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  1. While I agree with keeping it on the feet, Danny escaped every sub that guy threw at him, including the one the idiot ref stopped the fight on. The Brazilian was clearly gassed and hurt. I think Danny had a good chance to GnP him out but that clown of a ref robbed him before he could do it
  2. Is it me or are the refs getting worse and worse?
  3. Hmm interesting. Either way I still think the optimal method to maximize exposure would be on the main Espn channels but I suppose the streaming service is working better than I thought
  4. I never said it was a high price, its not. The point is that more eyeballs would be on the cards if they were featured on the main Espn channels.
  5. I doubt its getting more views being on a streaming service than on free tv. Do you have any data to back up thay claim?
  6. Its not the money dude. A casual fan or someone completely new to the sport isnt going to go out of their way to buy a UFC service. I dont even think Comcast offers + It should be on one of the main 2 channels.
  7. Espn+ sucks. I mean I've been stramming cards for a while now so its not effecting me personally but I think its unfortunate that 90% of UFC events are locked behind an extra pay wall now. I figured the espn deal would make the ufc more mainstream and bring it to new viewers but its basically the opposite.
  8. I can fawks with this card Hopefully Cain throws Ng 15 feet into the air for a DC slam knock out
  9. OmoGOAT

    UFC 234: Silva vs. Adesanya