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  1. TwennyFo

    Are you guys happy with your current job?

    ^^^^^^ P5P post ^^^^^^^
  2. TwennyFo

    Are you guys happy with your current job?

    @StompGrind Pretty much the feels I got from my sister m8, I just couldn't be arsed to go into so much detail, lol. Here's the key. If you love what you do, doesn't matter what that may be, you've made it and you'll never work a day in your life. If what you do pays well, or at least well enough to meet your needs with a little bit on top, well, that's the cherry on top of the cake right there. Congratulations. You are now officially a success !!
  3. TwennyFo

    Are you guys happy with your current job?

    The truest words ever spoken m8 and the most important words you'll ever hear. Regards making it in the film industry: My sister was/is a truly gifted artist who's work eventually got picked up on by the London "in" crowd so that was it, fame and fortune beckoned so off she went to the big city to be paraded around the big galleries. She found it to be full of pretentious people willing to stab each other in the back to get ahead, she hated the way they would fawn over each other too so she left to come home. Had she stayed and played their game she may well have become a household name, who knows. She gave up on art altogether through illness and depression eventually but from the stories she told i'd have to say there's an element of politics and in fighting spread across all of the arts including film making. All that being said a lot depends on your definition of "making it." Many people work in film and television and are completely happy with the station they have reached and they haven't had to sell their soul to get there. As in all branches of life by definition only a very few get to reach the very top but, talent, hard work, and perseverance, will still, and always will, get you an awful long way. Anyways here's some stuff I learned along the way. Never, ever, be afraid to fail. If people try to knock you down take it as a sign you're doing something right. Once you've found your thing you're either all in or not at all, no half measures no plan B. A little bit of "**** em all" goes a long long way, lol. Here's the TL:DR version BELIEVE IN YOURSELF !!!!!!!! (but always do your research, lol)
  4. TwennyFo

    Are you guys happy with your current job?

    I'm a self employed semi retired general contractor with an extremely wide and varied skill set and I love what I do, mainly because no two days are the same or rarely so but more importantly, no one gets to tell me what to do. Back in Blighty, a long long time ago, I started as a one man band mainly laying patio's and block paving. I started employing more and more people to keep up with demand and eventually, over the years it morphed into a business with three separate branches. At that point my life became a living hell. No amount of money can compensate for the crap that comes with being a business owner. It's like having a ever growing child and that child has to be fed constantly. And don't even get me started on government over regulation and the excessive tax burden, lol. I've got many friends who own businesses and they take it in their stride but me, I hated it. I guess i'm happy when i'm getting my hands dirty, not sitting in an office or having endless meetings. As for qualifications, I've got my papers as a carpenter and as a bricklayer which is my base but I've always found it easy to pick up the skills and the know how pertaining to other trades, a trait which has stood me in good stead over the years and has allowed me to accept and overcome ever more complex challenges.
  5. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    In fact I like it so much it's become my first sig, lol.
  6. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    That news just made my day, lol.
  7. I've got fond memories of her m8, even tho it was over thirty years ago. She was one of those quiet loners hiding a crazy nature. She friended me on FB not long back and my first thought was " can't wait to hook up with her, next trip back to England". Then I checked out her pics, and it's fair to say that she hasn't aged all that well, at least her boat race hasn't lol, but in for a penny and all that. I'm up for a few new tricks.
  8. $70 for a stark bollock naked hot oil massage and not so much as a tickle. I am very disappoint. On the plus side I didn't chit meself, lol.
  9. Gonna get ready for my trip to Rosie's "love you long time" massage parlour. Wish me luck, lel.
  10. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    Not really sure what grounds they have. Acosta can still apply for a day pass or CNN can just send another reporter. Acosta is an idiot, Trump answered three of his questions. He then began trying to goad Trump and refused to hand over the mike when asked repeatedly to sit down. As to the charge that Trump is trying to supress the media, he answered 68 questions from a total of 35 different journalists, including Acosta's, in that one briefing. It's just more bollox aimed at making Trump look bad and anyone who falls for it is a ****ing imbecile.
  11. TwennyFo

    Politics thread

    That's pretty ****ed up.
  12. Another time, this happened back in 2012, I overdosed on laxatives. After not having a proper crap for about three weeks I dropped a ton of em and I woke up at 5 the next morning to go to the crapper. While i'm in there I had a serious anaphylactic shock. So the ambulance rush me to the local hospital and as soon as they get me breathing again I let rip, lol. I tried to hold it back but I couldn't so I just gave up trying and it was like that projectile vomiting in the exorcist, ****ing chit was everywhere !!!. Not my proudest moment, lol.
  13. She was big time into horse's m8. She wouldn't let me touch her unless someone was watching, a bit weird, and her thing was to tongue punch me in the ***, lol, that's it, nothing else. It didn't last that long and after we broke up she used to come round after midnight every Christmas eve and stay the night. Good times, 😀
  14. I've a feeling I might have one coming up pretty soon. Got me a Thai massage lined up in about 2 hours from now and I've got the raging chits from last nights hot curry, lol. Soon as she bends me backwards there's gonna be some serious psi at play. Shame really, this is my first time at "Rosie's" and tbf she's hot as ****. Hoping I don't **** it up. Having said all that I once had a girlfriend who was nuts about ***hole's and the brown stuff so who's to say.
  15. TwennyFo

    Mike Perry dove for ankles

    Perry has the fight IQ of a chimp. He should stick to bar brawls where he might win a few, lol.