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  1. SavageTC

    Aaron Pico

    LeL no
  2. SavageTC

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Did anyone see they found a preserved Direwolfs head in the permafrost in Siberia https://www.google.com/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/International/perfectly-preserved-32000-year-ice-age-wolfs-head/story%3fid=63714131
  3. SavageTC

    The munkie appreciation thread

    Good thing youll be repping them from now on then
  4. SavageTC

    The munkie appreciation thread

    Ill just ban you and edit all your posts to say the Sharks are the greatest NHL team of all time
  5. SavageTC

    Justin beiber

    Did bieber have a drug induced stroke? Cruise is 5 foot nothing, has to be pushing 60, maybe a buck 45. Cruise by first round KO
  6. SavageTC

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Im still in the city, but much closer to my work. It was a 45 min drive each way in traffic every day at the last place, now im 15 mins walk away. I have a nice place to myself, and it ends up being a bit cheaper. Wins all round
  7. Ive been in the process of moving so unfortunately havent had a chance to watch any of the matches. I tink were plying India at the moment. Hopefully its a good match and we get a win.
  8. SavageTC

    What are you listening to right now?

  9. SavageTC

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Just moved to a new place. Stil a ton of chit to push uphill over the next few weeks but fark it feels good to be able to settle for a while.
  10. SavageTC

    Game of Thrones

  11. SavageTC

    Game of Thrones

    So your children wont be blessed with an abundance of fingers and chromosomes
  12. SavageTC

    Game of Thrones

    Should add, incest is a central theme to the show Bart.... just sayin...
  13. SavageTC

    Game of Thrones

    Also ending was well done, very Greek/Shakespeare, but with a stong hit of optimism i wasnt expecting. Massive props to cast and crew, theyve done a wonderful job over the last decade.
  14. SavageTC

    Game of Thrones

    Kind of guy who thinks he'll troll his m3s by sending them a **** pic. Spends the next 20 mins scrolling through fields of schlong to find the perfect one...
  15. SavageTC

    Super Sage

    I cant post but insta pic from my phone but theres a pic in the link here. Oldmate broke Sages face https://www.news.com.au/sport/ufc/former-ufc-star-sage-northcutt-knocked-out-cold-in-one-championship-debut/news-story/72180bf6c293d1b7ab6d8bede5169fb9