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  1. 12еr

    Politics thread

    This cuck must have hit the safe space button to filter out my triggering comments.
  2. 12еr

    Politics thread

    Trump only got 8% of the black vote in 2016 and you think he will "easily" win the black vote this time? Your crack pipe must be hot to the ****ing touch, m8.
  3. 12еr

    BJ Penn KO'd again.

    This time by an inanimate object. What does that extend his losing streak to?
  4. 12еr

    Valiant attempt by Reyes but...

    Jones is done in the USADA era. He's gotten lucky decisions in his last two and he's only barely making it to the scorecards because of the respect he earned early in his career. Once he gets his lights put out or the judges don't save him he will lose that aura of invincibility and he'll start dropping fights left and right and/or finally get banned for steroids.
  5. 12еr

    Happy Independence Day

    I wouldn't move to Canada. I'm a patriot.
  6. 12еr

    OSP gets USADA'd

    It's indisputable at this point.
  7. 12еr

    Happy Independence Day

    But you still live in Sweden and Sweden is in the EU?
  8. 12еr

    Happy Independence Day

    Are you celebrating leaving the EU when you still live in a EU country?
  9. 12еr

    Politics thread

    It's a sideshow that will go nowhere. That said, they'd probably let him if they got to call witnesses that are actually relevant. There's zero chance Trump let's anyone testify, without a fight, that is an actual witness.
  10. You have to hit 100K likes first and then spend 3 skill unlock the ability, m8.
  11. Although, due to his fаggotry, he is trying to become a mod. He might be biding his time and keeping his cool and then if he becomes a mod unleash his fаggoty revenge on everyone.
  12. As big a fаggot as vert tends to be, I will say that he takes getting roasted like a pro. He gets trashed by everyone, all day long, and never gets mad about it.
  13. 12еr

    Politics thread

    We do all realize that Comber didn't tweet that, right?
  14. Dear Diary Today, I was called a fаggot only 14 times. I'm winning them over.
  15. 12еr

    King Clegg is a man of his word.

    I'm wrong about what exactly? I'm pretty sure Clegg is welching. You can deny it, but you'd have welched as well.