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  1. logan12

    UFC on fox 10

    Yeah our first date was ufc 127 not in person lol just at Buffalo Wild Wings. John McCain is that you? Pics will definitely happen lol
  2. logan12

    UFC on fox 10

    So I think I may propose to my GF of 3 years at the show. Does any body have someone to contact to see if I can use the jumbo screen There was someone on the forums that used to run the Fight Club events (I haven't been since Indiannapolis) and I cannot remember her name but she used to be on here as well. Any help is appreciated!
  3. logan12

    Predictions for FOTN: UFC Fight Night on FOX Sports 1- Boston

    FOTN: Mayday v One Punch SOTN: J-Lau KOTN: Notorious
  4. logan12

    UFC 360 magazine

    I'm in the same boat. I joined in April
  5. logan12

    Ultimate membership

    I've been a member (ultimate) since April but haven't received and UFC 360 issues. Who should I call? Or was this discontinued? Disregard! There's already a thread started.
  6. logan12

    Hope for Mir

    I was (and still am) picking DC in this fight but I'm really excited to see what Mir can do with Greg in his corner!