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  1. TUF

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Thread is due for a good Vert hot take
  2. TUF

    Politics thread

    The funniest part is all the Trumptards that praised him as a hero after he released Hillary's files and claimed he had no reason to lie when he said it wasn't the Russians back then.
  3. TUF

    Politics thread

  4. TUF

    Boxing Thread: Joshua Next Opponent?

    lol at Arum claiming the fight will do over 2 million buys. I can see how the 300,000 PPV buys from the first fight would lead him to that metric....
  5. TUF

    Corona Virus Thread

    I think you're missing one key measuring stick here and that's the turn out for Hadaka Matsuri, which has been undettered. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/hadaka-matsuri-japan-naked-festival-141444749.html
  6. TUF

    Boxing Thread: Joshua Next Opponent?

    The big punches he got caught on were from him being silly. That lazy duck where he got caught in the 12th. He won't make the same mistakes imo. Until the drug test where he pisses for bath salts or sumptin.
  7. TUF

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    We still have a couple Red Boxes but the video store was kinda like the watering cooler before the internet became the source for all information. Was one of my first jobs so it was fun talking to people about movies all day. 5 days rentals were so convenient compared to the 24 hour rentals on digital. Somehow half the price as well. Lot of nostalgia. Just read 200 closed in the last year or so. Sad.
  8. TUF

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Our city had one of the few remaining Family Videos is the US and just closed last month after 20 years. Not as reliable as buying on digital but was always about the experience. They always had a movie playing in there and had a distinct smell and the customer service was always so nice and people that just truly enjoyed movies. I miss it.
  9. TUF

    Boxing Thread: Joshua Next Opponent?

    Fury 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Don't @ me
  10. TUF

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    lol a Sega game from the 90s now owns the record for biggest box office weekend for a video game movie
  11. TUF

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Bad enough reading your "liberal bad!" troll posts in the politics thread. Can you not ruin other threads as well.
  12. TUF

    Politics thread

    1st place in taking credit for all the previous Presidents accomplishments. Lets not forget his biggest win ^
  13. TUF

    Politics thread

    Yea youre definitely in 1st place. 1st place in adding to the debt and deficit 1st place in nepotism hires. 1st place in fires. 1st place in convictions. 1st place vacations taken. 1st place in amount tax payers have had to pay for vacations 1st place in days in office spent golfing (1/5) 1st place in collusions with foreign governments 1st place in sex assaults (23) 1st place in probes 1st place in impeachments. 1 done. 1 on the way. 1st place in biggest stock market single day crash 1st place in having the lowest modern day approval rating at one point at 35% 1st place in the highest percent of the public approving an impeachment 1st place in civilian deaths and injuries from drone strikes 1st place in international hatred towards America. 1st place in idiot Presidents that think global warming is a myth, that windmills cause cancer, and vaccines cause autism. WINNING!