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  1. zaksame

    What do you guys think to extreme weight cutting?

    Ask Dana if he cares about the athletes,he claims he does. It is EASY like one of the easiest jobs he has as a president of the UFC ,he could stop weight cutting.He doesn't care about long term kidney ,brain damage,these fighters are dog meat,disposable heroes. As of right now ,i do not respect a single belt NOT ONE because nobody is fighting at the weight the belt claims them to be.You can't walk in the ring 200 lbs and claim you deserve to be wearing a 170 belt..BS !. Even this Conor clown,he DROPPED down to 145 for the UFC,he was a 155 fighter..COWARD,he is all BS talk.When he steps into the ring at the proper weight and fights,then he can open his yap and that doesn't mean PICKING your fights and getting auto belt fights versus anther midget like Eddie whom you know you can outreach.GSP did the same thing,he hand picked Bisping because it was the easiest fight for him and he was massive at 185,likely 205-210.
  2. zaksame

    List of fighters I like and don't like...

    At this point i only like fighters i feel are clean.I can't stand cowards who can't get in the ring as a man...athlete and need to cheat their way to victory. This is why i grew to like Bisping,i feel he's always been clean,he's too stupid drunk to know better.I would love to like the Russian fighters but i am like 90% certain NONE of them are legit. I always cheered for Big Country.I don't think there is a single legit HW fighter.There was an amazing 170 grappler i really thought was an amazing fighter "forget his name" but he was simply over powered by all the roiders,anther being Carlos Condit,a legit fighter no peds needed.It is really sad seeing 145 women fighters with bigger arms than Carlos,it really sends a message how much cheating is going on in this ahem...sport?SPORT athletes don't cheat only losers cheat. I still enjoy watching the fights but the old school days housed way many more simple dudes off the street that were not on anything,then of course those that rose to the top were the roiders. OP mentioned DC,yeah i liked him a lot but then i remembered he is a wrestler,that sport just does NOT house legit athletes,you can bet big head Askren was cheating his entire wrestling career as was Jones,Henderson,all of the wrestlers.Notice not even GSP makes my list ,i have my doubts on him ever fighting legit,maybe in the beginning for about 5 or 6 fights.Then after losing to Hughes he learned what it took to win. Even my most favorite fighter Royce was caught,the sport is just embarrassing itself with cheats and that is only the ones they actually catch.Geesh what was Overeem 16-1 testi level,not even close to 6 or 8-1.Jake Shields i called it before he was caught,was way too obvious he jacked up to fight Hendo. So yeah my list of likable is very short,i can add Frankie to the list,a legit fighter.
  3. zaksame

    Jon Jones v Adesanya

    Identical RANGE fighters but one is jacked on peds and just all around stronger/bigger version so Israel gets rag dolled after his knee gets dislocated from illegal kicks to the knee joint.
  4. https://www.sherdog.com/news/news/Dana-White-Defends-UFCs-Heavy-Use-of-Interim-Titles-152827 So big Dana getting all defensive which is an auto sign of guilt.He claims the UFC's "HIS" decision to use too many interim belts is because it means something to the fighters. I think Dana should watch some footage of past fighters that would tell him NO,it doesn't mean SQUAT.Dana does it because it puts meaning to their weak cards,he needs to attach a belt to the card to make the card seem relevant. There is no question those were entertaining fights,highly skilled i would argue no i was often angry at some really bad stupidity like Kelvin holding his hands down low the entire fight and fighting out of range most of the time.I was even pissed when Poirier had Holloway ready to finish and he goes for a weak TD and tires himself out,i was like WTF dude. Then on the notion of 3 versus 5 rounds,there is NOTHING stopping Dana from making these 5 round fights even if no belt,it was done like that before many times for belt contender fights.You SHOULD have to prove you can go 5 rounds before getting a title shot. This was all about Dana the UFC and his selfish greed,he did NOT do this for the fighters.Furthermore he was using arguments based on the fights AFTER they happened,NO ..Dana you made these belt fights before hand you can't start using after the fact ideals from the fight results as an argument to something you did PRIOR. Using Dana's analogy,he is IMPLYING the fighters would have tried LESS if no belt,lmao nice Dana you just disrespected your fighters,good job,good leadership.
  5. zaksame

    Is Kelvin Vs. Izzy Closer Than People Think?

    Having watched the fight,was frustrating as all hell. 1 Rogan goes on about Cordero is the greatest striking coach.Yes because not knowing how to keep your hands up as a striker is great coaching.Then how or what was his gameplan to get inside versus a very long reach,to keep hands down and just eat punches running in? 2 So Rogan gave me glimpses of being intelligent,he mentions Kelvin's hands are too low,yeah no kidding.Then he mentions Kelvin can't fight out of his range and in Israel's range,yeah a no brainer. So fact Kelvin had no plan to fight this much taller fighter is mind boggling,what did this Cordero guy teach him about striking,how to get countered running in from 6 feet away? Ok so he is fighting like a **** but he tough and hits hard,maybe he gets lucky.YEP but then mind boggling part 2,instead of moving in for the kill,he moves in and makes a half assed attempt at a TD,i was like WTF dude are you retarded.He should have if anything land heavy strikes to the body and open up the head for another strike but a TD...bad idiot. If Kelvin had some real coaching he wins that fight because i was not impressed by Israel at all,he simply got to use his reach and that was all and kelvin allowed him to use his reach.
  6. zaksame

    Theory about why UFC 238 is so awful.

    Too many women's fights and several obvious ped users,good job USADA.
  7. zaksame

    Are there any fighters you didn't like but became a fan of over time?

    Most obvious for me was Bisping,i couldn't stand him in the beginning and his fight style was awful running around swinging at air to try and con the judges into thinking he was landing strikes.After awhile i actually liked him,he was imo a clean fighter,a simple gamer who didn't make excuses.
  8. zaksame

    What do you guys think to extreme weight cutting?

    It is retarded and can be done right,the sports like boxing and MMA are just too cheap and too lazy and too dumb. Weight cheating allows the really tall guys with a big reach advantage to fight smaller guys,all they need to do is cut a ton of water weight.It also favors younger fighters who can pull it off easier. Pretty simple ,miss weight even once you have to move up.You are weighed 4 hours before fight,if you miss you forfeit 75%,that'll make sure they don't even attempt to cut it close. I don't want to see guys like Israel or Jon Jones at 6'4++ having a huge leverage /reach advantage to win fights,i want the sport to be about MMA not size and why same goes for ped users ,ZERO tolerance,have your pills checked BEFORE taking them,caught once your gone.
  9. zaksame

    Now that is a fight,two combatants

    Two thumbs up for Anders,he showed up every minute ,never ran ,met Rountreee in the middle of the ring. BOTH these guys came to fight and not CHEAT out a win,both these guys deserve some bonus money.
  10. zaksame

    Rogan on Jouban ,pay attn Rogan.

    I can't stand fighters like grant,he did NOT come to fight,he came to play safe,stay out of range and just hope to score counter points.If it wasn't for Jouban ,there would be NO fight. So Roigan is like Jouban needs to pressure,more man alive Rogan,Jouban is the oNLY guy pressing the fight,he can't simply run in from out of range because grant is fighting out of range backing away the ENTIRE fight. There is no way as a judge am i am giving Grant a win for that lack of effort.Jouban was the ONLY guy trying to make a fight,so he gets ring control,aggression, and imo Grant loses a point for avoiding to fight.
  11. "passed med eval" lmao with what doctor HIS?Even if it was a UFC doctor they are not legit either,they just say every fighter is ok,your good to go and Dana slips them a few bills. The guy wears sunglasses 24/7 he is NOT alright upstairs.
  12. zaksame

    Is Kelvin Vs. Izzy Closer Than People Think?

    Oh yeah Kelvin is legit,his only issues have been weight cuts that burnt him out before he got into the ring.If he enters the ring healthy,100% he is legit.The other guy is just a real good weight cheat,he has to be well over 200 at that size 6'8 it is insane to think he can make 185. A.Silva used to walk around 223 and made 185 but his legs were too skinny,he SNAPPED his leg in half,terrible to watch and he is not 6'8.So imagine what would happen to Israel's legs at 6'8,If Kelvin knows how to deliver kicks the people in the front row might think someone just ordered some chicken wings....HEY can i get a beer and some more hot sauce for these wings !! Man i cannot believe he makes 185,i hope nobody breathes on him before he steps on the scales he might fold in half.
  13. zaksame

    Dillashaw USADA'd for EPO - Merged Threads

    I was shocked to hear it was Epo because i mentioned the drug awhile ago and didn't think the UFC were testing for it. Now obviously TJ is not some dumb street thug,he is pretty smart,so the fact he got caught tells me they have been utilizing methods to get around being caught otherwise he wouldn't risk it all.I highly doubt this is a one off case it is more likely something went amiss in their regimen to not get caught. I have no idea how they can catch anyone in Brasil,they would be announced coming and likely phone calls just ignored for a day or 2.However for Tj they could likely just walk right in to the gym and say HELLO ,remember us.
  14. zaksame

    What ?......

    In b4 Dana says GREAT deal for the fighters,yeah that 4k will go a long way lmao.
  15. zaksame


    I believe tyrone quietly has turned to the movies.However grown men can't stand losing,his ego likely wants it back but inside he knows he was only relevant because of strength and now a new stronger guy is there to one up him. This now sort of reminds of Josh Koscheck and GSP,Josh knew as long as GSP was around he was never getting a belt,well now TWood knows with Usman around,he might as well move on or HOPE someone else with a better skillset can beat usman.