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  1. TwennyFo

    Opinion: McG vs. Diaz 3 in July.

    Who the fcuk wants to watch mcgagger get beat by Diaz for a third time ffs. Gamebread has mentioned he'd be up for a fight with Diaz and why not, they could have it in a phone booth cos neither of them boyz is taking a backward step. That's a fight i'd even pay to watch.................
  2. TwennyFo

    Mass shooting in..... New Zealand?!?

    So you're all in on 4 pages yet now all of a sudden you don't give a ****. Or maybe the death toll's not high enough for you. Glug glug glug, lol.
  3. TwennyFo

    Mass shooting in..... New Zealand?!?

    Guess the MSN missed this one too. https://www.breitbart.com/africa/2019/03/16/nigerian-muslim-militants-kill-120-christians-three-weeks/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR2dkpFJD8zdWZ56evZ0C2TI8wSd7jGYZ8WCy-LGkH67ftd6HZc0Tb0ONLg. Truth is, if the media reported on every murderous attack carried out across the world by muslims there'd be no time left to report on any other news. Keep sucking on that kool aid sheeple.
  4. TwennyFo

    Mass shooting in..... New Zealand?!?

    No tears for the Christians killed here then? No outpouring of grief from around the world? Just another day, another mass murder carried out in the name of Islam. Hey ho. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/28/world/asia/isis-philippines-church-bombing.html.
  5. I ****ing hate Darrel Hill. Every time that cnut comes on I get his ****ing walk out song stuck in my ****ing head. Thank **** he got sparked out, now maybe Dana will cut his over rated ****ing a$$.
  6. Which channels are showing the fights in England??
  7. TwennyFo

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    searched every option and for the life of me I can't find the link to the forum. What am I missing??
  8. TwennyFo

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    The new look UFC site is fookin chite.
  9. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

  10. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    Smullet indicted on 16 felony counts by a grand jury.
  11. TwennyFo

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    TBF fair sobe it looks like some-one preppin for an audition for the trailer park boys, lol. A retard with a beer belly, a neck beard, and chitty homespun tats. Should be a lock, lmao........
  12. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    Great post m8. My main query has to be why does the establishment hate him so much? I get all the standard responses from the anti Trump media but honestly, I've never seen anything even remotely close to this level of hate, nor do I see anything that can really justify it. The frenzied daily attacks upon Trump, perpetrated by both the main stream media and the political establishment are beyond belief and way way beyond any measure of reason and rationality . I can only ask myself what the **** are they so afraid of.
  13. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    Thanks for that. As an outsider looking in i'm just totally floored by the ongoing circus. Half the Democrats are moving towards Socialism and the other half spend all the time chasing a sitting President. And no one seems to give a ****, lol. 'Be careful what you wish for' is a phrase that continually springs to mind.
  14. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    Nadler's demanding documents relating to business deals Trump has made from Trump family members and business associates. At the moment the number stands at anywhere between 80 and 90 individuals, individuals who will also be called to testify before committee. Meanwhile the Democratic heads of four other investigative committees are lining up their own investigations into Trump. These investigations are purely fishing expeditions aimed at disrupting the Trump administration. It's now highly unlikely the Mueller investigation will come up with the goods so now they need to find something else to impeach him on. So, a quick couple of questions aimed at the more reasonable, less partisan, forum members. How the **** is any actual government work being done given the vast amounts of time energy and manpower being spent on these seemingly endless, and fruitless, investigations. Is there a real possibility that this will backfire on the Dems in 2020.
  15. TwennyFo

    UFC 235: Jones vs. Smith

    A great card on paper has turned to chit ffs