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  1. Retarded terrible thread
  2. Jacob_Smith

    Vert Appreciation Thread

    He's an idiot foglet. No surprise here...
  3. Jacob_Smith

    6ft 8, 320lbs Bodybuilder embarking on MMA career

    Then he wont be a super jakt freak of nature though...
  4. Jacob_Smith

    6ft 8, 320lbs Bodybuilder embarking on MMA career

    How the hell is he gonna make 265?
  5. Jacob_Smith

    Vert Appreciation Thread

    A bag of rocks can post better than you.
  6. Jacob_Smith

    The Last Jedi discussion (Warning:Spoilers)

    Also since im here I'll go on a lil rant about spiderman. Great game and its fun but Jesus h Christ theres WAAAY too many parts where you are forced to play as gay side characters like MJ and this random black idiot. Even the Peter Parker parts get tedious and there are too may. I did a bunch of story missions consecutively earlier and at one point out of 5 missions I actually played as spiderman once. Whoever thought to add all these MJ/blackie stealth missions into the game should be shot ded. ool just realized this isnt the video games thread
  7. Jacob_Smith

    The Last Jedi discussion (Warning:Spoilers)

    Too little too late. The squad thing should have been at launch. Its 2018, joining yourfriends is a pretty basic thing.... They should have allowed all heros at once from the jump too, at least in the big game mode. Always thought that was dumb. 6 days til blackout doe
  8. So if I charge a cop with a knife its their fault when they shoot me...
  9. Jacob_Smith

    UFC 229: Nurmagomedov vs. McGregor

    Vert with the effortless rustle
  10. Nobody can touch Pakal in confused face gains
  11. Jacob_Smith

    UFC 229: Nurmagomedov vs. McGregor

    Yeah a hotel is gonna lock down its guests because some retards hat went missing... sounds legit
  12. Some of this is comical JJ and sportsmanship.... yeah sure... I treat every opponent with respect....yeah sure....