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    Will Nate Diaz win by KO or unanimous decision?

    He was playing possum because Comber McGrabber was running for dear life everytime Nate flinched.
  2. Maybe we're just cynical old cucks and we need to find god so we can enjoy things more.
  3. TLJ is easily the strongest of the 2 films and it looks like it's going to be better than ROS. It's also better than all the prequels.
  4. He's saying 2 is 1 and 1 is 2, as long as you know that 5 is 2 and 4 is 1 there should be no confusing in these rankings.
  5. So after complaining that JJ remade a ANH, you are now rooting for him to remake ROTJ? It was more acceptable in TFA, it's inexcusable for the conclusion. Also, it is canon. THe aftermath trilogy was written when Disney took over Lucasfilm to explain what happened between ROTJ and battle of Jakku a year later.
  6. In one of the novels, I think the aftermath trilogy that is canon, explains that Jar Jar became a homeless beggar on Naboo who was ostracized because of his role in helping Palpatine take over.
  7. They could have gone in many directions which didn't revolve around resurrecting the long-dead Emporer and I would have been happy. This movie should have shown that Luke's sacrifice inspired the galaxy to unite against the first order, and Kylo should have been the big bad. He's an interesting villain played by a fantastic actor and the angle of him being torn between good and evil and then choosing evil in TLJ was fresh and compelling. Shoehorning Palpatine into this so they can (probably) give him a redemption arc is boring and pandering.
  8. I'm liable to come in here and smash haters after I see it if it's good. I'm shook though.
  9. 12еr

    Politics thread

    He's also a rapist.
  10. 12еr

    Politics thread

    I would like to applaud Canada for electing a man who wore black face i the midst of cancel culture. well done, m8s.
  11. 12еr

    Politics thread

    Republicans don’t represent small government. In fact, republicans love to make government bigger. Bush created ICE and Drumpf created space farce. republicans also spend just as much, if not more than the dems, but they also cut taxes while doing so because they care more about appeasing wealthy donors than the fiscal well being of the country.
  12. Oh and 3po’s scene also ties into the leaks. I know why he said that. The leaks are real, spoiler tag that **** tuf
  13. Based Rian Johnson will turn this franchise around
  14. A large space battle is something this trilogy actually ****ing needs. leave it to you to complain about the one positive.
  15. thats so bad I would swear that George Lucas wrote it.
  16. 12еr

    Politics thread

    1. Wrong. 2. No they didn't. 3. 1000 soldiers. The whole "we're not the world police" sentiment would work better if he brought them home instead of ordering them to retreat into Iraq. Drumpf got sonned by a third world dictator because he's a giant puss.
  17. @juice64011 change the title to "The Rise of Skywalker" or "Star Wars" thread. I think we've all said everything that needs to be said about TLJ about 17 times at this point.
  18. The Mandalorian got nothing but praise from those who saw early footage the other week though.
  19. I've read some leaks and if they prove true this installment actually will suck and be worthy of everyones scorn, so it will probably be hailed by TUF as the best thing since Jar Jar Binks.
  20. They're doing some kind of Kylo Ren origin story in comic form that starts in the month or two.
  21. Lucas brought Maul back in the clone wars tv show.