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  1. SavageTC

    Got engaged today boys!

    Your mum said the same thing when she dropped you on your head, but here we are
  2. SavageTC

    Got engaged today boys!

    Congrats m8, fantastic news, wish you and Mrs NoCake nothing but happiness
  3. SavageTC

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    My brain cant quite work out what its seeing here, did someone use their psychic powers on this chit or what ???
  4. SavageTC

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    "This is white trash at its finest" Yeah....
  5. SavageTC

    Aussies, give me your opinion.

    Good for the price, decent boot overall.
  6. SavageTC

    UFC 243: Whittaker vs. Adesanya

    Whittaker makes this chit look EASY
  7. SavageTC

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    It just gets better m8, do eeet
  8. SavageTC

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Russian Vert? https://www.news.com.au/technology/gadgets/mobile-phones/russian-man-sues-apple-for-turning-him-gay/news-story/4761700ec65dde1f603acdb8781c2cda
  9. SavageTC

    Israel will completely pick Whittaker apart with ease

    Whittaker takes Izzys soul in the 2nd
  10. Mate, Im enough of a casual with union to know we havent really been in it for a while, bar a few flashes here and there. I grew up watching league. Pretty non comittal Ill bandwagon the chit out of the Wallabies if we win i guess.
  11. SavageTC

    Stompgrind's Travel Thread

    Japan is no. 1, no questions axed from me, Tokyo and Osaka, culture, food, scenery, and meeting @Bubba_Sparks, planning a return visit next year. Melbourne no. 2, just a cool city, great vibes and nightlife. No 3 is my chitty little hometown, theres not much to do except hit the beaches and bush and see the people i grew up with, so it gets the nostalgia factor.
  12. Top 3 most livable country for over a decade
  13. SavageTC

    Game of Thrones

    The interwebs is pretty negative in general though wouldnt you agree. When you put something out there for the world to see people are going to criticise everything unfortunately, nothing wrong with using it as a way to express your opinion but you just have to ignore the hate and move on.
  14. SavageTC

    Game of Thrones

    Look Im not trying to be mean or anything here, if you are who you claim to be then good work, we all enjoyed it etc. but you have to understand that the show was watched by millions, and part of why people love it (good stroy, production etc.) is great swords and tits action to be blunt, which is LITERALLY the definition of every guys, and a lot of girls too, fantasy. If you put it out there how can you expect people not to do all that chit. But to choose this forum of all places to comment on it is just really strange is all. Not what I expected to wake up to anyway lol Welcome and stuff, this place is all about the chit talk so if you want to hang dont take anything seriously and you'll have a great time here lol
  15. SavageTC

    Game of Thrones

    If its legit its the most naive thing ive ever seen. Her art was everyone else's wank bank, the show literally invented sexpostion lol