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  1. Bezerker101

    Bullet vs JOJO (June Location TBC)

    another -700 Schevchenko fight- 😞
  2. Why not eventually Stipe vs Khabiib ? .................................... ok, @ catchweight ? 🌽
  3. Bezerker101

    ESPN+ UFC Fight Night: Felder vs. Hooker

    Excellent dawg, > knees, knees, and more knees- +175
  4. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    Steyer = $22.00 mw/ nothing says vote for me like cold hard cash - quote "Michael Bloomberg" 🙃
  5. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    He's at level 4 TDS, ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ... level 5 is voting for Sanders
  6. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    ... that's a winner lol-
  7. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    Can't wait till Bloomberg and the DNC screw Sanders ..... again - The Bernie Bros are saying that if Bernie doesn't win the nomination this time, .. they're going to vote as a block for Trump ..... some serious chit going on there !
  8. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    Nice ashtray for 50 cents, .. and they better find some milk for "Little Fidel" - looks about 4 days old
  9. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    Would that alo mean we get the first gay couple in the WH, technically Melania would be sleeping with a woman, .. no ? Or would Donetta need to go under the knife & get the full filet ?
  10. Sanchez trashed his legacy if he had any, humiliated his fan-base, and cost me an awful lot of mula - 😕
  11. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

  12. Bezerker101

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    sounds logical, my mothers side of the family all had it - easy fix-
  13. Bezerker101

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Obviously anything that might affect you're ability to earn requires immediate attention, .. ignoring never works > good luck - hope it's minor .