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  1. Fook me olay's right foot was almost pointed backwards! Ugh!
  2. TwennyFo

    Cerrone vs Gaethje - UFC on ESPN+ 16

    Fook that! I'll watch it at home, lol.
  3. TwennyFo

    Cerrone vs Gaethje - UFC on ESPN+ 16

    Who else is on the card. Any news?
  4. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    House votes not to impeach Trump today. Federal judge chitcans the case against Trump for alleged campaign violations. Trump holds another amazing rally to a packed arena. So much winning!
  5. TwennyFo

    Korean Zombie vs Brian Ortega in Mexico City (Unconfirmed)

    Chitty city all the way!
  6. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    Watching the prezzer yesterday for the so called 'squad' of four I was struck by two things in particular. First; why these four? And why now. Well the answer to that is pretty straight forward. Race. Religion. Minority status. Ethnicity. Throw in the fact that they are all female and not only have you won the sympathy vote hands down but you've also covered just about every base if your object is to attack anyone who disagrees with you as a racist, bigot, xenophobe, Islamophobe, white Nationalist, and on and on. The second thing that struck me is the striking similarity to events that happened in Great Britain shortly after the election of the Labour government back in 97. In order to aid mass unfettered immigration The labour government enacted exactly the same approach in order to facilitate their plan to swamp the UK with immigrants all under the guise of asylum seekers. With the aid of the Main stream media, anyone who voiced concern was immediately branded as all of the bolded, and more, and those of the public who were opposed to mass immigration were cowed into meek compliance on route to acceptance through apathy. Watching the Democrats using the same language and tactics to swing public opinion in their favour regards immigration rings alarm bells for me. Many Americans feel that this could never happen to their country but countless Europeans felt the same way. Does anyone think that the existence of the squad came about merely by chance? At precisely the moment in time when the majority of the Democrats running for the presidential nomination have moved so far left with policy as to be almost out of sight? Open borders and Socialism are on the agenda. America; it was nice while it lasted.
  7. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    The ****wit from Disneyland in the pink top should hit him up for a few lessons, lol.
  8. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    You can't help but admire a concept of such simplicity and audacity, especially in view of how well it's stood the test of time.
  9. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_life_expectancy In the UK you leave school to start work at 16 and retire at 65. The average life expectancy for males is 79.4 years. Long time paying in; short time taking out. American males have even less time to take out with an average life expectancy of just 76.9 years. We live longer and have less children to replenish the workforce. The pot we all used to piss in has run dry, lol. The system is collapsing, **** everyone.
  10. TwennyFo

    Herb Dean lol is the New M yamasaki

    Josh Rosenthal is way ahead of the rest, Herb Dean's like a one legged man in a a$$ kicking contest; ****ing useless.
  11. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    Every time I listen to a Democrat politician or talking head talk about illegal immigrants and the immigration system I feel like i'm watching an episode of the twilight zone.
  12. TwennyFo

    Masvidal wants title / McGregor next

    I say **** it, give him the fight. I'd take great pleasure in watching him turn McGregor inside out, it wouldn't even be a contest, lol, just a one sided a$$ whuppin.
  13. TwennyFo

    Break up text with a shoutout to the forums.

    You should thank your lucky stars, get down on your knee's and pray to the god of chitty emotions every night dude. Thank him for giving you a woman who is capable of ****ing up your head and your heart. Thank him for sending you a woman who will twist your insides into knots, thank him for all the sleepless nights, for all the days where your only thoughts are about Chloe, even as each thought cuts into you like a thousand knives. Most of all you should thank him for the pain because the pain is what you live for. You're an emotional junkie soup, you need the head**** to feel alive, it's the drug that your addicted to. Embrace it m8 while you can and pray that one day this won't be you.
  14. TwennyFo

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Lmao! Gayboy in the pink top be all about dat equality. He be letting those gender neutral hands fly! Everybody can come get some, lol.
  15. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    Your reading comprehension sucks! Where the **** did I say Slick is guilty of anything. Or Trump is innocent Pony up the evidence dumbo. So i'm talking about guilt......or i'm not. Or I am. Am I? You've got me confused now Maybe. Who knows anymore.