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  1. TUF

    Politics thread

    Conversation I just had with Mrs. TUF after she sent a picture of the restaurant @Bubba_Sparks and I met at for contract negotiations. Mrs. TUF an hour later...
  2. RIP in pieces Bubba. Just maxed and they offer their best clan game prizes in ages.
  3. Mandalorian trailer dropping at the D23 expo on Friday. Supposedly another ep. 9 trailer dropping the day after.
  4. TUF

    Active Self Protection

    At work with the sound off. Makes sense now. She should have told him their prices and he would have gone elsewhere.
  5. TUF

    Active Self Protection

    wtf even were those. Didn't look like hits or robberies. Dude got the kill and looked like he was trying to get a Pepsi sponsorship right after.
  6. TUF

    Active Self Protection

    comply comply comply
  7. NoCake's 2019-2020 Premier League Thread (in association with PATSTER)) *laughs in 30% British*
  8. PATSTER's 2019-2020 Premier League Thread does have a nice ring to it....
  9. lol @ people complaining about mods in the post lil_Kristian era
  10. Pat perusing through this thread is already an encouraging sign. tbh, of all my comments yesterday, I thought me cheerleading for Dan Hardy would have gotten me red flagged as a Brit. Not my chitty hot take on the one American in Premier League
  11. TUF

    Speak Your Mind Thread

  12. TUF

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    @SVTContour98 what have you brought upon this cursed land. RIP https://www.cbr.com/sony-kills-spider-man-deal-with-marvel/?utm_content=buffer3c48b&utm_medium=Social-Distribution&utm_source=CBR-FB-P&utm_campaign=CBR-FB-P&fbclid=IwAR3W0mLugjoLleGrSbA_3gehsCerzVQ7SJjdTzCdruiNm6QKhbO9BIO5WwE
  13. TUF

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Just read they announced Matrix 4 is a done deal with the old cast returning?