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  1. They should'nt make dwarves fight.
  2. Identity

    Anyone tired of being lied to ?

    The ufc is supposed to be the top league, home only to the best of the best. WMMA was always struggling to take off so your casual mma fan will struggle knowing who is who. If Zuffa kept strikeforce and promoted WMMA instead of instanly throwing them in the top then WMMA would be less debated. Im just seeing it from the average guy's perspective. You can never sure of the uknown.
  3. I'll happily watch a 62 yr old wandy getting into slugfests.
  4. Silva would dropkick hendricks back to WW.
  5. Identity

    I wonder if the UFC will let me bring a pet to an event?

    Yeah i kinda actually thought it was a genuine question whether you could bring your hamster or something to a event.
  6. Identity

    Anyone tired of being lied to ?

    4. Rhonda might have been the original star that the UFC needed to base their WMMA division around but its got some really good fighters in Tate, Kaufman, Zigano, Kedzie, Carmouche, and is only going to continue to grow in strength. People need to let the whole "Rhonda is the whole division" argument die because it's simply not true and instead maybe get educated about the other great female fighters. The ufc made little attempt to hype any other female fighter. If Rousey lost her first fight it would of made the ufc look silly instead of just another champion loosing. I'm all for women mma but the fights all seem kinda amatuer.
  7. Identity

    Jon "Bones" Jones vs Anthony "Rumble Johnson!

    Arlovski is gonna beat him up bad. Johnson will probably miss weight at 265 by 24lbs. lol Johnson won via dec
  8. Could'nt cut diaz and his face looks worse after every fight.
  9. Identity

    I wonder if the UFC will let me bring a pet to an event?

    Is this a actual question or just sarcasm. Who knows...
  10. Identity

    Would you prefer more rounds in a Co-Main event?

    If the co is for who has next shot at the title then i think 4 rounds,maybe.
  11. Identity

    GSP Forces Another Fighter Into 100% Defense Role

    Gsp relies on the fact that his opponents are 100% thinking about the takedown instead of attacking, putting them in defence mode. Personelly i think a Condit with improved wrestling will dethrone gsp.
  12. Identity

    Machida vs GSP

    How long will this gsp craze last for ??
  13. Identity

    some shady canadian **** right here

    You have to act a certain way when your representing a company. I'm sure he's not like that away from camera's and he' only acting out the good guy role he's been given. Thats just WWE style entertainment they have gone with. Seems to be working though.
  14. Identity

    Jon "Bones" Jones vs Anthony "Rumble Johnson!

    I always thought rumble had potential.
  15. Identity

    Anyone tired of being lied to ?

    Saying women won't be fighting in the ufc only to create a womens division based around one fighter.
  16. I dont see why anyone needs PED'S for a 25 minute fist fight when these guys say they train months before a fight. Makes no sense.
  17. Identity

    some shady canadian **** right here

    Im not a huge gsp fan but he deserves credit for the fighter he is. With the thing about ducking anderson is that these superfights have been hyped way too much with no gaurantee any of them will ever happen however much we want them to.
  18. Identity

    some shady canadian **** right here

    Do we sweep it under the rug or do we punish the best role model the ufc has? And if he is punished make it public.
  19. Identity

    Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva

    The last thing i want is to see Anderson Silva loose via lay n pray which is what Jones and gsp's gameplan will be. If he he looses it should be by a flying crucifix tombstone or something.
  20. Identity


    Lets just go all pride and have Cain vs Aldo