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  1. Air Hendo will dominate dudes his size... He's the size of a UFC welterweight. 199 and 202 in his last 2 fights. Guys like Lawler, Rory, Hendricks and countless others are 205-215. You got middleweights that are walking around at 225-230 these days. He will still struggle with any of the top 10 middleweights IMO. Except for Bisping who would eventually circle left at some point.
  2. Frontline_Rioter

    how does a fighter like diaz gets to fight GSP and SILVA?

    Because it's an honor to get a point fighting win over the mixed martial arts master by running away or holding on for dear life. Blee dat.
  3. Frontline_Rioter

    Diaz 1, 2 and 5

    That's what the retards say. Yes indeed they would be retarded because Diaz also won the 3rd round. Condit somehow managed to literally run away with the 4th round but that's it.
  4. Frontline_Rioter

    Most Vicious Murderer's Row of Contenders?

    Lightweight, welterweight and middleweight are all pretty tough divisions. Cormier will throw the Jones/Gus winner for 5 about 5 different times. Cain will destroy all of these halfass heavyweights, Barnett is getting old and already lost to little black Cain. Rousey will destroy the cans in her division. Aldo just needs to get by Mendes and he's in the clear until his kidneys shut down from his weight cuts. Every flyweight on the roster is ranked so that shows you how deep that division is. I say scrap it and make them fight at 135. Dodson already knocked Dillashaw out and Demetrius Johnson could beat him by decision because he's just that much faster.
  5. Frontline_Rioter

    Faber vs Caceres

    What athletic commission did they pay off to sanction this murder? Faber will steamroll him in a matter of seconds. Just how much of a favorite is Faber in this fight? 20 to 1? 30 to 1? I'm thinking Faber at around -8000 sounds about right. Caceres was losing to a 20 year old flyweight his chances against Faber are nonexistent
  6. Frontline_Rioter

    Andrei Arovski 1.5 million check, to 16 grand check UFC.

    Former champ and the only man to finish Nelson with strikes and he gets a 8k/8k contract? You got TUF bums and weight cutting cans like Barao making more than that....
  7. Frontline_Rioter

    UFC Hall of Fame: name one well-rounded fighter in it.

    Both Shamrock brothers were well rounded in their primes and for that era. Frank isn't in it I know but Ken in his prime with the juice coursing through his veins was a beast. Only man to beat Bas Rutten twice and he absolutely destroyed him in about 30 seconds flat in one of their fights.
  8. Frontline_Rioter

    Cut Munoz?

    Could he drop to 170 ?! He seems a small MW to me ! No way he could make 170 without a rumble like cut. He's fought at 205 before. Out of shape and depressed after Weidman nearly killed him he ballooned up to 261 pounds Rampage style. He's about 220 in shape so 185 is still a good weight cut. At 170 and he would look like Death eating a cracker on the scales and kidney failure is never fun.
  9. Frontline_Rioter

    Lawler is screwed

    Lawler is a beast and not one of these scrubs that Brown has been beating up. If he gets wild with Lawler he will probably do the stanky leg
  10. Frontline_Rioter

    Ross Pearson to appeal loss

    Canchez is not a UFC caliber fighter anymore. He's on a 6 fight losing streak and 1-8 in his last 9 fights. Dana isn't even willing to give Ross a rematch. Instead he will get a higher level fighter which just about anyone on the lightweight roster is ranked higher than Diego.
  11. Frontline_Rioter

    Lawler is screwed

    I like Brown and the way he fights but Lawler will body him with body strikes.
  12. Frontline_Rioter

    Game of Thrones

    those dornish people or the fool are the obvious culprits imo, or the new queen New queen? The marriage was never consummated so I doubt that she's going to be queen. It could be several people. If you go back to season 2 Cersei was really starting to despise Joffrey. If he's dead she maintains her status. Last season Tywin was clearly sick of Joffrey's ****. I haven't read the books that far so I wouldn't know but I'm fairly confident several key characters are involved.
  13. Frontline_Rioter

    have we underestimated bisping's chin

    I've never agreed with anyone that said he has a glass chin. It's not simply about getting KOed though. People question his chin because there was a time he was getting dropped even in the fights he would win. His chin is decent as he ate some big punches from Kennedy but look back at his career. Although he defeated a past his prime Denis Kang he got dropped early. A shop worn Wanderlei nearly finished him at the end of every round. Dropped him at the end of the 1st and the end of the fight. Akiyama blasted him and had him rocked. These fights were one right after another. Kennedy hits hard but they are arm punches. You can question someone's chin without them being KOed repeatedly. If they are getting rocked and/or dropped a lot they don't have an iron chin. I never thought it was glass though. I've seen him eat some good shots throughout his career but I've seen him on his **** several times. I think Kennedy could have finished it if he didn't take him down after that one bomb he landed. Once they were grounded Bisping was able to defend himself even in terrible positions like mounted.
  14. Frontline_Rioter

    Nate Diaz complaining over contract