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  1. I was never interested. I don't care enough about these cans.
  2. If you lose either bet, you need to suffer the consequences of the L and if you lose both you have to honor both one after the other. So if you lose both, you wear the AV for fight that happened first for a month and once that expires you start wearing the second AV for the next month. If you win both, you roast the idiots who backed the losing fighters.
  3. 12еr


    He is trying really hard with that username. Almost like a closeted gay man who is trying to seem straight so he never stops talking about all the **** he crushes.
  4. 12еr


    He's actually in the top 5 now they're so bad. Just look at the cringy idiot who just posted below me.
  5. 12еr


    No apologies needed. I was just commenting the other day how the newer British posters are all and we needed you to come back to reign in their .
  6. 12еr


    I guess the reports about your demise from car-fire related injuries were premature.
  7. 12еr

    Askren is going to make this look easy, folks.

    I took the liberty of improving your retort, m8.
  8. The round eye gets knocked clean out in the first.
  9. 12еr

    Damn, Disneyland is lit!

    Not bait, a question, a statement and a fact.
  10. 12еr

    RIP Ben Askren's brain, career and bandwagon

    Kevin Lee isn't ranked at welterweight. Kevin Lee might KO Askren though.
  11. 12еr

    Damn, Disneyland is lit!

    1. Did their rascal have an Obama/Biden sticker on it? 2. How is their politics at all relevant to this anecdote? 3. If they're obese they are, more likely than not, bible thumping GOP hillbillies since southerners have the highest obesity rates in the country.
  12. 12еr

    RIP Ben Askren's brain, career and bandwagon

    Hot take.
  13. 12еr

    RIP Ben Askren's brain, career and bandwagon

    No, he didn't. He was saved by ref incompetence twice in under five minutes. Dude got knocked out in under 30 seconds.
  14. Then why are you so mad? That **** was hilarious. Faber was doing a slapstick comedy routine and still got the TKO because your boy couldn't stand up.