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  1. RelentlessRampage

    UFC Pick 'Em

    Im pretty sure everyone of those sites I visit have their own predictions as well done where the staff make their predictions because i've seen a couple. I don't think they fair that much better than the fans but probably far better than a casual.
  2. RelentlessRampage

    UFC Pick 'Em

    Seems like the pick em would work more smoothly but i'll play in both.
  3. RelentlessRampage

    UFC Predictions League 2018

    Choi Vanzant Usman Johnson Krause Frevola Bernardo Alves Kang Eye Taylor Santiago
  4. RelentlessRampage

    UFC Pick 'Em

    Do any of you play the UFC Pick 'Em game on the UFC website?If so would you like to join my league? League - IPL bit.ly/2DhfXgQ
  5. RelentlessRampage

    Youtube Thread

    UFC 1 that has been a while I thought we played UFC 2 when we did that tournament but now I remember I was playing with Francis Carmont back then. We should play sometime soon once I renew my membership on live.We could either make a video on it the firstfight so there will still be the mystery to our play styles.
  6. RelentlessRampage

    Bisping takes 3rd loss in less than 2 months.

    While Bisping isn't a mega star he has always been one of the few fighters getting huge paychecks by previous standards because he was the face of European MMA and British MMA. He got 400K+ to fight Mayhem when most champs were getting 300K or less. This is still a huge hit to him but his pay grade is nothing to scoff at.
  7. RelentlessRampage

    Youtube Thread

    I would try regardless there are a lot of people who shouldn't be on youtube but still manage to be on there and also youtube is the only website of it's kind it's just the most popular.
  8. RelentlessRampage

    Youtube Thread

    Do you play on Xbone or PS4? I am pretty decent at EA UFC and was thinking about doing some gaming content but just got to learn how to do it properly.
  9. RelentlessRampage

    Youtube Thread

    Lol yep thats me and I understand about how weird and time consuming youtube can be. I haven't dedicated enough time to it yet just seeing what sticks before I fully invest legit time and talking into a camera feels weird but I am getting more used to talking to a camera. I hope to be able to monetize this youtube stuff and outside of monetizing it there are some ideas I always wanted to make into videos but I didn't feel I had the skills to make but putting those ideas into reality seems like more of a reality now. As far as MMA I would say my background is mostly wrestling but I haven't put enough time in on the mat to call it my true background i'll just probably fall under MMA fighter when I start since i'll be starting from scratch everywhere.
  10. RelentlessRampage

    how many times a year should a champion defend their title?

    I think 2 defenses should be the minimum and champs that don't really have that much star power should try and go for three or more defenses a year since they aren't garnering as big a paycheck.
  11. RelentlessRampage

    Youtube Thread

    I know this is a random thread to have on a UFC/MMA website but I wanted to create a thread just for youtube. I want this thread to be about sharing youtube channels,tips, etc. My youtube right now is just experimental mostly but I do frequently do fight predictions video and have been in the top 100 on UFC pick em numerous times. I will expand into more MMA stuff on my videos and will later document my path into becoming an MMA fighter. Youtube Channel:KingOfCrackdown5095 https://www.youtube.com/user/KingOfCrackdown5095/videos?disable_polymer=1
  12. RelentlessRampage

    Eryk Anders vs Machida - main event of UFC Fight Night 125

    Ertk Anders doesn't seem like he's fully complete yet I think this a very winnable fight for Machida
  13. That's why I said Werdum would've beaten him regardless. Im saying that even if he was never injured and defended his title more times he would have lost to Werdum when they fought because of the styles. I think Cain can definitely beat Werdum but Werdum won fair and sqaure no elevation bs.
  14. RelentlessRampage

    If You Like Anime Then You'll Love This Video (One Piece)

    I'm new old here but what constitutes something being thread worthy? I think I already just came up with an idea of something that would be thread worthy and not require multiple threads of things that could all be put into one thread.
  15. RelentlessRampage

    If You Like Anime Then You'll Love This Video (One Piece)

    Anime master race