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  1. TigerChamp

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Im here to scatter my nans ashes in the creek in her home town, about an hour drive from Cairns where i am now. We went this morning and laid her to rest, now im wandering around town having a look It a beautiful place but tew farking hot
  2. TigerChamp

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Im in far north queensland for a couple of days, never been to the tropics before. Chits hot, and wet
  3. TigerChamp

    What comic books do you read if any

    Very slowly coming along mayne, its grown considerably since the first idea, just have to keep plugging along lol
  4. TigerChamp

    What comic books do you read if any

    I used to read everything i could get my hands on, but nothing recently unfortunately. Ive been trying as best i can to stay away for a while, dont want to be too influenced by other work while im writing
  5. TigerChamp

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Yeah its real, look up NT news headlines Australia for a giggle
  6. TigerChamp

    Speak Your Mind Thread

  7. TigerChamp

    Game of Thrones

    My dad loves fantasy and reads a ton, so when the first book came out he bought it, loved it, and passed it to my brother and I to read in turn. I was about 15 and had read a lot of fantasy to that point, but never anything so dark and br00tal. I remember when it was announced they were filming a series based on it i thought it would be impossible, for a lot of fairly obvious reasons, but it exceeded everyones expectations. Ill add that i have the next two weeks off, im at home, and my body is ready. Valar Morghulis
  8. TigerChamp

    UFC 236: Holloway vs. Poirier 2

    No losers in that one, Glad for Dustin. Wasnt 49 46 doe
  9. TigerChamp

    I Wanna Get an Earring ....

    Is that your Blue Steel or more of a Le Tigre
  10. TigerChamp

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Casting Simple Jack in a Terminator movie, its a bold move Cotton, lets see how it pays off
  11. TigerChamp

    I Wanna Get an Earring ....

    Hetard strong
  12. TigerChamp

    I Wanna Get an Earring ....

    Get whatever the **** you want that makes you feel good, then if you feel like tell the forum, but seeking approval from the people here is probably not the way to go mate
  13. TigerChamp

    Prosecutors drop all charges against Smallett

    Theres already a thread
  14. TigerChamp

    McGregor retires from "mma"........again

  15. TigerChamp

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    You should start a poll vert, you vs Freddy, let the forum decide who gets to stay