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  1. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    Farrakhan gives Omar seal of approval ... #anotherdemwinner
  2. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    Sllutnyk & Avenatti also .....
  3. Bezerker101

    ESPN UFC Fight Night: Ngannou vs. Velasquez

    ... just bcoz Dominic says ring rust doesn't exist, doesn't mean it's true
  4. Bezerker101

    ESPN UFC Fight Night: Ngannou vs. Velasquez

    2.5 yr multiple injury l/o, 36 yrs old, -225 .... lmfao
  5. Bezerker101

    All Thing Bellator Thread

    prelims 215
  6. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    this new abortion law is about a woman not being told by law, .. what she can do w/ her body .... .... but now they can "murder" a breathing baby outside the womb w/ the umbilical cord cut ... how does that relate to the mother's body ? #liberalcultofdeath
  7. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    ok, ... building a wall to protect national security and reduce the illegal drug influx is immoral ... but terminating an 9 month old breathing baby is not, ... that's a winner -
  8. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    ... so we know Trump's plan for building the wall ( declare a national emergency ) ... which would allow him to redirect funds allocated to 2 other sources in the national budget, remember when Mad Dog requested 716 billion and Trump gave them 750 billion ? lol ... dems playing political chess and losing ... #trump2stepsahead *attention Nancy & Kamala
  9. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    Sanders tweeted earlier > wall construct. begins in 21 days w/ or w/o the dems, .... seen that coming - aka- n/e the Stone chit is a nothin' muffin -
  10. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    Breaking : Roger Stone arrested/ Mueller invest.
  11. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    Trump's got this .....
  12. Bezerker101

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    2018/ standoff at sparrow creek ... militia/ modern minuteman vs police ... ok movie 1:22
  13. Bezerker101

    Happy MLK day!

    bs placate holiday
  14. Bezerker101

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    McAvoy was exc.
  15. Bezerker101

    Was the Stoppage Early?