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  1. lol a champion will always lose ins a champ vs champ bout
  2. You suck. and u are an idiotic dummy
  3. i mean i thought 1 knee up was ok and I am an MMA expert
  4. UFC started USADA testing July, 2015. Condit started his 5 fight losing streak January 2016, having never won a single fight since the UFC started USADA testing Me thinks the only reason Condit beat Dong Hyun Kim was because he was on an insane amount of steroids. I am 100% positive I am right about this.
  5. Teemu

    BigDaddyDelta's Official Clash of Clans Thread

    Yo CoC is too complex for me now, I will never be able to learn all this new chit.
  6. Teemu

    BigDaddyDelta's Official Clash of Clans Thread

    i got kicked for being female, I will never forgive the clan
  7. Teemu

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    I like playing gear grinding games like diablo/Path of exile/grim dawn etc... which I was planning on for destiny but I felt the gear in the game didn't change the way I play my character enough to warrant the grind for gear. The game play itself is extremely fun and polished though. I would recommend just playing through and campaign and chilling if you can get the game and all of the DLC for a decent price. It's a pretty fun game imo.
  8. Don't white knight for fatties please, it's gross.
  9. why hasn't israel adesanya taught this white boi how to strike
  10. why do all australians and new zealanders suck?