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  1. None of these dorks have jobs.
  2. You're posting major spoilers for the final movie in a 9 film franchise that is till 2 months away from release. I posted a minor spoiler for a tv show that everyone that cares has probably seen already. Not really comparable situations, but I'll put it in spoiler box anyway. I expect you to do the same since you wanted to be a troll though.
  3. 12еr

    Jedi Fallen Order hype thread.

    The two new maps are lit. No reason to wait for wake island tbh.
  4. I didn't have any problems. It says it supports HDR 10, I didn't notice anything about Dolby vision. Maybe disable dolby vision and it will go away.
  5. 12еr

    Jedi Fallen Order hype thread.

    That game is officially dead to me. I hopped back on Battlefield last night to try out the new Pacific maps and remembered why that is the vastly superior franchise.
  6. I was going to get that because my wife is already paying for HULU. While looking at that **** I decided to do the live tv **** too. Looking for a bundle of all of it. If not, I'll do that deal and then get the live tv seperate. It's only like 45 bucks a month.
  7. 12еr

    Nick Diaz - Helwani interview

    Nah, way worse. I think he was drunk.
  8. I didn't realize the Mandalorian was a weekly show. The Mouse just bodied all the randy's who were going to use the free week to binge the show and then cancel. My daughter loves Mickey Mouse so I'm going to be subscribing to this **** anyway. I wanted to binge it though. While looking into the hulu disney bundle I made the decision to subscribe to HULU live tv and cancel comcast. Comcast has been swindling me for years and they can lick me where the good lord split me from here on out.
  9. 12еr

    Jedi Fallen Order hype thread.

    Its novelty is wearing off for me as well. The M4A1 and shotgun spam is gаyer than сum on a mustache.
  10. 12еr

    Jedi Fallen Order hype thread.

    I just won the xbox one x eclipse bundle which includes the new elite version 2 controller from taco bell. I'm going to keep the controller and sell the xbox for 450 and use the money for christmas presents for the kids. Best part of it, I didn't even buy any damn taco bell. I used the universal code someone posted to reddit earlier today.. I can't believe I won, I've never won **** in my life.
  11. 12еr

    Jedi Fallen Order hype thread.

    That map is the worst in any game I’ve ever played.
  12. 12еr

    Stop with this round 4 and 5 chit regarding Nate Diaz

    He dropped him with strikes and made him buttscoot from strikes.
  13. 12еr

    Stop with this round 4 and 5 chit regarding Nate Diaz

    I can name several, basically his entire LW run, where he took his foot off the pedal after round 1 which was obviously because he was worried about his gas tank and it cost him the fight.