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  1. lol that timing. Didn't get to see the 2nd one but it seems the curse is lifted lads. No England goals since 2015 and scores 2 in 1 game.
  2. Just 4 more years till the next England Sterling goal lads. https://streamvi.com/watch.php?video=1539630111
  3. TUF

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    count Bruno out
  4. TUF

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Frolf > all your favorite 'olfs come at me golf fanboys
  5. You may never overcome your limp noodle beta arms mate but you can be more selective about who you fight. Just think about glass jaw cans like Bisping right before beddy time.
  6. It means you've been eating too many chitty noodles at the Chitty Wok m7
  7. TUF

    Worst Hematoma In MMA History?

    The size of this lads head hematoma
  8. TUF

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Want to see Halloween, mom said no. Saw Goosebumps and Smallfoot instead. Both s**t.
  9. TUF

    Fedor vs. Bader > DC vs. Black Beast

    If the Bronze Bomber broke that burritos jaw, Ryan Banger could flatline him.
  10. TUF

    Change My Mind Thread

    I think ive made exactly 3 posts about Khabib since the fight. Fight was a week ago and youre still bumping my thread from 5 months ago that has nothing to do with Conor to call him a b***h that only KOs manlets...
  11. TUF

    Change My Mind Thread

    lol Khabib is a serial weight misser bullying featherweights. The one time he fought somebody his size, he took length from Tibau.
  12. Really appreciate the offer but will be offline the next couple weekends and were likely moving and readying the house to sell when we get back so weekends will be busy for a while but i'll definitely take you up on this when we get settled.