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  1. Anderson Dos Santos only reason I'm watching this ****
  2. AxeMurduh

    I have been released.

  3. AxeMurduh

    UFC 238: Cejudo vs. Moraes

    Been a fan of Cejudo since his Olympic days and jungle fights. GoAt of Combat sports.
  4. Can someone link me a good site please
  5. Nightmare by vicious gnp KO.
  6. Tj got stripped ?
  7. A lot of former weight cutting cans.
  8. AxeMurduh

    The Official Herb Thread

  9. AxeMurduh

    The art of MMA - When fans only want to see one style?

  10. AxeMurduh

    Roy Jones Jr. Accepts Vitor Belforts Offer

    GOAT lights up Vitor with ease.
  11. AxeMurduh

    Ben Rothwell is back lol