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  1. Charles sub round 1
  2. Rothwell easy win KO in the first the a #1 contendership fight.
  3. AxeMurduh

    Should The UFC Ban Neck-Choke Moves?

  4. AxeMurduh


  5. AxeMurduh

    UFC targeting Khabib vs Ferg on April 18th in Brooklyn

    Canbib will duck
  6. AxeMurduh

    The 08'ers

  7. AxeMurduh

    Volk is gonna beat the chit out of Max

    Lol UR DUM
  8. AxeMurduh


    Lmao that's how I read it
  9. AxeMurduh

    Politics thread

    Trump tells truth only. You're straight dumb.
  10. AxeMurduh

    ‘Shogun’ Rua vs. Paul Craig announced for UFC Sao Paulo

    Paul Craig retires Shogun
  11. AxeMurduh

    Just how bad is Ben Askren?

    Hyped up cuz he was laying on cans going undeafted before UFC , if you get tagged from Maia repeatedly you need to re evaluate or just retire.
  12. AxeMurduh

    What makes more sense for lhw title fight

    Smith vs Reyes