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  1. AxeMurduh

    Should Al Iaquinta be sanctioned to fight?

    You're dumb , probably gay too.
  2. AxeMurduh

    Greatest HW Fight In Recent Years In The Works

    Won't happen ncanno would not accept ,. Though I'd live to see ncanno spark Cain.
  3. AxeMurduh

    Well Dom's return was fun while it lasted

    Fire that dancing can he is not a fighter , real fighters fight banged up. For real retire you are boring af.
  4. AxeMurduh

    Should Al Iaquinta be sanctioned to fight?

    Lee gets wobbled from jabs he is ****ing DONE. Al KOs that bum. Really don't get why everyone is on Lee's **** he is absolute garbage. A lot of foglets in this forum i assume.
  5. AxeMurduh

    Pick a Lane: 165 Division Yes or Meh ?!

    If there going to make that weight class might as well do one for every 5 pounds either way there will always be weight cutting cans.
  6. AxeMurduh

    MTP v Crazy Al

    Al by overhand right. KO
  7. AxeMurduh

    Jose Aldo vs Cub Swanson at UFC 233

    Vicious ko
  8. AxeMurduh

    Jose Aldo vs Cub Swanson at UFC 233

    Cub ends Aldo's career.
  9. AxeMurduh

    Greg Hardy

    No idea who this Greg Hardy bum is and why there's talk about him, probably be another can.
  10. AxeMurduh

    Will Ortega land another homerun against Max?

    Ortega is a complete scrub mini blessed would box him up. Max dings his noggin till he quits and drops gets finished by a full mount GNP unconscious.
  11. AxeMurduh

    Kron Gracie signs with UFC, fights Alex Caceres at UFC 233

    Leeroy will drop and finish that pos clown.
  12. AxeMurduh

    The Nigerian Nightmare will retire Roidless Dos Nachos.

    RDA starches that black can with only 10 percent effort.