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  1. TUF

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    I honestly dont know what i just watched. It was Deadpool getting Michael Bayed.
  2. TUF

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    6 Underground might be the most Michael Bayest movie that ever Michael Bayed
  3. Theyve posted more spoliery trailers on their actual Star Wars accounts. What do you have against Palps? Sounds like Rebel propaganda.
  4. TUF

    UFC 245: Usman vs. Covington

    Trump is a f**k boi but i find Colby's whole shtick hilarious and think its awesome the kind of attention its gotten from the Trump family. I dont hate Dana but hope Colby gets even more leverage tonight just to see the kind of chaos it would cause. His views on youtube are already like 20x more than Usmans.
  5. TUF

    UFC 245: Usman vs. Covington

    "Drill the nails in" *Kicks a basketball for a football reference* These are some 4D chess level mind games
  6. Episode could have been the season finale and I would have been happy. Was great to see a bounty hunter actually hunting. Felt like a horror movie where you were rooting for the monster. They made him a little soft the last couple episodes so it was enjoyable getting a reminder that hes got the hands and seeing him out smart them too. Liked how it referenced the biggest complaints from all 3 trilogies as well with the Gungan, storm trooper accuracy, and Canto Bight jokes. Top 2-3 episode for me so far.
  7. Thought it was 8/8 but some of their actions made no sense to me.
  8. TUF


    I imagine if Colby and Conor win, he'll return to be their middle beam of the Eiffel Tower.
  9. TUF

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Reminds me of when Leo got nominated for a bunch of awards at the same time when Blood Diamond and The Departed were out in theaters at the same time. Surely Keanu will win ALL the Oscars that year for this. Would buy a double feature pass for this ^
  10. No. They've already confirmed season 2 but you think about how much GOT establish about the series and the characters in 5 episodes compared to this show and it's a bit disappointing.
  11. The thing is, at $100 million a season, this show was probably always intended to just be a kick starter for Disney+. I can't imagine this and the Kenobi series will get 8 seasons like a Game of Thrones so there's really no reason to have black to black episodes that literally did nothing. You could have missed both and missed nothing.
  12. Show should have been made to binge. Waiting an entire week for 30 minutes of filler that doesn't advance the series whatsoever is a disservice. I still enjoy it and will settle for fan service but the first 3 episodes sold me wolf tickets that it would be bigger.
  13. TUF

    UFC 245: Usman vs. Covington

    UFC selling all the wolf tickets on this big budget trailer and I haven't fecking seen it once until i just now searched for it. That has to be their most expensive trailer ever maybe 2nd to Aldo/Conor
  14. TUF

    Politics thread

    lol at Trump bringing Robert Kraft up on stage and saying he's mired because they're in first place and asking him if they've never not been in first place. The week they've lost 2 games and caught cheating again. And bringing up his dead wife like Kraft is still in mourning and not getting handies in massage clubs.
  15. TUF

    Speak Your Mind Thread