ looked to be sort of wobbly when barely touched. If they have a rematch i feel after seeing the little i did and unless Cejudo would somehow tire out,i think TJ would have a VERY tough time.IMO 60/40 in a rematch in favor of Cejudo.
  14. zaksame

    IDYB's Official Certified GSP Spam That Nobody Wants To Read 1.0 Thread

    If anything that made me laugh my **** off. Diaz is so brain dead it is borderline sad and funny to witness.Reminds me of the time my buddies father in law was drunk and started telling everyone off and said he was taking his TV with him lmao. Funny ting is at one time i considered Diaz a top fighter...now?Lmao he shouldn't even be in the UFC he is a bum.
  15. Likely more about Dana's hate for Colbey trying to find a fight he might lose.This makes zero sense for the UFC as both fighters can be marketed separately no need to face off with each other just yet. I really don't like Covington at all,i don't even think eh is that good but part of me wants him to keep winning so we can see the showdown between him and Dana come new contract time.