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  1. AxeMurduh

    Fighters you feel had the toughest road to a title shot?

    Bj Penn . . . . . . Lol
  2. AxeMurduh

    Fast Food Chains To Try In NYC?

    Cracker Barrel , Golden Corral , Mandarin ,all buffet blub
  3. AxeMurduh

    IDYB's Official Certified GSP Spam That Nobody Wants To Read 1.0 Thread

    Who's cares defend that fookin belt retarded
  4. AxeMurduh

    Most overrated hyped up fighter in the ufc

    Kamar canzmin
  5. AxeMurduh

    Was the Stoppage Early?

    Tj would have been Knocked. Shot chin bud
  6. AxeMurduh

    Was the Stoppage Early?

    Cejudo throws bombs
  7. AxeMurduh

    Penn should not retire.

  8. AxeMurduh

    Penn should not retire.

  9. AxeMurduh

    Paulo Costa vs Yoel Romero targeted for UFC on ESPN 3

    Lmao , really him ?
  10. AxeMurduh

    Justin Gaethje isn't happy with U Fight Cheap

    You mean Cantime?
  11. AxeMurduh

    Namajunas vs Andrade at UFC 237

    Lol wmma though