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  1. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    I think that the fake news media actually know that he's trolling them, lol. Trouble is they also know they've got no choice but to report on his latest so called "gaff". Rudy's having a fine old time, lol. I can imagine him just before he retires to bed, having a quiet chuckle as he swirls his snifter around in his glass one last time.
  2. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    There's isn't anyone on the planet who's 100% certain of what Guiliani actually is or is not saying at any given time as pertains to all things Trump. Creating confusion is something the best lawyers do and Rudy's up there with the best of them. He's laying down a smoke screen, creating false trails, trails that he can retract or embellish upon at any time knowing that the press will twist themselves in knots in their rush to report it. Good old Rudy's controlling the narrative or to put it another way he's getting out in front, all the while giving himself cover with just a few gems such as " that's not what I meant" and "I never said that", lol. Ya'll should sit back and enjoy watching the show he's giving you. #ambiguityisyourfriend
  3. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    Watched some of the confirmation hearings today. Bill Barr seems like a pretty straight up fella. Former assistant, deputy, and United states A.G under President Bush, Uber qualified, totally impartial with no political aspirations, true only to the letter of the law. Be interesting to see how many votes he gets from the Dems given that there are no real reasons to oppose his nomination.
  4. TwennyFo

    Gustafsson will restore order and sleep Roided Jones stiff.

    That would explain his chitty performance plus his willingness to accept a fight against Jones despite Jones being popped again for roids. His words leading up to the fight and his performance during the fight couldn't have been further apart
  5. TwennyFo

    Jon Jones - I could Test Postive Again

    Absolutely true. Instead Jones has been given a free pass from now until the day he retires. What a crock of chit, the UFC is a ****ing joke. There may be specific fights that i'll watch but from this point on they're gonna be very few and far between, even though I get this chit for free.
  6. TwennyFo

    10 Best-Paid Comedians

    Vert beat you to it, lol.
  7. TwennyFo

    10 Best-Paid Comedians

    Thank you Vert. I was wondering who would be the first to indulge me with that liddle tidbit, lol.
  8. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    Taking advice from advisors and acting upon said advice, along with sticking to the tried and traditional way of politics, the business as usual approach, hasn't worked too well for the world in general m8. Chaos reigns around the globe, courtesy of said approach. Time for something new.
  9. TwennyFo

    10 Best-Paid Comedians

    No Bill Burr???? No Mickey Flannigan???? No Patrice O'Neil????? (ok, he's dead, but still). Chit list is chit.
  10. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    I agree m8. In the words of the great Matt Serra, **** em.
  11. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    Juan Williams is such a ****ing ****!
  12. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    Whaddya all think about the looming shut down? Seems to me that Trump has decided to make a stand.
  13. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    College educated racists quoting racism. You couldn't make this chit up.
  14. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    Just watching the Chuck and Nancy show and they appear to be devastated by the news,,,,,,,,, devastated I tell you. And the Syrian withdrawal. Looks like they're ok with putting American troops in harms way.
  15. TwennyFo

    Thousand Oaks bar mass shooting

    I'll admit to thinking you were an alt early on m8 but you fit into the forum well and you post some good chit so one way or another who really gives a f**k, lol. Cept Vert of course.