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  1. JeffDubya

    Jeffdubya on MegaMillions

    Give me your dollar and I’ll punch you in the face. For three dollars I’ll give you the multiplier too. Your odds are 100%. For those who require an explanation I’m not providing one because I absolutely do not have time for it. Jeffdubya
  2. JeffDubya

    Jeffdubya on Thursdays

    **** you. Jeffdubya
  3. JeffDubya

    Jeffdubya on Diarrhea

    An awful lot of you people constantly stroll around here like you’re experts on this explosive topic. Until you’ve eaten at a UFC Moscow borscht stand (like I have), you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. I refuse to get into it anymore. Jeffdubya
  4. JeffDubya

    Jeffdubya on Chinese Tariffs

  5. JeffDubya

    Jeffdubya on Chinese Tariffs

    I’ll say what I want at a time that is convenient for me, not at your request. I don’t answer to the proletariat such as yourself. I came here to discuss a serious topic and all I get is this rigmarole. Jeffdubya
  6. JeffDubya

    Jeffdubya on Chinese Tariffs

    Listen, I’m managerial. Talk to people who deal with you kind of people if you want to know these things. Jeffdubya
  7. JeffDubya

    Jeffdubya on Chinese Tariffs

    Absolutely not jeffdubya
  8. JeffDubya

    Jeffdubya on Chinese Tariffs

    Nevermind, total waste of my time getting in to it with you people. Jeffdubya
  9. Been with plenty of men. They’re all the same Jeffdubya
  10. I don’t expect you people to understand this, but I’ve got a consortium of investors accumulating as much Atlantic City real estate between $100 and $5,000 as we can get our hands on. We’ve bought three quarters of Marvin Gardens, half of St James Place and most of Tennessee Ave. This allows me to globetrot and enjoy luxury items such as Proper 12. I really don’t have time to get in to it any further. Jeffdubya
  11. JeffDubya

    Jeffdubya on Proper 12

  12. JeffDubya

    Jeffdubya on Proper 12

    From what I understand it doesn’t meet North American food safety minimums. Too high of a petroleum and lead content. Also highly explosive.
  13. JeffDubya

    Jeffdubya on Proper 12

    Yes. I do.
  14. JeffDubya

    Jeffdubya on Proper 12

    As most of you know, I’m a globetrotter. I’ve been to UFC Moscow. I’ve been to Lincoln, Nebraska. I’d consider myself to be worldly, unlike a vast majority of you people. I’ve tried more whiskey than folks who have done the Bourbon Trail 100 times. I KNOW WHISKEY, and I can tell you that Conor McGregor does as well. The nose on this delicious fondling of the senses is reminiscent of Pappy Van Winkle. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that this is a 50% blend of Pappy and an ultra high quality Irish whiskey such as Jim Beam. As you would with the cherished glass of Old Rip, be sure to toss no more than 2 ice cubes in a just a jigger of Pepsi. Jeffdubya
  15. JeffDubya

    Jeffdubya on Russia

    I saw kids playing soccer with a head that had probably just given head when I was in Bangkok Jeffdubya