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  1. Bezerker101

    All Things Combate Americas Thread

  2. Bezerker101

    All Things Combate Americas Thread

    no cardio, no defense, ... none - Herb Dean, Herzog and same UFC judges, Del Rio does nothing but yell .... different to say the least - * rockem' sockem' robots all day -
  3. Bezerker101

    All Things Combate Americas Thread

    Now .... -
  4. Bezerker101

    Yarde Kovalev

    Kov @ -190 now ...
  5. Bezerker101

    What are you doing right now?

    reading newspaper and eating scrambled yeggs
  6. Bezerker101

    All Things Bellator Thread

    Tomorrow : Paratrooper vs Meathead ... pickem' - Kharitonov slightly favored @ -115
  7. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    * CNN hires Andrew McCabe - official
  8. Bezerker101

    Bovada Online Betting**Official**

    That's right, representing Univision and competing in Nov. > "El Presidente" Alberto Del Rio, ... and representing DAZN > "The Venezuelan Vixen" Julianna Pena
  9. Bezerker101

    Bovada Online Betting**Official**

    .... gonna try this today, gotta little action -
  10. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    .... we would never tolerate fake odds/ predictions in a sporting event, .. so why is it tolerated in a presidential election, Booker beating Trump is equivalent to Jim Miller beating Khabib - it's pure liberal fraud designed to influence dipchit liberal voters, Vegas having Booker @ +3300 (33-1) and CNN saying he beats Trump is tew over the top -
  11. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    Nadler lashes out at Omar and Tlaib, condemns cartoon post -
  12. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    252 count indictment (Nigeria > LA) relating to dating sites -
  13. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    .... lol -
  14. Bezerker101

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    early prelim start time usa/ est lol ?
  15. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    Smollett case .... the new SP (Dan Webb) has the power to re-instate the old charges plus add new charges, -he is expected to compell Foxx to testify while she is under investigation -