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  1. No one thought he was gonna be champ. People like me like him cause he is another Korean goat that ALWAYS comes to stand and bang unlike the rest of these mixed martial artists in the UFC.
  2. Teemu

    Ortega out of fight vs KZ

  3. Teemu

    Ortega out of fight vs KZ

    yeah, because you're a huge ***ing can too.
  4. Teemu

    Anyone for a Coooooner bet?

    conor thread = cringe always
  5. Teemu

    Ortega out of fight vs KZ

    Brian is a can what's new.
  6. Teemu

    Jedi Fallen Order hype thread.

    well being that you are mainly interested in xbox games that is not surprising. i wouldn't worry about it if I were you as I don't see it translating very well to consoles.
  7. Teemu

    Jedi Fallen Order hype thread.

    It's still a buggy AF resource hog on PC i can't imagine how terrible it will play on consoles. I wish 'em the best though...
  8. You know the welterweight division is trash when the only fighters in the welterweight division that people care about are Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz who aren't even welterweights.
  9. "location UK" his posts are always dumb
  10. Teemu

    Condit vs ....... Gall!?! UFC on ESPN 7

    Condit is a can and hasn't won a single fight since USADA has been introduced to the UFC. Gall is obviously the bigger can but at least he has beat other cans during the USADA era. They should have set up Dong vs Candit 2 so dong could get revenge on that doping idiot.
  11. Teemu

    Michael Johnson moves back to 155

    MJ is the best first round fighter on the planet. He only loses to cardio bunny bums.
  12. dong is now making billions as a successful actor on television in Korea, he doesn't need to participate in human **** fighting anymore like some low life savage.