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    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    Half of these guys have already been announced to be in the game lol

    Festive cheer thread.

    Im glad that I am not messed up like you two frickers I would ****ing kill myself today.

    Festive cheer thread.

    I've asked him to send you some friends for Xmas and new year, so that you dont have to text message CB again 15 min before new year. Am I a good person or what?

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    No you can easily play another game mode this time around unlike in UFC 2. You have online knockout mode online sub mode GOAT mode and championship mode. Only Ultimate team has his problem, but I think the devs will also put some work into that mode as well. It was so unbalanced. But yeah you still have to open packs in UT to get movea. It's much easier to get good ones this time though. Ive created a complete fighter in 2-3 days it's way easier... but still pay to win that is what you wanted to hear amirite?

    NGannou , Good Or Bad for MMA

    A talented striker like Ngannou is always good for a division. He made HW exciting again. I was really missing a one punch knockout artist in the HW division now that JDS is out of his prime. Think about it the division is made of wrestlers and grapplers we needed a guy like Ngannou. Fan since his Dambe Warriors days.

    Festive cheer thread.

    I knew some ****ers would ruin this thread as well I'm talking about those guys who will spend Christmas time here in this forum. I'll be spending Xmas with the entire family again like every year. Love this time of the year, but I'm still pretty sick so I don't know if I can make it there til tomorrow makes me sad panda.

    Derrick Lewis vs Marcin Tybura at UFC Fight Night 126

    That's the worst trolling of the week.

    do you like police?

    This pretty much... problem is I really never needed them ever in my life. Cops = problems

    do you like police?

    Is there one thread in which you're not crying about me you rustled fuxker? Go back to your 25/8 masturbating hobby you were much more relaxed with sticky fingers.
  10. xFINISHxHIMx

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    Changes so far after the UFC 3 beta. Stamina adjusted. Fighters move now significantly slower with low stamina 1-2 spam changed. You're now able to block and slip and counter. Opening a combo by ducking into the opponent has been fixed. Sub gates are now easier to defend unlike in the beta. Ragdoll KOs are back. Ko zoom-in is gone. More changes to come in the new year. This game finna be LIT.
  11. xFINISHxHIMx

    What Makes a Fighter and a Forum Member be Considered a Can to You ?

    Stop speaking for the majority when there's only a bunch of you rustle cans wishing death to me lol Also I am on of a kind and I am a dying breed
  12. xFINISHxHIMx

    The Future Contenders League 2018

    Why are these on hitter quitters still posting in this damn thread? PMd you my pick Joll.
  13. xFINISHxHIMx

    Rumour has it that Bob Sapp may be taking on a Bear

    That's more of a headline than OP well done.
  14. xFINISHxHIMx

    What Makes a Fighter and a Forum Member be Considered a Can to You ?

    Jesus Christ there are more of these people? I thought irt and idyb are a dying breed in this forum.
  15. xFINISHxHIMx

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    I kinda wish DICE would bring out a Battle Royale game. Imagine what DICE could do. BF4 as blueprint that game did so much right from weapon sounds to body physics. Make it happen.