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  1. SavageTC

    What are you doing right now?

    Mate its been glorious 😁😁😁 Someone needs to fix up a bunch of brazzers memes for the poms right meow lel
  2. SavageTC

    What are you doing right now?

    Yeah its a beautiful area. I was about to ask but i know what its like to be on the schedule 😁
  3. SavageTC

    What are you doing right now?

    I dont drink fosters m8
  4. SavageTC

    What are you doing right now?

    Yeah mate, gods country. Where abouts is the wedding being held?
  5. Id agree with all of that tbh. Just read Smith is out so you will be favourites and have confidence coming in. Aggers is spot on, Woakes needs to be mentioned in there as well. The talent is there but it not being utilized correctly.
  6. Lots of talking points from Lords, Cummins has equaled Mcgrath's score on the ICC test rankings at 914, and Smith really just is something else, hopefully he pulls through, but if he does sit out Labuschagne has shown he'll at least put up a bit of a fight. All comes down to our top order, English conditions are always tough for us but Warner and Bancroft really havent fired and thats just put too much pressure on the rest of the team so we have to drop one or both, Id bring in Joe Burns and Marcus Harris now, both in great form and could prove the difference. Not worried about the bowling, all the potential combinations there work and we're spoilt for choice. Archer has definitely added a lot to the English attack, he should be a mainstay for many years to come. Burns is also a keeper, but Root has failed to impress in more ways than one to put it politely. Its all about the bowling this series me thinks, whoever wants it more can take it, but we only need one from three so game on.
  7. SavageTC

    Moments That Stop You In Your Tracks....

    Was opening my shop yesterday and saw an Islander couple walking by with their tew kids. Younger was maybe 3 or 4, it was hard to tell because of the majestic as fark skullet that ran the whole way down his back. Genuinely stopped me in my tracks
  8. SavageTC

    Speak Your Mind Thread

  9. SavageTC

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Yeah, disney stole that chit and zero farks were given. All hail the mouse overlord
  10. SavageTC

    **The Official Guitar Thread**

    Lol im just getting old and bitter seeing something that used to be subversive and counterculture become mainstream with a huge and vocal fanbase. Im also getting disillusioned with fandom culture and the never ending critical analysis of art in general, and the unfair weight of expectation it brings. When i was back in school there was a couple of nerdy guys in every year that would spend hours in these pretentious heated debates about whatever it was they were obsessed with, endlessly shouting over each other about how x was better than y and could beat them in a fight etc. Lol Now anytime i go on the internet to look up anything i enjoy all the discussion has become exactly the same as those arguments. My news feeds have just been saturated with tool news the past few weeks as it reaches fever pitch, and im just a bit worn out lol
  11. SavageTC

    **The Official Guitar Thread**

    Also, random aside as an og tool fan since opiate, tool fans have become the vegans of the music world
  12. SavageTC

    **The Official Guitar Thread**

    Theres the odd reply here and there. When i started the only people sround me were pros and i felt too embarassed, but everyone has to start somewhere, and having having experts around can be a huge benefit for you