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  1. OmoGOAT

    2019 NFL season 🏈🏈🏈

    Big time gut check game for my pats this weekend. I'm legitimately worried the dynasty is finally winding down eventhough theyve made me look foolish many times before with that line of thought.
  2. OmoGOAT

    Jedi Fallen Order hype thread.

    Anyway I've recently beaten the Resident Evil 2 remake. It was fun and well made overall but man the boss fights were a let down mainly because you fight the same damn guy over and over again. There's basically zero variety compared to all the awesome boss fights of the RE1 remake like the giant snake, hunchback, spider, shark etc. I'm eagerly awaiting the RE3 remake.
  3. OmoGOAT

    Jedi Fallen Order hype thread.

    Its not just MW. That seems to be how updates are done on ps4 now. No matter the size of the update the entire actual game needs to be copied again. It sucks and takes forever even with a fast connection.
  4. OmoGOAT

    Jedi Fallen Order hype thread.

    Waiting 45+ mins to "copy" an update that took 2 mins to download is so much fun
  5. OmoGOAT

    The WORST title era

    Liked for usage of jog on
  6. THIS is the card they decide to put on regular espn...
  7. OmoGOAT

    Knockout, Submission & Decision Of The Decade

    I voted for the Andy front kik. You never really saw front kiks to the grill before that and now you see it a lot, so he was a bit of a trend setter with that KO. It was such an awesome KO on its own as well, nevermind the influence it had on the sport. Not to mention it was against super roids Vitor, which in my mind elevates it big time over KOs of people like Etim and Askren
  8. OmoGOAT

    Jedi Fallen Order hype thread.

    This is my biggest problem with the game. I play mostly 10v10 tdm and like you said theres only 4 maps in that rotation as well. It gets boring fast. They could have easily sectioned off the ground war maps for 10v10 and even some 6v6 maps like St Petrograd would work. The game desperately needs more maps.
  9. Im not a huge comic book guy or anything, so I barely remember the movie except that it was pretty cool (and the hot chick got railed in the spaceship). Just mentioning that to illustrate that I'm going into the show with no bias or very much knowledge of the watchmen universe. The story is really interesting so far. The acting is great especially the badass red head fbi lady. I love the near-future type world they've crafted with the masked police and I cant wait until Dr Manhattan shows up. Easily 8/10 and theres a lot of room to improve with only being a few episodes in. My only gripe and its minor is that Regina Kings character can be a little over the top at times and borders on cringy in a few scenes... but like I said its minor and in no way ruins the show.
  10. What about going into a rape?
  11. Why is no one talking about the Watchmen in here. That shows been awesome so far
  12. OmoGOAT

    Jedi Fallen Order hype thread.

    Man I wish the TDM maps were better because the rest of the game is awesome. That being said I'm loving ground war and the new GW map is good too. I've had killstreaks of 27 and 24 so far on Quarry, no nukes yet though. This latest patch made the game so much better even though a lot of the problems were due to retarded design choices in the first place but hey at least they listened. Just ate some chinese food, passed out, and dreamed I was playing on a big mall map and the floors were all shiny and smooth like mall floors are so you could slide like 100 feet. It was so fun.
  13. OmoGOAT

    UFC 244: Masvidal vs. Diaz

    CTE is fleeting. A historic fight lasts forever