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  1. TUF

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    It was sort of the anti-Daredevil Season 2. First half of Punisher season 2 was hawt garbage but it closed strong.
  2. TUF

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Was just reading this. I remember thinking it was bullchit at the time. Dude was supposedly about to get written off his show, so this smells like an publicity stunt to save his job, and the irony of him likely never getting another job in Hollywood again is hilarious.
  3. TUF

    Sober's request

  4. TUF

    Most Liveable Cities In Europe

    lol they can't even afford to pay for Fight Pass in Germany. HARD PASS
  5. TUF

    The apocalypse is here

  6. TUF

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Looked like dude went full Spitsping at the start of the video so GoodFookHimMattSerra.GIF
  7. TUF

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Have a seat young Skywalker
  8. TUF

    Politics thread

    Its almost as if there's an entire thread already dedicated to political discussion. Shall I make a thread about how we just broke the record for national debt and longest government shut down in the same month? Luckily for Trump, as bad as his administration is, the current liberals are worse.
  9. TUF

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    ITR poisoning my whole family with them Halloween wolf tickets. Movie sucked straight from the source.
  10. Have seen them on ebay in the $150 range. Might be able to get one for cheaper for that size. I wouldn't get one to highlight those 25 pound weights tho mate.
  11. TUF

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    lol i feel like you, sober, and everybody in the youtube comments is conspiring against me. I scrolled down in the youtube comments thinking it would be the top comments and it wasn't mentioned once. I slowed it down to .25 and dude gets domed, and still looks like he gets the knife off and it makes it through the doorway. Imagine having to explain that in a report if the knife had hit the mark. "Suspect was shot multiple times, drops dead, takes one in the dome for good measure, yet still winds up and managed to take out Johnson"
  12. I look at it like we got most our liabilities out of the way. It's SpartaUK alum and River/Clan. Those are pretty solid closers with plenty of room for them to still slip up.
  13. TUF

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Have watched it a couple times and looks like he takes a few shots, falls down, takes a head shot, and then throws the knife at the officers. What witchcraft is this?