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  1. Bezerker101

    New Forum is legit!!!!

    .... could someone tell me where the outbox/ messages-sent is ?
  2. Bezerker101

    The 'Say Something Genuinely Nice And/Or Positive' Thread

    I like pretty girls in short skirts & stilettos, they're what's right w/ the world .... god blessem'
  3. .... I don't see this ever happening for numerous reasons -
  4. Ngannou blew 2 chances, Stipe blew his chance at posterity, .. Curtis capitalized on his opportunities ... Hunt, Overeem, & Oleynik, ... there's no forgiveness in the hw division -
  5. Blaydes takes out Francis, and is no walk in the park for Stipe, ..... nobody can anticipate what NUFC/ Cormier will do, who could have predicted Lewis/ Cormier ?
  6. chit, Edwards all day, Masvidal coming off back to back losses and layoff, Leon beat Luque, is younger, bigger, faster, southpaw .... no-brainer
  7. Stipe sucks at playing mma politics w/ the big boiz, that squeaky clean farmboy fireman image doesn't work here, Ngannou also > they're not highly marketable it'll be a while before he gets his rematch, he should look at other options .... I think ths avg. casual mma fan would now prefer Brock/ Cormier Brock w/ the attitude, Conner & Colby w/ the mouth, Jones with the drugs, Lewis w/ the twitter < this is what the fans like -
  8. Bezerker101

    Jolldan vs. King Can XXV RD2

    Tucker's injured/ out, Jonathan Martinez is Soukhamthath's opponent/ 9-1 vegas +170/ debut
  9. Kharitonov vs Overeem is prohibited by law, Pav by extreme murdilization 1st rd -
  10. Bezerker101

    Justin Gaethje and Alex Hernandez in the works

    & the ring girl directly behind him ...
  11. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    BREAKING : FBI official caught red handed leaking Manifort financial files to Buzzfeed, calls herself a whistleblower, arrested & faces 5yrs in prison Trump withdraws from Saudi summit in Switzerland, Mnuchin not going
  12. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    it's all about strategic location of Afghanistan Trump to militarize southern US border, .. that's my boy 😀
  13. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    just listened to Biden talk about Khoshoggi/ Saudi consequences, .. I need a shower
  14. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

    Russia tapped to the Mujahideen
  15. Bezerker101

    Bovada Online Betting**Official**

    Cirkunov .. -500/ Cummins .. +400 seems a little extreme imo Haqparast .. -900/ fight goes to dec. +175/ lol Strickland will take a lot of $/ he's crap Edwards .. -500/ not much tape avail. my guess for possible upset > Ayari & Martinez
  16. ... wasn't Esparza the plutonic room-mate of L'l Bulldog ?
  17. Bezerker101

    Politics thread

  18. cupcake, elbow queen, quiet storm, evil eye, alpha, preacher's daughter, stop it ... I do like the name Thugrose doe
  19. "bantamweight division is one of the most talent-rich divisions in all of MMA. But currently, it feels like it’s at a bit of a standstill. " no-chit sherlock ....
  20. Bezerker101

    Justin Gaethje and Alex Hernandez in the works

    regionals > Dariush > OAM > Gaethje ... stop it. just stop it -
  21. Bezerker101

    Jolldan vs. King Can XXV RD2

    "The Boston Finisher", The Massachusetts Mauler, Killa' Kattar - the man, the myth, the #7 pick .. -450 @ W Hill