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  1. 12еr

    Politics thread

    Last week Trump's DOJ just ended yet another investigation into Clinton with nothing to show for it. They couldn't even indict any of her associates the way all of Drumpf's cronies keep getting rolled and they can't even claim executive privilege to stonewall investigators. I know you guys are hoping that Burisma will be what you hoped Pizzagate was going to be, but the non-crazies don't give a **** anymore. You've cried wolf about 300 times too many at this point.
  2. 12еr

    Politics thread

    You guys find a half-truth and then spin it as a huge criminal conspiracy and it never pans out. And LOL at talking about Hillary's noncompliance with a senate investigation. She testified for 12 hours and dunked on the Republican controlled house. Drumpf has set the gold standard on obstructing congress. R's can never complain again at this point.
  3. 12еr

    Politics thread

    It's because the right has lost all credibility with their nonstopped debunked conspiracy theories. You guys have been promising a Clinton indictment for decades and you've got nothing. No ones gives a **** about these hair-brained theories anymore.
  4. Did you set that up or does your wife know star wars well enough to think up all that **** on her own?
  5. He's aiming to be the female plug, though.
  6. 12еr

    Jedi Fallen Order hype thread.

    Oh well. As good as the witcher is, I'm not sold on this anyway so I can wait.
  7. My daughter is scared of Star Wars for some reason. I have the battle of heroes as my ring tone and she runs when it plays. my wife bought me that Chewbacca mask as a joke gift a couple years ago and it terrified Adaline. She never recovered.
  8. 12еr

    Budweiser made Cowboy a can

    That limey is talking about freedom fries, m8. Sweet potato is the correct answer.
  9. 12еr

    Budweiser made Cowboy a can

    Are you 50?
  10. 12еr

    Politics thread

    It was a software error that caused the two crashes last year. Do I need to explain the difference between software and hardware to you? If Apple sends out a bad update that bricks phones, it will brick an Iphone 8 and an Iphone 10. It's not unreasonable to be wary of anything Boeing right now. I had assumed that if Iran was so shaken that they were going to fire AA so liberally they would have probably cleared their airspace. I incorrectly assumed that Iran was more competent than they ended up being. They did design the EFP's that defeated our armor in Iraq, so I thought they were savvier than that.
  11. 12еr

    Politics thread

    The guy who stalks Brian's twitter account even though Brian stopped posting her years before him is telling me I need to go outside. This place never gets any less retarded.