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  1. you used to be a Conor fanboi corp, **** happened?
  2. you my boy Kev so i'll write a short essay here. so he should have fought RDA who pulled out like a B. then thought that he's god and could beat Nate (or anyone else) at his own game while stuffing himself with ****ty food to make weight on short notice. then lost and tapped like a B, because he was dumb and overrated himself. the rematch request was kind of deserved for stepping up to a challenge before imo. to not look like a B, he wanted it to be at WW again and won the fight. diaz tried to buttgrab and conor fled from a zombie occassionally but in the end who gives a ****, it was still a good fight. then fought Alvarez because the FW division was not a challenge anymore with a brazilian bum at the top and because he was originally set to fight the LW champ. I dont see anything wrong with what he's done so far. And yeah i'm pretty sure he will fight khabib if he beats tony.
  3. yeah I'm pretty sure thats a troll thread
  4. lmao you wish its $100k its 2.6mil sick details
  5. MGun

    weed makes you stupid

    cool story bro
  6. MGun

    Hey McMod - I'm sorry

    thats some serious beta cringe **** right there
  7. MGun

    Connie already ducking Khabib and making excuses.

    yeah your jimmies are beyond repair now
  8. MGun

    A certain somebody's Conor McGregor Spam Thread

  9. MGun

    A certain somebody's Conor McGregor Spam Thread

  10. MGun

    A certain somebody's Conor McGregor Spam Thread

    lmao McMod retired Cole via overrustle
  11. MGun

    I can eat crow

    lmao that was one of the biggest robberies I have ever seen
  12. MGun

    Dream fight : Cerrone vs McGregor

    literally the easiest fight for Conor. KO within 1 minute
  13. MGun

    A certain somebody's Conor McGregor Spam Thread

    easy win for the mac