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  1. 4-5 since USADA for those scoring at home
  2. This is up there with not rolling with Izzy. You’ve lost the Aussie card
  3. Those were the babiest off baby strikes if what Thiago did to Jan were baby strikes lmfao
  4. Lmao, hometown stoppage makes another appearance
  5. Henry from Skalitz came in with a good gameplan
  6. Bad timing for Vick to get the Abel trujillo cage tattoo
  7. Imagine cutting a promo after robbing a 40 year old dude. Embarrassing from all angles
  8. Judging is ruining this sport lmao. It’s almost boxing level at this point
  9. LMFAOOOOOO now THAT is the worst decision I’ve ever seen
  10. Cowboy took that man’s whole career. Losing to a 40 yr old washed up Brazilian in your home state is a v bad look
  11. Alex the beta could not be running harder
  12. That was actually a sick fight. Best fatties gunna fatty I've ever seen
  13. Whatever coach told Andrei to fight like this needs a raise
  14. Imagine placing money on a dude with a superman tat on his chest. could not be me