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  1. Teemu

    Who Should Fight For The Vacant Bantamweight Title?

    Cody sucks, dude
  2. Teemu

    List of fighters who have beat GIANTS

    Dong (Diaz)
  3. i'd never lay a finger on you baby u win by default
  4. u thinking the only good american hockey player is patrick kane only shows your CANadianness
  5. if people from the uk or england or what ever are still considered european, Darren Till proved my point again
  6. Teemu

    All Things Bellator Thread

    He is trying to butt grab lmfao
  7. Teemu

    All Things Bellator Thread

    mma is so terrible actually
  8. lol a champion will always lose ins a champ vs champ bout
  9. You suck. and u are an idiotic dummy
  10. i mean i thought 1 knee up was ok and I am an MMA expert
  11. UFC started USADA testing July, 2015. Condit started his 5 fight losing streak January 2016, having never won a single fight since the UFC started USADA testing Me thinks the only reason Condit beat Dong Hyun Kim was because he was on an insane amount of steroids. I am 100% positive I am right about this.