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  1. OmoGOAT

    Jedi Fallen Order hype thread.

    Supposedly Warzone the cod BR is coming early March and will be free to play. Put MW down a while ago but I'd definitely give Warzone a try as I liked Blackout and Warzone having 200 players with a map twice the size of Blackout sounds insane. Plus theres a few new gameplay tweaks like having to win a 1v1 in order to respawn, an in game currency system that you can steal from players you kill or bank for future rounds, and a ping system similar to Apex (which was an outstanding feature). Color me intrigued.
  2. Fan of Lookboonmee since day 1 Jungle fites no questions axed
  3. OmoGOAT

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Antee was a goat
  4. I was pumped to see Diego fight anyway but I didn't know he was fighting the crazy back flip guy !!!
  5. OmoGOAT

    Eminem and other dope white rappers now thread

    Couldn't disagree more. I love unaccomidating. The stepdad song is awesome. I will is so intense. Darkness...I mean what can you say it's such an incredible piece of writing nevermind a rap track. I like every single song on the album and imo the intro is one of the weaker ones.
  6. OmoGOAT

    UFC 247: Jones vs. Reyes

    I fully agree that Jon would smoke Reyes in a rematch just like he did to Gus. His camp is very good at analyzing fights and making adjustments as is Jon himself. The rest of your post I couldn't disagree with more. I can't stand the notion of having to finish the champ to win. Reyes outscored Jones in the first 3 in total sig strikes and landed the more meaningful shots. Thats all you have to do in a 5 round fight. Doesnt matter if you slow down in the last 2 if you have 3 in the bag as long as you dont let the opponent get a 10-8 or get the finish obviously. Neither 4 or 5 was close to a 10-8 and Jones never really came close to finishing the fight. Robbery just like Gus/Jones 1. It was the same exact fight except Jones wasnt nearly as dominant in the 4th/5th against Reyes as he was against Gus. All in all I guess it doesnt matter because Jones wins the rematch anyway
  7. OmoGOAT

    UFC 247: Jones vs. Reyes

    I waited forever to see Andy get knocked out and then Weidman finally did it. Been waiting forever to see Jones get his block knocked off so maybe Reyes is finally the guy to do it... but most likely not. Jones has more tools in the tool box than Andy had, so in all probability Jones takes Reyes down in the first and the fight ends right there.
  8. OmoGOAT

    The Outsider

    Anyone watching this show? It's really good so far (I'm 5 episodes in). Dont know the black actress but she plays a great kooky role in the show. Bateman is awesome too. His portrayal of Terry gives me an Ozarks vibe. Ben Mendelsohn is also great as the flawed detective haunted by his sons death. The supernatural/horror scenes of El Coco are so well done. My skin crawls every time it's on the screen and its voice is so damn creepy. For just basically being a guy in a hoodie, the show really succeeds in driving home the dread people feel when they encounter it, as I feel it too just simply watching it. Looking forward to tomorrow nights episode.
  9. OmoGOAT

    UFC 247: Jones vs. Reyes

    Been hanging with Kevin Lee
  10. I just wanna see massive slobs clobber eachother
  11. No limit HW would be absolutely hilarious.
  12. OmoGOAT

    Happy Independence Day

    2076 is around the corner m8